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Super Crazy ADV Anime Sale at RightStuf!


Remember that insane Geneon anime sale at Rightstuf a while back? Well, they’re sorta doing it again, but with ADV stuff now. You can get 10 ADV dvds for $50 or 25 for $100. That’s seriously cheap!

I have a weak will. Even though I have waaaayyyy too many anime dvds in my review queue as it is, I ordered this:

Cromartie is just a really fun series that I never saw all of. I would’ve ordered more Kino’s Travels, but the last volume was already sold out! Wandaba Style was an anime that I had started out really liking a lot, but then it got licensed and the fansubs stopped.

There’s a lot of good stuff, and it looks like it’s selling out quick. So hurry up! Here’s the official sale text from RightStuf:

ADV Abundance!

Heat up your March with an abundance of savings on selected fan favorites from ADV Films! From now until March 11, take your pick from our hit list of ADV titles and bulk up your personal collection!

Choose the deal that’s best for you:

  • Get 10 ADV titles for $50 (Use coupon code abundance10); OR
  • Get 25 ADV titles for $100 (Use coupon code abundance25)
  • Expires: March 11, 2007

And keep in mind that BOTH offers will net you FREE economy shipping to U.S. and Canadian destinations!

In addition to our standard restrictions*, this special event has a couple other rules to note:

  • To use these coupons, you cannot have any other items in your cart aside from items that qualify for the sale, PLUS you must have the exact number of items for the coupon you plan to use. (In other words: If you’re looking to purchase some other items in addition to your “Abundance” coupon selections, you’ll need to place a separate order.)

  • You cannot have duplicate items or multiple quantities of any single item in your cart. (This way no one customer can load up on all of the available inventory of a specific item. Fair for all and more savings to go around!)

Anime Expenses

New Anime Purchases from RightStuf: Shopping Spree!

Haibane Renmei.jpg

I’m not a big anime DVD buyer. In fact, I’ve never bought an anime DVD until today (tonight). Now that I think about it, I’m not a very big buyer of DVDs in general. Well, that anime DVD drought ended when I saw a bitchin’ deal on the front page of RightStuf.

Expenses Manga

New Manga Purchases – School Rumble, Death Note, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Ouran High School Host Club, Yotsuba&!

So my sister had me buy her some stuff at that resulted in a $30 gift certificate rebate. She told me to keep it as my birthday present. At first I was gonna use it to help buy a Macbook, but I think I’ll wait on that. I Remembered that had a buy 3 get 1 free book promotion thing going on ages ago. Apparently it’s still going on! So Instead, I used the credit to buy manga! Manga manga manga!

School Rumble Vol. 1

school rumble.jpg

Expenses Figures

Disgaea Figures Gotto!

As I posted in the original, I gave in and bought the figures plus a prinny plush. So was it worth the $60? Will this purchase somehow make the Disgaea anime better!?

First thing I noticed was that Japanese people really love their packaging. The first box I ran into (besides the one that the figures shipped in) was this discreet white box. Pretty cool! Since I’m a packrat, I’ll have to keep the box in perfect shape, or at least near-mint…

Expenses Gaming

Random Kaimono from

So yesterday I got a bunch of random otaku stuff from that I ordered a while back. The shipment included some Final Fantasy XII Potion drinks and this cool Super Mario SFX Keychain:

There’s also some other cool random junk. I wrote about it on my other page because it’s not really about anime or manga, but I figured it might be interesting to the general otaku nerd community. If you want the whole scoop, click here!