Reminder: Karaoke Contest Submissions Due Today!

I’ve gotten only a few entries for the karaoke contest so far. I’d like as many people to participate as possible, so please get your submissions in by today. In the case that I don’t get enough entries, I might extend the deadline, but to be guaranteed a chance in the contest, be sure to enter today! Once again, email your entries to [email protected]. Also, let me know what you’d like to be known as if you don’t want your real name used.

Thanks to everyone who has entered! Keep the songs coming!

Edit: Although I got a lot of last minute entries, I’d still like a few more, so I’m extending the deadline to December 25th! Please let everyone you know about the contest!

8 replies on “Reminder: Karaoke Contest Submissions Due Today!”

Time extension OH SNAP.

If I’d had known that, I wouldn’t have rushed an entry so much. All part of the game, I guess~ :p

Does this mean I can rerecord? xD;; Cause I’m not satisfied with the one I submitted o.O;; If not oh well, them’s the breaks.

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