Light Novel Poll Review

Maid Machinegun: Light Novel Review

I’m kind of disappointed that this novel didn’t make some a pun with the word “maid.” How about something like “Maid in Akihabara?” Oh, wait, that’s an actual TV show…

Anime Live Action Poll

Move Over, Hirano Aya! Patricia Ja Lee Is My New Haruhi!


So quite a while back, like in December, was claimed and a few promotional videos for the North American licensing of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were created. In these videos, we see a new Haruhi. Not Hirano Aya (or Hinano), but Patricia Ja Lee! Apparently she was the yellow pink power ranger after the first one died. Hey, does the “yellow” power ranger always have to be Asian!?

I was never really into the power rangers, since they were popular around the time I had outgrown that type of show. Of course, if I had been as much of a weeaboo then as I am now, and if I knew the show was based on a Japanese sentai show, I probably would’ve been a huge fan! Sad, huh?

Anyway, back to the point. Patricia Ja Lee beats the pants (skirt?) off of Hirano Aya in terms of hotness! Maybe it’s just because she decided to put on glasses for a few seconds (meganekko Haruhi for the win!) but I think I’ve fallen hard. Plus she’s really good at speaking English, which is bragable. I also like her really bad acting, which I think is purposeful (I hope).

Does anyone else think this new Haruhi is uber hot? Or is it just me? Seriously, with all of the fuss that’s always being made about Hirano Aya, you’d think there’d be more PJL fan sites up… I’m making a new poll, so be sure to vote for your Haruhi of choice!

Anime Poll

New Poll: Haruhi vs. Haruhi Pt 2! Battle of the Loli Haruhis!

bunny haruhis.jpg
I’m not quite convinced that the other girl in the picture is Fujioka…

Damn konosono for taking my poll idea before I had a chance to implement it! Well, they’re doing a bunny girl Haruhi poll, so I guess I’ll do the loli Haruhi poll! Ouran and Melancholy are actually my two favorite anime of this season, so I really get a kick out of pitting them against each other.

Anime Poll

New Poll: Best Anime of Spring 2006?


Okay, so maybe it would be best to wait until the season is actually over to announce the best anime of Spring 2006, but I wanna know now! We’re more than halfway through this anime season (for the 12 episode shows, at least), so I think that by now the anime will have shown their true colors.

It’ll be especially interesting to see what impact The Crash of Suzumiya Haruhi will have on the poll results…

Anime Music Poll

Best ED of the Spring 2006 Anime Season Results


Hare Hare Yukai wins the poll for best anime ED of Spring 2006. I wasn’t really sure how it would compete against the other EDs, but I guess the strength of haruhism is too strong. Actually, Shissou was right up there with Hare Hare Yukai for a while.

In the end, Shissou still got second place, and Utawarerumono + Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni tied for third place. The rest of the votes were pretty evenly divided among the other anime EDs.

I’m not too sure if people are voting for their favorite anime EDs or actually voting for their favorite anime. Or maybe since it’s their favorite anime, it also influences their liking of the ED? Or vice versa? Oh well, I’ll put that to rest with my next poll. Stay tuned for that.