How To: Rip Audio From Video to MP3

In today’s Basugasubakuhatsu how to, I’ll show you the steps to make your own mp3s from a video file.

First off, you’ll need three free open source programs, VirtualDub Lame MP3 Encoder, and Audacity.

Download Virtualdub here.

Download Audacity and Lame MP3 Encoder here.

Virtualdub doesn’t have an installer, so you can place it anywhere on your system. Just make sure to remember where you put it ;). Next, run the Audacity installer, and lastly, extract the Lame MP3 Encoder. I’d suggest putting the Lame MP3 Encoder in the same directory as Audacity.

Now that everything is installed, we’ll need to extract the .wav file from the video with Virtualdub.

Go to Part 1: Using Virtualdub to extract the audio track.

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