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New Poll: Haruhi vs. Haruhi Pt 2! Battle of the Loli Haruhis!

bunny haruhis.jpg
I’m not quite convinced that the other girl in the picture is Fujioka…

Damn konosono for taking my poll idea before I had a chance to implement it! Well, they’re doing a bunny girl Haruhi poll, so I guess I’ll do the loli Haruhi poll! Ouran and Melancholy are actually my two favorite anime of this season, so I really get a kick out of pitting them against each other.


Most Wanted Anime of Summer 2006 = Honey & Clover II!

I’m doing this until it becomes a meme!

The votes have been tallied, and Honey & Clover Season II wins for the most wanted anime of Summer 2006! Hachikuro crushed the competition with 101 votes.

This wasn’t really a surprise to me. If you look at the most wanted anime poll for Spring, School Rumble II won. People will always look forward to the second season of their favorite anime, rather than, I dunno, “The Legend of the Financially Destitute Sisters.�? It’s also the reason why certain anime studios will make Haruhi Suzumiya 14 episodes long just so they can do a Kanon remake…

Anime Music

Anime Fansubber Engrish Showdown! Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni ED!

why or why not.jpg

A lot of anime have funny engrish in their OP and ED themes. The ironic part of this is that English fansubbers have to figure out exactly what is said in the Engrish of the Japanese songs! Sometimes the lyrics are pretty straightforward, and sometimes it’s impossible to figure out what is being sung. When the latter happens, the conditions are prime for an Anime Fansubber Engrish Showdownâ„¢!

First Impressions Manga

Hayate Cross Blade – Manga First Impressions

Hayate Cross Blade

So a few months ago, I got an order from which consisted of yummy manga goodness. Among all of these manga was one called “Hayate Cross Blade.” Unluckily for me, the manga didn’t include any furigana, so I couldn’t read it (I’m kinda bad at kanji)! Just recently, a scanslation group released the first chapter of Hayate Cross Blade, so I was able to use that as a sort of script to read my manga.


Anime News Network Opens New Section! Gasp!


The latest news from Anime News Network is that they’re opening up a new section. I guess they’re trying to break into the anime blog business now.

From the looks of it, mainly anime industry news and insider opinion will be the main subjects. So don’t expect any “OMG HARUHI 4 EVER!!!” posts.

Reading a few of the entries, they feel kinda dry and impersonal. I mean, c’mon, their avatars are from Saikano! Totally kawaikunai! I demand cute chibi anime avatars! I have a feeling that they’re still in “news writing mode,” which means no emo(tion).

Their biggest weakness? No stupid pictures from danbooru (see above picture)!

Anywho, I guess I shouldn’t be looking for an entertaining reading experience from Anime News Network. Hopefully they’ll give us an unbiased look into the anime industry.


Confessions Of An Anime Fan


アニメ。。。 ã?šã?£ã?¨ã€€ã?šã?£ã?¨ã€‚。。 アニメã?®äº‹ã?Œå¥½ã??ã?§ã?—ã?Ÿï¼?

Oh wait, wrong kind of confession… It seems to me that everyone has skeletons in their closet, so to speak. I have quite a few anime related confessions to make. Y’know, anime that I should have watched, anime that I shouldn’t have watched, weird quirks that I have… That kinda thing. I figured I’d go clean and reveal to you my darkest anime confessions:

1. I have a huge backlog

No, seriously, it’s huge! I have a whole 200GB hardrive of practically unwatched anime, and another 200GB that is quickly filling up. I watch about 3 episodes of anime per day, yet that is still not enough to shrink my massive backlog.

Manga Review

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Manga Review

bobobo-bo bo-bobo.jpg

So during my last manga shopping spree, I decided to pick up the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo manga. I had seen the anime when it was being subbed, and I thought it was hilarious! Sadly, whenever I show it to anyone, they’re all, “WTF?” I think only my cousin found it somewhat amusing. Living a life without cable, I still can’t watch the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo anime, so I’m stuck reading the manga.


Is Retro Anime Making a Comeback?

I wonder if this’ll start a meme…

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is that more and more older anime series are being picked up by fansub groups. It might seem odd that some of the newer and prettier anime from the current season still haven’t been picked up while older series such as Queen Millennia are subbed.

Why would anyone sub Princess Knight, Peter Pan no Bouken, or Queen Millenia over (insert latest super dumb shonen anime name here)? Once you actually watch these old anime, however, it becomes apparent why the fansub groups decided to sub them: They’re good.

They might not have the super high quality animation that you might expect from modern anime, but I think retro anime have a certain charm of their own. From shows like Princess Knight, you can see where the early Japanese animators were clearly inspired by Disney cartoons. In Queen Millenia, you can see the advancement made in character design (super hot Uma Thurman-esque babes). Peter Pan no Bouken’s animation quality (from 1981) seems to rival some of today’s (low-budget) anime.

On top of the historical value of watching old anime, there’s also the entertainment value. There’s a reason that this anime has stuck around for 30+ years. The stories might seem cliched today, but they were really the basis for all the cliched anime you watch today! Actually, I don’t know how to feel about that…

Anyway, I personally welcome the release of retro anime. It gives us a view of the roots of the current anime, plus they’re just fun to watch. Hopefully the fansub groups will be able to get through the whole series, rather than do a handful of episodes and then give up. Plus more retro anime = more anime to add to my backlog! Yeah!

Anime First Impressions

Ribon no Kishi (Princess Knight) – Retro Anime First Impressions

Ribon no Kishi 01Ribon no Kishi 02Ribon no Kishi 03Ribon no Kishi 04Ribon no Kishi 05Ribon no Kishi 06Ribon no Kishi 07Ribon no Kishi 08Ribon no Kishi 09

Before going ahead with the upcoming Summer 2006 anime, I thought I’d take some time to look at a very retro anime. The Ribon no Kishi anime was shown in Japan in 1967. Recently, it was subbed by a group called “Shibuya Fansubs.”


Megane… Megane… Megane…

Hey all!
Sorry for the somewhat off topic post, but I need your help! I need to pick some glasses frames, and I can never decide which ones look good.

So if you want, hop on over to my personal blog, where I’ve got computer renderings of what my head would look like with a bunch of different glasses. You can vote for the style you think looks least worst! I have to decide tomorrow, so head on over, if you desire!

For everyone else, it’s Meganekko Osaka!

Osaka Meganekko.jpg
My attempt to make this post somehow related to anime…