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Revoltech Yotsuba @Summer Vaction Edition: GET!

I finally got my Revoltech Yotsuba figure that I ordered at the beginning of the Summer from Yesasia. And NO! I’m not taking this thing to the beach just to be ridiculed by non-weeaboos. I play with my figures from the security and privacy of my own home, thanks very much!

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Wizzywig – Anime Store Review?


So during my trip to the University of Michigan, I was walking around and came across an anime store called “Wizzywig.” It’s like a play on words of the pronunciation of the acronym, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I had actually seen the store’s website a really long time ago, and I knew they were in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but I didn’t know they were that close to my hotel! I had to take a visit and see what the store was all about.

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Your Face On A Maid Figure In 3 Minutes!


This falls in the somewhat bizarre and cool category that Japan usually has a monopoly on. Apparently there’s a store in Akihabara called “Don Quixote” that will put your face on a little maid figurine. You just need to bring a photo of yourself.

The process takes 3 minutes, and the total cost is 880 yen (like, $7.20). It’s called “Pri-Q” though I’m not quite sure what that stands for…

The end result is both cute and scary looking. I think they enlarge the eyes to make you look more like an anime character:


It looks like they have other “bodies” as well if being a maid isn’t your thing. I wonder if they take mail orders. I wouldn’t mind having my face printed on, I dunno, a ninja figure!? Now that’s what I call real ultimate power.

Via Anime News Service and MaidBlog

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Disgaea Figures Gotto!

As I posted in the original, I gave in and bought the figures plus a prinny plush. So was it worth the $60? Will this purchase somehow make the Disgaea anime better!?

First thing I noticed was that Japanese people really love their packaging. The first box I ran into (besides the one that the figures shipped in) was this discreet white box. Pretty cool! Since I’m a packrat, I’ll have to keep the box in perfect shape, or at least near-mint…


Disgaea Figures Out Today! Figure Getto(?)!


So you may or may not know that I’m a huge fan of Nippon Ichi and their video games. The game that I am most obsessed with to this very day is Disgaea. Sure, the anime might be a little on the dumb side, but it’s freakin’ Nippon Ichi!

I just got my NIS America E-Newsletter today, and in it they remind me to buy the new Disgaea figures that go on sale today. Diabolical bastards that they are, they included this in the newsletter: