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Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog Anniversary! Plus Karaoke Contest!


Yep, that’s right. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog. Over the course of one year, I’ve met (virtually) a lot of cool people, and learned a lot more about anime. I didn’t even know my tsunderes from my meganekkos a year ago!

Anyway, I wanted to mark the occasion by having a karaoke contest! Yeah, I know AnimeSuki just did one, but I read that a few people were regretting not entering that contest. Since I got a bunch of calendars that I won’t use from Broccoli Books, I figured I’d give ’em away in a super cool karaoke contest!

I’ll be offering three of the four calendars that I got. The Samurai Champloo, DiGi Charat, and Juvenile Orion calendars from this post will be available. First place gets first pick, and so on. I’m guessing we’ll just have a giant contest where I’ll host the MP3s and it’ll just be a free for all vote.

Here’s the short list of rules:

  • One entry per person. The song must be from an anime or video game. I guess live action dorama is okay too.
  • One vote per person. I’ll just be using the normal wp-poll thing to keep track of votes, so vote for the best song!
  • Email your entries (in mp3 form) to [email protected]. Maximum file size is 10MB.
  • Entry deadline is Dec. 17. Voting will begin on December 18 and last until December 25.
  • The winners will be contacted, and the calendars will be sent once all prizes have been chosen.
  • I’ll pay for postage within the US or Canada. Anywhere else and I might have to ask you to help me pay for shipping. Like if shipping is worth more than the prize itself…
  • Have fun!

Since I wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t, I made an entry myself. But I guess it’s in the rules that I can’t win… Oh well. Enjoy my heartful rendition of Anata ga Mori Ita.

If you don’t know how to record a karaoke song, I’ll try and have a “how-to” up shortly. Be sure to tell all your friends about the contest!

35 replies on “Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog Anniversary! Plus Karaoke Contest!”

Woo-hoo!! Hung, you can sing! I mean, really. =D I’m glad you joining the karaoke bandwagon. BTW, congrats on the anniversary.

You finally decided to give the kara-contest a go, huh? Bring on the mic!


Congratulations on the Anniversary! Your blog and Memento were the first blogs that I read regularly before I discovered Blogsuki and Ani- nano. It’s still one of my favorites.

I can’t sing, but I may have a little crush on you after hearing you sing. Haha, if it helps, I’m an adult female so no worries there.

Okay, I’ll enter the karaoke contest, having just come out of the AnimeSuki one. Are TV Sized versions of songs okay? Is singing to a fanmade MIDI version of a song okay?

You should have an Idol Contest instead of a Karaoke Contest. What that Anata ga Mori Ita recording really needs is a complete music video of you in a seifuku.

Hey everyone, thanks for all the encouragement. I hope everyone submits an entry!

@Adun – I didn’t really “practice” too much for it, if you don’t count singing along at the end of every episode of FSN… I am a musician (well, a trumpet player at least), and I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I re-recorded like a billion times. It’s still not perfect, but good enough for a non entry.

@spring_rain – I’m glad I’ve got the abilities to charm adult females with my crooning. Over the internets, no less!

@Atashi – I guess TV Sized and MIDI versions are okay. You want to impress people with your singing though, so I’d suggest doing a full length karaoke version of a song.

@Seth – Provide the seifuku and you’ve got a deal. Wait, a girl seifuku or a guy one?

Oh man, I sooooo can’t sing (at the best of times, and my current cold doesn’t help things) and I don’t actually want any of the prizes, but I’m tempted to enter if I can think of something that would be funny to do ^^;

happy one year anniversary!

wow Hung, you can sing!! it sounded kind of nasal-ish but i couldn’t even tell it was you, nice job!

@thegreencrayon: Well, my voice is kinda nasally so yeah, my singing is too. I was trying to sound kinda like Jyukai, too, which starts out kinda nasal sounding and gets less nasally later on.


hmm… is it cheating then using a English song like “Fly me to the moon” or “A rising tide”???

I wish I could sing like you, if I’m to enter, I will certainly pick something hip-hop-py like Coolon’s Canvas, tv size of course . Let see if I can make the deadline…

Congratulations on the anniversary! I looked back in the archives for the first post and it was about how your blog was “worthless” according to the “How Much Is Your Blog Worth?” website. Well, now it’s gone up to $73,390.20 because of all the stuff you’ve blogged about for the past year.

I’ll probably submit an entry to the karaoke contest and actually try not to laugh while singing as I did with AnimeSuki’s contest. I was very impressed by your singing, by the way.

Congrats on the milestone! I look forward to hearing some awesome, and not so awesome =D, karaoke recordings! Will you be featuring the winners on the podcast?



Congrats on the first anniversary!

That contest sounds like fun, I’d love to compete but I guess I’m too computer unsavvy to take part. -.-; *sniffles*
Nice singing by the way, although quite nasal -but you say that’s partly deliberate, so I guess it’s okay- and sometimes not on pitch, it sounds really good!
I’m looking forward to the other entries!

Hey is it okay if I sing “Daichi no la-li-la”? It’s gonna be solo obviously so you’ll hear my voices overlap each other xD

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