Dragonball Z Burst Limit – PS3 Game Review

Game Blurb:
The next generation of Dragon Ball Z fighting. Heroic battles of good versus evil, powered by explosive energy and raw emotion lie ahead. Enter the ring and challenge yourself against the legendary fighters from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

So since my blog is anime-related in nature, someone from Atari asked me to do a review on this new DBZ game. I figure I should probably give my DBZ history as a preface to this review.

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The Haruhi Suzumiya Phoenix Wright Connection!

Sorry for my insane lateness on this, but it’s really too awesome for me not to blog. In December, I picked up Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo DS. Before that, I had watched all of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (yes, I still call it that). I was loitering around in the Cheapass Gamer forums today when I saw the forum signature of Admiral Ackbar:


At first I thought it was some clever hoax, but apparently the anime really did a parody/homage of Gyakuten Saiban! Itsuki also does some of the other actions like the bow that the other lawyer dude does.

There’s even a youtube video of the scene with Phoenix Wright scenes added! Awesome!

I really need to start playing this again.

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Random Kaimono from

So yesterday I got a bunch of random otaku stuff from that I ordered a while back. The shipment included some Final Fantasy XII Potion drinks and this cool Super Mario SFX Keychain:

There’s also some other cool random junk. I wrote about it on my other page because it’s not really about anime or manga, but I figured it might be interesting to the general otaku nerd community. If you want the whole scoop, click here!

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Who Wants to Make an H-Game?


ANN reports (or reported about a week ago) that Leaf, a Hentai Game maker, has been forced to release the source code for four of their games, including ToHeart2 XRATED:

This was because Leaf had used the XVid video codec inside their games. XVid is licensed under the GNU Public Library (GPL). When software using GPL licensed code is released to the public, the GPL requires that the source code be made available to the programs users. For a ¥600 shipping and handling fee, Leaf will ship a copy of the code to anyone who requests it.

Quite a loophole, eh? So for about $5 (probably in Japan only), you can get a whole Hentai Game engine! Personally, I’d prefer the source code to Disgaea 2 (XRATED?). Some of the games I’d create with the Leaf Engine include:

  • Choose You Own Adventure: Space Ninja!
  • Zork Remake
  • River City Ransom: Sauna Simulator!
  • Doraemon XRATED

On second thought, maybe it’s better if I don’t get the souce code…

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Disgaea Anime Promos!

Okay, so being a huge Nippon Ichi fanboy, the Disgaea anime is something of a holy grail for me. The slightest news about the Disgaea anime is enough to send me into a giddy mood. So imagine my surprise when I read on Heisei Democracy that there was a new promo out today!

The first one I saw made me a bit worried that the anime would suffer from talking head syndrome. I didn’t see much action, and the framerates were kinda jerky. 

Today’s promo looks a lot better. It’s much more fluid than the first one. I did notice my mortal enemy: inappropriate/out of place CGI. Hopefully it won’t be too prominent in the anime…

The Disgaea anime is slated for an April release, so I only have about two more months of languishing until it comes out! I guess I could always pass the time by playing the game. I think I logged like, 40+ hours two Summers ago…

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My first DDR Arcade experience!

So last weekend, a couple of out-of-town buddies called me up and wanted to hang out. Their idea? Go to the mall. A trip to the mall isn’t really my idea of a good time, but I hadn’t seen those guys in a while, so off we went. 

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Katamari Damacy Official T-Shirts!

I found this post on BoingBoing about some official Katamari Damacy t-shirts designed by the game’s creator himself! They’re kinda steep for just t-shirts ($25!), but the best part is that when you check out the detailed images, you get actual commentary on the shirt’s design from the game’s creator, Keita Takahashi. Check out gems such as this:

katamari shirts.jpg

Check out the official site for more!

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Xbox 360 Shortages – fact or fiction?


Apparently not in Japan, as Kotaku reports that some stores are clearly not in danger of selling out any time soon. Frankly I’m not surprised. The Japanese have a stronger national pride than the United States. From some books and articles I read, many Japanese still regard products from the United States as highly inferior.

It was already known that Microsoft needed to grab more market share in Japan, but at what cost? Clearly they decided to sacrifice sales in the United States and took a chance on Japan. Now they’ve got a shortage in the US and an oversupply in Japan. You’re doing a heck of a job alienating your base, ‘softie.


Playstation 2 precautionary measures!

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