Round Table Feat. Nino: Distance


It looks like Round Table is at it again with a new album after their single, Koi wo Shiteru. I haven’t really been watching anime so I haven’t been picking up on their anime OP/ED or anything. I guess they did the one for Yozakura Quartet.


Round Table Feat. Nino: Koi Wo Shiteru (恋をしてる)

My favorite J-pop-ish group (featuring Nino) is back with a single called “Koi Wo Shiteru.” For a while I thought they had died since their last album was out in August 2006!

Music Translation

Tegomasu – Kimi + Boku = LOVE? Lyrics + Translation!


For the past few months, I’ve been wondering when the heck they’re going to release the single for the Lovely Complex anime OP. Sure, the ED has been out for about a month and a half, but why doesn’t the OP get some love? Then I realized the OP was also on the ED single. Oops.

So I figured I’d transcribe and translate the song, since I really like it. Hey, it’s Japanese ska! This one was kind of easy, since the Japanese lyrics are actually included in the OP on the bottom of the screen. I only had to figure out a few of the lyrics in the extended version.

As usual, my translations might be a loose or wrong, or both, so take these with a grain of salt. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let leave a comment below. Anyway, here we go!

Music Review

VS. Versus Vol. 2 – Manga Review


The emo violin adventures continue in VS. Versus Vol. 2! Now with twice the emo!

Anime Music

Nodame Cantabile OP Single: Allegro Cantabile = Awesome Art!


I haven’t bought this single or anything, but I felt the need to post this simply because the cover art is freaking awesome. It’s got the Suemith guy in a mirror image with Nodame doing the weird Nodame face! I wanna commission someone to draw a picture of me and Nodame too! And maybe throw in Stevie Nicks as well!

I actually wish I played piano so I could make weird faces while I play, like Nodame! It’s not really possible to play trumpet and make weird faces at the same time (not the same kind, at least), though I do play on the side with a weird embouchure, so maybe that counts.

I may end up buying this single just for the album art. I just ordered the second volume of the Nodame Cantabile manga from Amazon, too. But buying domestic stuff sure is easier (and cheaper) than importing…