New Poll: A Tale of Two Haruhis – Fujioka Haruhi Vs. Suzumiya Haruhi!


Okay, I think I used the word “Haruhi” enough in the title to get your attention.

This Spring Anime season has been pretty darn good. At the top of the heap (for me) are two anime starring girls named “Haruhi.” There’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ouran Host Club.

The eternally raging debate in my mind at the moment: which Haruhi is the better of the two? Certainly they both have their good points. Let’s do some analysis, AoMM style:


Okay, I think I used the word “Haruhi” enough in the title to get your attention.

This Spring Anime season has been pretty darn good. At the top of the heap (for me) are two anime starring girls named “Haruhi.” There’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ouran Host Club.

The eternally raging debate in my mind at the moment: which Haruhi is the better of the two? Certainly they both have their good points. Let’s do some analysis, AoMM style:


Suzumiya Haruhi is an archetype tsunderekko. Sure, she’s manipulative and bossy and when she gets bored the world ends, but that smile at the end of the day (almost) makes it worthwhile.

Fujioka Haruhi, on the other hand, is a nerd (+ points for me, I dunno about you). She’s pretty laid back considering he’s surrounded by hawt guys all the time. I’d label her as the kakkoii-type.
Edge: Fujioka


Suzumiya Haruhi has countless hairstyles, and she changes it everyday. Or at least she used to. I’m partial to the buns; it’s too bad she doesn’t wear those anymore…

Fujioka Haruhi has two hairstyles: short and long. Short looks infinitely better, but still not as cute as Suzumiya.
Edge: Suzumiya


Haruhi Vs Haruhi 02.jpg
Edge: Suzumiya


Suzumiya Haruhi: Hair flip, dancing.

Fujioka Haruhi: Poorness, ability to attract female race, instant coffee making skills, underdog.
Edge: Fujioka

Wow, it’s pretty much a tie (okay, so I tried skewing things to make for a better poll). Who do you think is the better Haruhi? Suzumiya or Fujioka? Vote, and be heard!

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The fact that SuzuHaru is either a cruel cruel bitch or someone with absolutely no idea what they’re doing is a huge turn off. The things she does to Mikuru aren’t her being a sexy tsunderekko- those are the things a real molestor does. She just generally seems like a bad person, whereas FujiHaru is a really thoughtful one. Not to mention FujiHaru can be funny from time to time and SuzuHaru is never the one cracking jokes.

I vote for Haruhi! Fujioka Haruhi, that is. I don’t like Suzumiya at all, I prefer Yuki in that show anyway.

But F Haruhi’s coolness, sincerity, calmness, intellect, resistance to peer pressure etc makes her totally awesome. Episode 5 shows just how interesting and observant she is, compared to other girls (in that show of course). It helps that she’s the only non-fan girl in that show. And she’s cute when it comes to food.

Suzumiya Haruhi by a thousand miles !!

I have read quite a few shoujo manga where the lead behave a lot like the other Haruhi… Pure cliché. Her blasé attitude bores me so I don’t find her really interesting.

On the other hand, Suziyuma is one of a kind !! Hell, she’s god !!!

Heh, interesting, based on your analysis, Haruhi Suzumiya wins in terms of looks, while Haruhi Fujioka wins in terms of character. ^_^;

Anyway, my vote goes to Haruhi Fujioka. At least she can think for herself. In any case, more than Suzumiya does. ^^;

I love both shows and both characters… but in terms of impact on my consciousness… Suzumiya no contest.

Like comparing the sheer awesomeness of Ouran to The Melancholy…, Haruhi Fujioka wins easily despite the strong competition. There’s just something so awfully cute and sweet about her eyes, among other things, that propels her beyond her namesake.

Haruhiism 4TW!!!

C’mon…. Suzumiya Haruhi has her own cult/religion… while the other Haruhi just merely has some bishounens on her side.

Cult/Religion >>> Host Club.

If it wasn’t for Fujioka, I would not be enjoying Ouran as much as I am. Hell, it would not be my #1 series of the season if not for Fujioka.

and apparently if Suzumiya is god…
Fujioka > god

First thoughs: What the hell did that fan-artist do to Suzumiya’s face?!

Second thoughts: Suzumiya Haruhi is made of win and gold.

Fujioka all the way. That girl is sharp. At the end of the day, Suzumiya’s head is simply full of hay.

I think the simplest method of determining the Haruhi-est Haruhi is to make them switch places and see who is most capable of doing the other’s job.

Fujioka, being an amiable sort, would probably get along nicely with Kyon et. al.; I have a feeling she’d even be able to lead them in a crazy dance number. But I don’t see her as having the creative vision to produce a cinematic masterpiece like The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina; and her laid-back, practical attitude combined with Kyon’s laid-back, practical attitude, Itsuki’s laid-back, mysterious attitude, Mikuru’s timidness and Yuki’s disaffectedness, will probably lead to SOS-dan being quickly disbanded for lack of driving energy.

For Suzumiya, remaining unaffected by and oblivious to the attentions of various hot bishounen would be second nature; after all, as far as she’s concerned, Earth men are no more worthy of attention than potatoes. And while she would not be able to pass herself off as a cute boy to attract female clients, the sheer terrifying force of her personality is enough that she could probably convince (bully, cajole, or blackmail) a thousand girls to designate her anyway.

FINAL VERDICT: Suzumiya seems to have the edge.

That having been said… the Haruhis should not be pitted against each other! They should become Best Friends Forever, like the two Nanas!!!

As far as I can tell Fujioka actually plays the more ‘Kyon’ role in Ouran. The SOS-dan would completely fall apart if you put the cynicism of both of them together… On the other hand putting Suzumiya together with Renge… *shivers* OMH(aruhi)

I like both. But, actually, I have other favourite characters in both shows. Kyon in Suzuharu and Tamaki in Ouran. No, I’m not gay.

Fujioka Haruhi definitely wins.

Suzumiya comes out as an obnoxiously annoying character that i just can’t stand. Kyon’s cool though.

Let’s do the Seiyuu test.

Suzumiya – Aya Hirano. Not bad. Does Mamori from Eyeshield 21.

Fujioka – Maaya Sakamoto. Beneficiary of many Yoko Kanno songs. Hitomi in Escaflowne.

Aya’s pretty nice, but I’ve been a Maaya fanboy for 10 years. Fujioka wins!

FUJIOKA Haruhi!! She’s The BEST! ^0^
I Totally Adore Her and Worship Her! *0* *3* (And I’m a Women Too! see what she has done to me! xDD)

On the other hand I Kind of dislike Susumiya’s personality. ¬¬

Suzumiya = INSTANT FAIL for moe tsunderekko archetype (present in every other shounen anime/h-game)
Fujioka = INSTANT WIN just for being in Ouran (which is, btw, a big fat bishounen archetype mockery)

Ah, Fujioka Haruhi and her laid-back ‘I’d snark, but it would go straight over their heads’ attitude.
Ah, the lone island of reason (and, uh, poverty) in the sea of insanity (and wealth).
Ah, the vain-rich-idiots’-bubble-bursting, immune to the assorted prettyboys’ advances, scared of nothing (besides thunder and stupidity) ‘commoner girl’.

She’s herself. Even when she crossdresses. And she crossdresses with wild success (wild success = having a horde of fangirls, whom she entertains for money)

F.Haruhi FTW!

I like them both. But yea, Ouran seems like the conventional anime, oh well i like my classics. Fujioka is adorable but Suzumiya is gorgeous. Suzumiya is funny cuz she is just so weird and Fujioka is so funny and she’s NOT as weird. I guess uh…fujioka. Her being dressed up in guy clothes and being stuck in a host club of hot men i cant say is normal, but other than that she’s a relatable and real character. and that i DEFINATELY am unable to lie about.

I’m different.. I love the strange people. I like it more when the unpredictable happens rather then the same rude remarks from Fujioka.

Suziyuma is indeed my favorite.

Let me weigh a few things here.

Fujioka Haruhi – gets sucked into a club
Suzumiya Haruhi – creates a club

Fujioka – smart, cute
Suzumiya – smart, Hot, talented, athletic

Fujioka – easily persuaded by food
Suzumiya – only persuaded by Kyon

Fujioka – is forced into cosplaying
Suzumiya – forces other women into cosplaying

Fujioka – surrounded by bishonens
Suzumiya – surrounded by espers, time travelers, and aliens

Fujioka – As a man I would not want to be any member of her club
Suzumiya – I would love to be in Kyon shoes, cause me and him think to much alike

Suzumiya wins, but I give much respect to Fujioka

Wait, should there even be a contest between the two ? I’d rather have a comparison than a ‘competiton’…. I love them both. To say I like one more than the other would be a betrayal of just how great their personalities are.


Fujioka Haruhi….. I just started watching the series, but Fujioka-san is unique in every sense of the word. SHe’s an A-cup (yes, I know, the chest bit), but the fact that she can be incredibly attractive in ever sense of the word despite her androgynous features is amazing. No, what is more amazing is that she can retain her feminine features without becoming too androgynous. This is rare. Also, she is the Alpha Female… surrounded by a harem of guys. Being a stereotype is one, having a harem of stereotypes is another thing…. have two stereotypes that haven’t met before is unique.

In fact, my only problem with Fujioka is that she’s a *bit* to strong. I was hoping for something like a female version of Keitaro, which was how I initially pecieved her during the first episode, but, she developed some strength, and handles the boys well. WHile that’s good, I wish she had a more loserly feeling. But maybe that’s just me. ALso, the boy occasionally come on too strong. Then again…. Tamaki is the example of the tundere male. Perfect.


Haruhi Suzumiya…. let me put her this way.

Take NieA_7. Tjis was my fave. anime character at one time. Now, take Kaolla Su, and take Edward. All three of them had Size A chests, but were icnredibly eccentric, hyper and unique. Now, take Excel Excel and Azumanga Daioh’s Tomoe. Put were hyper and reasonably chested…. but were real idiots. Mix all 5, and you get Haruhi SUzumiya. Divided by two, without an addition of Azumanga Daioh’s Osaka. ANd maybe alittle bit of Hirano Aya.

Suzumiya-san is just out of this world. Sure, she’s a little bit mean towards Mikuru-chan, but that’s one out of a number of flaws. Sure, she’s incredibly selfish, but not in the bitchy or annoying sort of way. Haruhi is unique in a really special way, and that is a rarity.

Not to mention that Kyon’s sarcasm reminds me a lot of Edmund BlackAdder-san. Fujioka Haruhi has that sarcasm, but it’s more relevant to Ouran which is literally meant to be a joke. Kyon’s sarcasm, however, puts things into perspective, and gives the ordinary viewer something to understand.


In the end, it boils down to the anime series:

Ouran High School Host Club is a plain old comedy, and a reverse harem parody. While I didn’t like the huge extravagance of Ouran High (I disdain th extravagantly rich), it was done in parody format, so it made me happy.

But, I still prefer Haruhi Suzummiya due to its exploration inrelatively big scientific and philosophical cocnepts. iT’s short 13 episodes could have been lengthened, if it wast for the fact that the manga is incomplete, so they could only do 13 episodes.


Now… if the places were swapped…..:

Haruhi Suzumiya is all the reason why the SOS-Dan existed. In fact, it was what made the SOS-dan the SOS-dan. Fujioka-san is a bit too serious, and I doubt she’d be interested in all that. For her to be God, the series would have to change. Take Fujioka Haruhi as God, and you’d basically have an androgynous version of Serial Expeirments Lain, as Fujioka-san would have tor eally act up and get all emotional and angsty. On top of that, Kyon would have to be somehting of a long lost childhood friend of FUjioka that develops the hots for Mikuru, but runs back to Fujioka-san at the last moment,. Or somethign like that.

As for Ouran…. Haruhi Suzumiya in the girls uniform would be a hoot. However, both she and Renge will turn Ouran High School into their doman, with a proud statue of the yuri couple on the front lawn, and with more than a thousand girls at their feet. The Host club will have to be closed and renamed the “Haruhi-Renge” club, with all 5 male memebrs as their enslaved manservants. Then again…. Kyouya is about as crafty as Itsuki… so they really do work out things well.


I tell you what… why not combine the two together ?

Ah heck, Ive had enough.


2006 has been the yera of comedy anime, having seen comedies I’ve never seen before,a nds een new ones that keep me laughing. Ouran pulls pranks that only Excel Saga can pull off, and that’s why it’s so funny, while Haruhi is an existentialist exploration as well as a sarcasm play. ALl good fun for 2006.


SO, my final verdict ?




Fujioka, hands down.

IMO, she isn’t the typical shoujo heroine at all. In most anime with female protagonists, they always have the main female as the ball of insight/sunshine/happiness ((Esca’s Hitomi, Furuba’s Tohru, etc.)), but Fujioka is DIFFERENT. While insightful, she is completely reasonable; she snarks with her face; she is the only serious main character ((aside from Mori-senpai)); she is a frank, nerdy WET BLANKET, but she still manages to make a difference. ((In Ouran, the obligatory ball of sunshine would be Tamaki.))

So I don’t quite understand how she’s a cliched character ((she is the ONLY female wet blanket I’ve ever seen in anime)), and I admire her; she is wholly independent, down to a fault. ((In a sense, it is a character flaw. People don’t become a major priority of hers until the very end.))


Fujioka. 🙂


Suzu-san’s attitude really pisses me off and makes me want to punch her right in the face…XP Sick…

Also, she’s such a child-molesting wannabe feeling like an ‘H-game character’ kind of person. Eww.

Besides, once you watch ouran, and see Fujioka’s personality, you’ll probably like her more.

If you are looking for a sensible character, Fujioka would fit that category. If you are looking for someone over-the-top, Suzumiya would fit the category.

Since I look for sensible types more often, I would go for Fujioka. A cross-dressing girl is an uncommon sight for me in anime, especially one who is oblivious to gender roles. These character perks make me more interested in Haruhi Fujioka.

I think Haruhi Fujioka would have to win. Despite that Suzumiya is a “sexy” type person, loud, and very pushy, things that appeal to a lot of girls, Fujioka has something called “Common” sense. Plus Fujioka isn’t about to destroy her own world with depression. Sooo

Win = Fujioka.

I think that Fujioka Haruhi is way funnier the Haruhi s because all Huruhi s does is make people molest Asasina and also Haruhi F is so funny the way she rejects Tamaki


So close, but I have to go for Haruhi S since her personality is more original (Haruhi F. reminds me of Tohru from Fububa aka Fruits Basket)and she reminds me of one of my best friends, only she isn’t as violent to my Mikuru-like friend. Well,at least she’s never stripped her down and literally forced her into a bunny suit.

It’s kind of interesting to see everyone’s thoughts on these two. Most people dont like Haruhi S. though, it sadly seems.

I like both Haruhi’s!! BUt i must admit, I look forward to all the screen time of Suzumiya more because she never fails to make anything more exciting, whereas Fujioka is a bit on the boring side. I mean, she’s so sensible and unspontaneous that if you take away the members of the host club, you get a big snore. Take away the other members of the SOS club and I’m sure Suzumiya will still have some way of making things more interesting.

So for me, Suzumiya wins! Yatta!



is it just me or that there’s a tendency here that females like Haruhi.F more, while the males prefer Haruhi.S

It all depends on the original point of your selection.
If you want to have a sensible friends who can acts as a buffer, then Haruhi.F is the choice.
However, Suzumiya is the perfect choice if you don’t want to be bored. She is so unexpected and her actions can be both nuisance and joy at the same time.
Accidentally the only negative points that anti-suzumiya gang have got is that Suzumiya “molests” Mikuru. Those seems to fail to recognise the suzumiya presented on the episodes on the Island and in the last 2 episodes where she shows her more mature and sensitive side.

In other words…
Suzumiya all the way!!!!!!

Ozaka > Haruhi F. > Haruhi S.

I like the way suzumiya looks for aliens and stuff but the way fujioka acts is funnier, like kyon, they make the anime funny with their thinking and talking.

I liked both of them so much and I think they’re both too cute!
But i’d prefer suzumiya cause I never liked the short hair thing…

if i were to choose which one of them to be my best friend, i would choose Fujioka.

i really annoyed with the character of Suzumiya which ignores everybody around her at all, except to some extend.. Kyon. She’s really bossy and loud, i would not like to be with this kind of people.

on other side, yes, Fujioka seems to be the boring-kind of people. but her sensibility and sarcasm suites me well 😛 Her character reminds me of San Chai in Meteor Garden and Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango

so i vote for Fujioka

Okay, Haruhi Suzumiya is way better. Fujioka Haruhi is well….boring plus she’s way better looking and she’s funnier and I could go on for hours of her awesomeness!! So Haruhi’s the bestest!!

Ouran is better!
Ouran has cool hot boys!
Ouran is way funnier! and everyone here mostly votes for her too!

theres no contest at all in my view
Suzumiya takes it all.

she’s much cuter and good looking.

she puts her friend (and ocasionally herself) into some very nice costumes which are verry pleasing to the eye

she seems to have a very bright and happy personality, and for once is not the normal “ordinairy shy girl” which seems to dominate many animes

You haters that simply attack Haruhi S with half thought out thoughts and reasons while letting your emotions cloud your feelings just goes to show how stupid and lack of thought you gave to any of this.

Ouran is simply a parody reverse harem show with ALL the standard stereotypes, including Haruhi F, that has been done thousands of times before in anime, manga, video games, etc.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a well thought out genre and stereotype breaking ride through story telling, fandoms, psychology, art, etc with equally genre and stereotype breaking characters.

It doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. but the lack of creativity hurts it when comparing it to the stereotype breaking called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Haruhi F is also a simple character with simple depth while Haruhi S is a paradox stuck in a puzzle falling in a warp.

By any story telling perspective, Haruhi S is far better.

If u realised simple minded people watch anime more than deep headed people (i’m opne of those deep headed) usually people would judge characteristics or look which we did or simply the plot/storyline.
The Melachony of Suzumiya Haruhi is deep and twisted filled with many complicating but yet a tempting storyline, while Ouran kept it simple amazingly with one of a kind comedy strcutre to it which The Melachony of Suzumiya Haruhi didn’t have, and also Ouran had a deeper meaning to the story while The Melachony of Suzumiya Haruhi had nothing to it really but psychology and supernatural matter to it which didn’t really appeal much to the heart not even close to what Ouran High gave.
Seriously which would you choose to be beside you in real life, a bossy twisted bored girl > Haruhi.S or
a cute and down to earth normal girl > Haruhi.F
i would choose Haruhi.F! wacthing Haruhi.S bored the hell out of me so i just focused on the storyline of The Melachony of Suzumiya Haruhi, but Haruhi.F attracted me so i focused both on her and the storyline of Ouran.

out of all the manga i’ve read and anime i’ve watched, Haruhi.F has one of a kind personality which i have never seen out of a girl in any anime/manga, while Haruhi.S had an average personality that i have seen many times in anime and manga. so yea Haruhi F wins in my opinion.

o yeah! 62% for Fujioka Haruhi. totally better then . . . the other one. Totally a OHSHC fan. And btw, Haruhi is good when being “just the good girl”. And plus, smarts is really what counts!

Fujioka Haruhi bar none! The most original female anime lead. If you say no tnen you’ve not seen OHSHC entirely. There’s no other herione like her. On the other hand there’s
Suzumiya-she’s the Hot, mean, smart girl that plays 2nd or 3rd lead in other animes only this time she’s the lead.
Surrounded by not normal HS students but by selected people because she’s god, and Kyon the masochist :] Noone volunteerly hangs around these type girls unless they hormonally-raging boys. Think about it everyone is on a mission, but Kyon.
With that said I really enjoyed the show, for the concept of a different type of ‘god’ than the usual ‘goddess’ of love and sunshine. Remember if you ever have to choose your ‘god’ never vote for a sixteen-year-old female. She’ll wipe us all out existence as soon as she’s bored/depresses, lol.

Fujioka Haruhi, in my opinion, is better. I agree with aukele, that there is no other anime female lead character with the same personality as fujioka haruhi, which, i might have to admit is pretty dull. Regardless, I love the fact about Haruhi that she’s like not afraid of anything (besides thunder of course), and that she managed to get into a private school as a guy! woohoo! unintentionally at that!

The Debate Lives On!

Fujioka Haruhi-Cute and smart she lives in vain of the Host club,until she figures out without them she wouldn’t have any friends or someone to trust(not to mention reject) all the time.She has the cutest eyes that make her look really good in everything she is forced to wear,and in the case of Tamaki, instantly love her (and by insantly, I mean so fast you don’t realise until later.)With her “Damn Rich Bastards” phrase and love of ootoro, she is super cute in every way.No wonder why the guys all adore her…!

Suzumiya Haruhi-Considered pushy,bitchy and selfish.I thinks thats wrong.Everyone assumes what was on the outside layer of her feelings.Throughout the anime you can see little bits of care in her eyes everytime she is posed a question from Kyon that really gets to her,or when she fell down the cliff and landed on Kyon,I instantly saw her eyes full of worry.She is a ‘natural beauty’ and a crazy fun and wierd person,but she only acts that way because she doesn’t want to be bored.Overall,I can see what Kyon admires in her and I sympathize with Kyon.How she figured out she was just one small person in a whole world of people,how she wanted an exciting life, It made me realize I thought the same way too O_o. Even though she may seem like a hentai,she is just begging to be hugged.

My Opinion:Tie.Definatly a tie.

Obviously Fujioka Haruhi, she’s soo cute, blunt in a funny way, and really sharp. She detects the slightest clues that the host club friends of her give.

Suzumiya Haruhi is alright, but a lil too bossy and mean for me. I’ve seen some episodes from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was a lil boring, and I loved Ouran High School Host Club way better.

So, Fujioka Haruhi wins. =)

The portrait of god as a young girl was more interesting to me. Ironically, even though they were Espers, Aliens, Time Travelers and God, I found The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s characters to be more realistic.

Honestly, they’re much too different to compare. Different genre anime, omega different supporting cast (Homo side characters[Ouran], Kyon& a bunch of weirdos[Suzumiya], Creation theme[lol, r u srs?] as opposed Ouran which is a pure comedy. Ouran actually makes you laugh whereas Suzumiya makes you go moe over Yuki.

Fujioka o3o Do i need a reason?

Most girls like Fujioka more than Suzumiya because they can relate to her more and she’s more down to earth.

Most guys like Suzumiya because they like girls with big tits in bunny girl outfits.

>>ChocoBits Daioh

This guys speaks the truth! I don’t know Fujioka, so I’ll go for Suzumiya, she’s really an incredible character that I can totally relate with.

Everyone just jugdes them by what they see at first glance, but you should take some time to watch and analize Suzumiya’s character. She’s not just “Oh, I’m bored, I’ll go and destroy the Earth” as you say.

I think that Fujioka Haruhi is more prettier than the other one (that i had never see before…) .


I watched Ouran last year and I am down-right in love with it, I would pick Haruhi F. right away, but then again, that would be if I hadn’t watched Suzumiya Haruhi a little while ago~

I watched it and as a Yuri fan I wouldn’t say Haru’s ‘torture’ for Mikuru would be anything bad, I laughed at those parts. But then I also laughed at how Fujioka would verbally abuse Tamaki sending him into his reject corner.

But In characters wise, Fuijioka is boring, dead-pan, although there are sometimes shes not, its the majority of the series she is.

Suzumiya~ Now she’s just a character who keeps going and going and going, from random Alien hunting downtown to substituting a singer for a school band. She’s a lot more spunkier and fun the Fujioka, so I have to say my vote goes to Suzumiya~ FTW~!

Definitely Haruhi Suzumiya… she’s the more interesting character, and I think she’s much cuter.
The other Haruhi can be a bit boring.

Haruhi Suzumiya!
I love her bubbly personality, and I just find the storyline of the show she is in much better anyway. Although i do like both, i found it very easy to pick which haruhi i prefer.I think another thing is I like the style Haruhi Suzumiya is drawn in better and the show seems better animated. But this is just my opinion 🙂

man so many votes, i tried counting but got sick of it T-T its fairly close though (for what i counted)

Haruhi Suzumiya.
Even after watching OHSHC, I liked The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya better. Aaaand even if Suzumiya appeared to be a selfish, insensitive person(I cannot call my God a female dog.) in the beginning, she did eventually mature towards the end of the series. Though both Haruhis shouldn’t be compared against each other, they’re both cool in their own unique ways. Although Realisticly F. Haruhi would be a better person to be around with, buuuut this is a poll and I liked Haruhi Suzumiya better… XD sides, everyone is tittled to their own opinion, like, I can’t wait for Haruhi S. 2nd Season 😀

Looks like alot of people are basing this off looks……sad.

Seinen vs. Shoujo artwork. It almost always causes guys to choose Seinen and girls to choose Shoujo…….

There should be no contest characterwise. Haruhi S wins out overall.

Haruhi S is nearly totally independent (“nearly” is because Kyon can change her actions). She has the willpower to ignore everything in her way to achieve her goal (except on rare occasions Kyon). She’ll ignore rules, laws, morals, and everything society places on itself just so that she can be entertained. She won’t respect the opinions of others and will cross the “you have freedom but only up to the front of my nose” line without hesitation; how much more independent can you get?

Haruhi F has a sort of independence too, but she is bound to the Host Club. Being lured by food doesn’t help her case either…..

Both are utterly ignorant when it comes to sex appeal. Haruhi doesn’t dress up or force Mikuru to dress up because she wants people to look at her; she wants to dress up to attract attention for her club or whatever she has planned (Computers…..>_>). Dressing up Mikuru as the maid in the clubroom probably isn’t for sex appeal either. The events of Episode 14 happens partly because Haruhi S was jealous of Kyon’s apparent relationship with Mikuru. Haruhi S isn’t perverted or a molester, she just doesn’t understand (or at least misinterprets it) sex appeal.

Haruhi F is the same. She admits it within the first volume (manga), where she explains why she wears such ambigious clothing. She’s totally indifferent to gender rules. With a cross-dressing dad and his similiar country inn owner buddy, I don’ t blame her…..

The trump card lies in the character development. Even out of an anime based on only the first volume in the series (out of nine or ten), Haruhi S has substantial character development. She starts off as a queer outsider, and then we find out she’s actually quite talkative to those she opens up to (atm it’s ONLY Kyon). She matures from a rash and reckless person (forming the club), to someone willing to tie themselves down to the boring life of a day to day club. Her jealousy of Kyon’s interactions with Mikuru and Yuki is shown and ultimately becomes a factor in Episode 14’s finale.

Haruhi F on the other hand has almost no character development. The ones that develop are the boys around her. She learns bits about them every time, but it doesn’t change who she is……ever. The boys are the ones that start liking her and changing their personalities, but she herself does not.

Anyhow, who can really argue that Suzumiya isn’t unique? What kind of anime or manga would ever have a main character who would normally be placed as comidy relief? Seriously, any character like Suzumiya would normally be placed as a side character that bumbles around in their schemes (like getting rich or something). Or, if the comidy relief was actually the main character, it would normally be a guy (like Kankichi Ryotsu).

tis tricky, i like both animes motto motto much, but haruhi f’s character was overshadowed by all the other charaters in ouran (that are so much more lovable) so i didnt really think that she was anythinbg special..just another ‘i’m diff from girls’ sort. whereas haruhi s is a character i never would have imagined. the fact that she gets bored so easily annoys me a bit but i get more annoyed by the fact that all the guys in the host club like haruhi f…dunno why and its not jealousy its just i dont see wat they like so much. so HARUHI S!!!

as main characters haruhi s cos shes special..even though not my fave in the anime. haruhi f does not carry tghe aspects of a good main character. its like watching a film where the main actor cant act and is outshined by his/her supporting cast

Both Haruhi’s have one distinct similarity. Their characteristics are way beyond different from other animes. Each series are short and addictive. But it all depends on the person. fujioka is cute and appealing. Suzumiya is hot and weird. I like Fujioka better, but after seeing everybody’s comments. Overall, it is a tie.

SuzuHaru is annoying, FujiHaru is amazing. FujiHaru isn’t the typical Shoujo manga lead. She is not too cheesy or aggressive, she’s laidback, sensitive and waaaaay prettier even with short hair. SuzuHaru is blah. She’s too aggressive, bossy and too Shoujo manga stereotype. She is in brutal words, a b*tch.

Suzumiya-san all the way

Suzumiya is voiced by Aya Hirano who, as haruhi is the first seiyu who does a better job singing in the show itself to surpass Priss

But setting aside the V.O. (which i did while reading the first 8 books), Haruhi Suzumiya is probably the most original character *ever*. Many of her quirks are common enough, but she is the character ever to be god and not know it (unless Kyon is actually god).

The reason I liked Ouran so much was because of the portrayal of the rich. As I attend the best non-boarding high school in the US I have a different perspective then most, and find what others very humorous. (of course there is a large difference between high schools in tokyo and chicago in general)

Like Haruhi, Haruhi also has little concern of sexuality as was stated when she said it doesn’t matter if others are male or female.

Both of them take advantage of their looks (although kami-sama is the only one who does it out their own desires)

Haruhi Fujioka

As much as I admit her character is a bit cliche and that the host club kind of revolves around her and she’s like… perfect in every way and flawless. I still love her ^^

Haruhi Fujioka!!!!!!!!!!…. owns u all… .__.



try chopping off Haruhi S. ‘ hair… she’s not a pretty lil thing anymore

haruhi F is definitely the girl who goes with the flow.. independent, smart, witty, courageous, beautiful….. hahaha i can go on a list of forever!!!


nd for that jealous girl….haruhi has everything (except money) and i dun think it impossible for all host club members to just love her

omg haruhi is just so cute!!!!

contrary to what others say about her character being cliche… i beg to differ


i’m sick of the typical heroines that are :

depressed damsel

ahh… and the otherzz……

she’s the most original anime character i have come upon

she’s just great

not the typical girl girl attitude

she’s a package

and if it happened that i’m a man… i would definitely marry her


wahh…… u can’t get bored of her

she’s very endearing
and her obliviousness to the other member’s feelings is just adorable!!!!

i’m practically worshipping her!!!!!!

i’ve watched Haruhi S. and i’m disgusted with her… period

i wouldn’t mind if Yuki is the main character though.. but oh well.. its just wistful thinking…

Haruhi Fujioka

Looks: 1000/10
Attitude: 1000/10
Character: 1000/10
X- Factor: 1000/10
Intelligence: 1000/10
COmmon Sense: 1000/10


and as far as i see in this poll… it’s obvious that HARUHI FUJIOKA IS WINNING!!!!!





I hate both, actually. In fact, both ARE stereotypes. Fujioka is the typical “poor person in a rich place with a hefty debt to settle”, while Suzumiya is nothing more than a loon who wants a world which revolves around her, and only her.

But if I were to choose between the two, I’d choose the Haruhi who is more HUMAN than GOD. I’d choose the Haruhi who still somehow cares about the people surrounding her, rather than look for some supernatural beings or whatever. I’d choose the Haruhi who doesn’t flaunt her assets, albeit unwillingly. I’d choose the Haruhi who chooses to be simple rather than be way too vulgar.


Suzumiya is a BLAST! It’s hard to be Suzumiya, not to mention she’s perfect in everything she does. And she IS a GOD.

OURAN – something stupid and sensless filled with flat-chest-jokes and simple nonsence. I couldn’t even watch it. Most jokes are lame, storyline is flat and cliche, etc… Plus – heroes of OHSHC do not look alive.

Suzumiya does.
Suzumiya wins!

I really admire Suzumiya! She’s definitely the coolest of the two of them. She’s always doing whatever she wants to do, without caring about what others might think of her. (Although I’m pretty sure I would have hated her if she went to my school.) BUT…
I’m still voting for Fujioka. Not that she’s my fav character in Ouran – I think all the guys in the Host Club comes before her. But I like the show much better, and her laid-back and simple personality is kind of cute!

I read through aaaall the comments and it is obvious that Haruhi Fujioka wins BIG time. She got more than half of the votes!!! – 61 while Suzumiya only got 27 XDD


i personally say fujioka because i prefer ouran and i only watched melancholy of haruhi suzumiya halfway. i do agree that suzuharu is prettier though, but i really like haruhi fujioka! so the vote goes to …. FUJIOKA!

SuzuHaru: Her major folly is that she is quite self-centered which spawns all her personality flaws (Molesting Mikuru for instance).


FujiHaru: She is so completely dense and is unable to see things that are beyond the direct meaning (When Kaoru said “you could sleep in our bed” she didn’t see the really deep significance, only the literal meaning).

BOTH: Cute, funny, strange, off-the-beaten-path and completely entertaining!

Fujioka all the way. She’s doesnt need big boobs and a big ass to make herself attractive while most of the anime girls are just wh*res.

While I may like Ouran better than Melancholy, in terms of Haruhis, I’d have to pick Suzumiya. Fujioka just doesn’t interest me. The anime’s glory and humor really comes from the other characters.

But Suzumiya is the one who makes the show!

I don’t agree with you. Maybe is she not enough entertaining for you but without her, there wouldn’t be a show either. She makes the other characters funny and attracting by being herself. If a girl like Suzumiya would replace her in ouran, the show wouldn’t be as funny as it is now (it wouldn’t be funny at all)…

That other girl Suzumiya, wtf. She kinda rocks, but it goes and brings in the hard-headed peckers, actually. So no… o.O

Haruhi Fujioka is the amiable thinker;
and there are all the eccentric rich young men cheering at her yay yay yay! Because she’s the cute, smart one who’s not wanting to be mislead.
And breakfast even for her isn’t too exciting too miss…
Yup, Fujioka’s the cooliest. ^.^

yeah, go, some random person!

While Fujioka might have more votes, that only matters in a democracy of the shallow and ignorant. 😀

By far, the more intellectual responses have been for Haruhi Suzumiya, showing a clear overall superiority in maturity and intelligence amongst the HaruhiS fanbase. 🙂

Haruhi Suzumiya, definitely.

Treating her only friends like crap? Check.
Molesting and sexually harassing her best female friend? Check.
Misanthropic, manipulative, sociopathic and a megalomaniac? Check.
Extremely cheerful and at the same time a dominant, almost narcisstic leader? Check.
Acts like Kamina from TTGL, when she has actual enemies? Check.
HOT! Check.
Making fun of geeks? Check.
Unique character? Check.
A buttload of independence and self-esteem? Check.
NOT A TSUNDERE, more like a sociopathic genki girl? CHECK.

That’s some women! Anyway, the other Haruhi fails compared to that.

But it’s fun to hear people whining like little pussies how “utterly evil” she is. Strangely, that never happens to Gregory House!

I go with Fujioka. Suzumiya gets annoying too quickly. Fujioka acutally has common sense and doesn’t try to rape anyone. I think Haruhi Fujioka

Personally I consider Kyonko from the genderbender fandom as the incarnation of Fujioka in the Suzumiya land.

i go for…. fujioka. i do not know the other anime, so i can’t vote for that one
all who vote for fujioka, i support you all the way.


shut up damn it! Fujioka is not ugly at all = =’!!! You vote for her only for her popularity and beauty? WTH?!
Come on give GOOD reasons! (well better than those =w=”’)

I say Haruhi Fujiko!!! I mean seriously she’s a tomboy! and even when though she acts like a guy she does balance out her guyness and girlness. she’s funny and she doesn’t look like a hoe

I would probably say Suzuharu, though both animes are quite good. Both Haruhi’s have their ups and downs, but Haruhi Fujioka, to be frank, bores me. I don’t mind the laid back type, but on top of that, she always shoots down the other characters just when they get interesting (rants, spazzes, ect.)
Suzuharu is a type of character rarely seen. Though I enjoy the Tsundere type, she finally breaks the mold as something I don’t have a fancy japanese name for. She’s come in, boss around a bit and be…interesting. Sure, she can be annoying, but Haruhi F. is kinda boring 8D

Hello i personally think that haruhi suzumiya is kool yea but…..haruhi fujioka is FOR THE FUCKIN WIN! i LOVE fujioka because she is smart….plus she doesn’t like to annoy or hurt the crap outta people and she doesn’t have retarded looking hairstyles each day…(haruhi’s seven million ponytails freak me out….O.O)BUT I DO NOT HATE AND NEVER WILL HATE SUZUMIYA OR FUJIOKA SO HAH!

Suzumiya. i perfer he because she’s more baazar like me. i like poeopl who aren’t afriad to be different, loud or put your hair in some outrageos style that only you like. Suzumiya rocks. though Fujioka is nice and can keep under controll with all the idiotic things that the host club does. but i just wasn’t a interested in the series as i am to Suzumia;s

I love both animes, and I appreciate each main character for her own merits. But I vote Suzumiya. Yes, she has little regard for rules or human etiquette and some of the things she does are just reprehensible, but at the same time you have to admire her moxie, as well as her determination to share her adventures with her club. As a character, we still honestly don’t know that much about her (who are her parents? Where does she live? What does she do away from the SOS Brigade?), which translates to potential. Fujioka, on the other hand, is moral and smart and unorthodox, but the more accustomed she becomes to the craziness of the Host Club, the more disconnected we are from her. Her unflappability is initially charming, but at times it goes overboard to the point that we sometimes wonder if there’s *anything* (besides fancy tuna) that she takes joy in. Despite her refusal to react to absurdity like most human beings, she skates dangerously close to Mary Sue territory by having three of the Host Club boys have feelings for her (as well as being hit on by the entire Host Club save Honey). Sometimes I have the feeling that when people favor Fujioka, it’s because of the position she holds as the focus of a reversed harem instead of who she is as a character. To be sure, however, Fujioka is far more human and relatable in the manga, and she does thaw a lot in the newer chapters. But then again, Suzumiya improves in the later novels as well, to the point where it becomes obvious the amazing lengths she’ll go for all of her brigade members.

Why choose? Haruhi/Haruhi love for the win, my friend. Kyon and Tamaki could plan their wedding.


and why does the breat size matter..

haruhi suzumiya Ftw ^^
fujioka is cool, but, i agree with what Miss1043 said.
i love suzumiya’s zanyness, and i think she’d be really fun to hang out with…(maybe im just crazy…).
i kept waiting for episode where fujioka would just let loose and have fun…it never happened sadly…

Fujioka ftw!

Haruhi F. is funny by her absent minded movements and actions. Sure she doesn’t have as much as Haruhi S. But thats because Haruhi S. basically leads the show while Haruhi F. is the one that holds the show together.

She’s the one that adds some sense and spirit to Ouran High, if she wasn’t there everyone would be yelling, screaming and running about like the mindless idiots most of them are. (Funny idiots of course xD)

well,my explanation is…confusing.
i am 100% just like Suzumiya but the thing is the feeling 4 the ouran haruhi are 1 of those “thats the type of person i wanna be like”things.
i feel like alot of suzumiya fans only adore her because she is so wacky like themselves.i dont wanna b some cheerful idiot who cares about stupid shit
i mean would suzsumiya even care if 1 of the SOS brigade members got ran over.
suzumiya might be drawn in the style of an anime but it has a plot like a 8 yr old show.

I have to say Haruhi Fujioka is the better Haruhi. Not just because Haruhi Suzimiya honestly frightens me as a person but because Haruhi F. keeps the series grounded.

Suzumiya, all the way. Fujioka is too boring, nothing interesting ever happens with her, the show is all about the other characters. Suzumiya is NOT a tsundere, she’s a genki girl who goes too far, which makes her hilarious. The other characters in the show try to stop her while accentuating her flaws, which make her awesome.

Also, in a barehanded fight, Suzumiya would overpower Fujioka no problem.

Suzumiya Haruhi. She’s more interesting than Fujioka Haruhi. As for SuzuHaru having more intellectual responses than Fujioka…. :

I have to go with Haruhi Suzumiya cause shes really outgoing and brings a certain optimistic view to the show and she is just random which i personally find hilarious

Actually, Haruhi Suzumiya is also smart, guys.. Even Kyon states this (with some envy). If you really wanted to compare, you should probably do Kyon and Fujioka, and then Suzumiya and Tamaki.

I choose Suzumiya. Fujioka was stupid enough to break an expensive vase and acquire such a large debt. Sure, she’s smart *sarcasm* Also, she can be mean to Tamaki. Suzumiya is in control of her club, while Fujioka was at first the “dog” of the club, and then a host. That role is synonymous to Mikuru’s role in the MoHS.

Umm…all this analysis has proven is that Suzumiya has boobs and hair. ._.
She has more selling value because of that (coughsomanyfigurinethingscough) but Fujioka is way better in my opinion. ^^

I want to say fujioka because i am a seriously devoted fan to ouran (I even got the same style hair cut a few months back) however suzumiya’s very unique personality, attractiveness and ability to destroy the world ^^ keep her in the race. I have to put them as even because i just adore them both so much its impossible to choose! D: one things for sure, if i ever have a daughter, im naming her haruhi 😀 <3

i say Fujioka..

for a number of reasons..

1) because me and her are so alike it’s scary. ( even the hair cut and color O_O )
2) she may be plain but she has some kind of appeal about her.
3) she can get both girls and guys to fall for her.. 😀
4) even though i love Suzumiya alot she’s a bit to crazy for me.. ahahhaha ( even tho i can be a toatal NUT at times.)

and last but not least..

IT’S OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB FOR GOD SAKES!!! who wouldn’t love that show.. with it’s crazyness and wild scence of humor.. ahhahahahahaha

but everyone has there own appinion…. and i respect that.

I go for Haruhi Fujioka all the way. Yes,Haruhi Suzumiya is interesting,but she annoys be for some reason (no offence) and I only got to episode 6 before I got bored of the Suzumiya series…

Haruhi F. however,she’s interesting in her own way. She’s laid back and smart,but she’s dense at some things. She’s got her ups and downs,and I love how she can shoot down the hosts (mentally) without even realizing it,then make them overjoyed again (once again without realizing it)

All in all,Haruhi F. has my vote.
I do like Haruhi S. though,just…not much.

For those who said FujiHaru fans are stupid and shallow for liking her,as if your reasons are mature & smart enough.Ok,let me get this right,you go for a person just because she’s pretty,with hyper boobs,molests her friend,drag people around,disrespect old people(referring to the filming of The Asahina movie at the temple if you wonder),think anyone else’s existence is useless as if you’re useful enough to the world,abandons school rule & think its ok to use someone as you wish?


I go for FujiHaru,call me nerd or whatever but she’s far relate able;her social problem at first,she doesn’t molest her friends, she isn’t annoying & a tough girl with real trouble you can relate too.And no,I don’t like her just because she’s a reverse harem,no.I enjoy her character-calm yet funny,understanding yet dense,smart yet nerdy & stuffs


To tell the truth, I really hate Haruhi S.
You see, She’s annoying, irritating, overreacting, Acting like she’s strong, and always order people around to obey her stupid rules. Who does she think she is? some kind of god?! And in fact, I don’t care about the boobs thingy. And I hate it when she’s wearing pervy stuffs. SUZUMIYA’s A PERV!!

And of course i go for Haruhi Fujioka. She is kind and she doesn’t care even if she’s a girl as long as she helps her friends. SHe even said that it’s okay even if all the people in the academy will know her real gender. Even though she’s a nerd, dense,I really admire her because she’s not scared of anything (except the thunder) and I really love TAMAKI AND HARUHI F. LOVETEAM!!! It’s the best! Tamaki is really like a kid when he clings to haruhi and it adds cuteness. And also, She’s smart.



Sorry Haruhi Fujioka, Tamaki’s already my HUSBAND. Bwuahahahaha.

(peace ^^V)

OVIO QUE FUJIOKA!!!!! ES MUCHO MAS LINDA QUE SUZUMIYA!! (L) ttiene mejor personalidad y bamos, su pelo es lo maximo! go go go Fujioka H.

Dur dur, mais bon…
Eh oui! C’est bien trop dûr! >.<
Car même si je suis presque l'opposé de HaruFuji, je suis l'indentique de HaruSuzu!
Mais HaruFuji est une superbe fille et je lui ressemble sur certains points et j'arrive à la comprendre… (elle est KAWAII même si HaruSuzu l'est encore +!) Mais HaruFuji a plus de goûts!
Tamaki est 1000000000 fois mieux que Kyon!


I Wanna was Haruhi Fujioka and i love Hikaru and Kaoru the are my bigest love this is my first time i have be in real love i wannt that Hikaru and kaoru gonna was real!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ^^says:

i say Haruhi Fujioka shes better then Haruhi S becouse i have look on both of anime but i love Ouran more becouse its more fun in it and Ouran is the best anime i ever seen and i say Haruhi F. and i love that Hikaru loves haruhi its good ^^ and Hikaru and Kaoru is sweet and the other boys in host club to, when i saw OHSHC i i about falled in love in an anime becouse it was so good and this is true i realy love Hikaru and Kaoru i have never love before i saw them on the anime, Ouran. i want the anime Ouran High School Host Club to be real!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.~ so i say Haruhi Fujioka, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi Fffffffuuuuuuujjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiioooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa!

I Wanna was Haruhi Fujioka and i love Hikaru and Kaoru the are my bigest love this is my first time i have be in real love i wannt that Hikaru and kaoru gonna was real!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ^^says:

AND HARUHI FUJIOKA IS NOT A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she just losed her contacts first day on school and that dosen’t need to was that shes an nerd. Haruhi F. she is realy beatiful whit long hair and short hair. and if someone say shes an nerd then i am an nerd to becouse i look like her >.< but my name is not Haruhi but i do same things as Haruhi so don't say Haruhi is an nerd becouse i look like her, when she had long hair so please don't say that shes an Nerd and Haruhi S. is not hot or sexy she more looks like just an rocker nothing more well please don't say haruhi F. is an nerd becouse i can't accept that when i'm as haruhi

Fujioka Haruhi !!!! first of all Haruhi Suzumiya is a retard so i can see he just dominates people with no sense of respect to others her only advantage that he got is his Godliness and C-cup Boobs?. While Fujioka is a person who respect his senpai and willing to pay his debt and doesn’t mind what people calls him a boy or a girl. Poor SOS being dominated by a slut who likes to let them wear bunny suits and let them juggle their boobs.

Kick ass
Anime character

Fujioka Haruhi. I dislike tsunderes. Not sure why, but I find them to be too much. Way too much. Fujioka Haruhi on the other hand, literally pwns shoujo stereotypes. She’s got common sense. When was the last time somebody had common sense? Not only that, she’s sarcastic, honest, collected, hard-working, natural, confident, intelligent, and kind. But mostly, I like her for her relatability and realism. She’s not in your face or violent, but she’s legitly grounded and aware of who she is, on top of having a sweet, genuine charm about her. Gender nor looks matter with Ouran’s Haruhi. She’s amazing because of who she is on the inside. 🙂

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