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Peter Pan no Bouken – (Retro) Anime First Impressions

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Before “Asahina Mikuru no Bouken,” there was “Peter Pan no Bouken!” This anime came out in 1989, and was recently fansubbed by C1. So does this anime pass the test of time, or is it teh suck?

Peter Pan no Bouken 01Peter Pan no Bouken 02Peter Pan no Bouken 03Peter Pan no Bouken 04Peter Pan no Bouken 05Peter Pan no Bouken 06Peter Pan no Bouken 07Peter Pan no Bouken 08Peter Pan no Bouken 09

Before “Asahina Mikuru no Bouken,” there was “Peter Pan no Bouken!” This anime came out in 1989, and was recently fansubbed by C1. So does this anime pass the test of time, or is it teh suck?

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Peter Pan no Bouken follows (you guessed it) the adventures of Peter Pan. The three kids, Wendy, Michael and John all have dreams about Peter. They all come to the scientific conclusion that Peter is real, and try to capture him. On the prowl is the nanny-dog Nana. At the end of the episode, they’ve set up the trap, and await the appearance of Peter.

I know this is a kid’s show, but it seems awfully slow. They haven’t even met Peter yet! It seems like they spent a lot of unnecessary air time on the parents. I think it’s fair to say that in the next episode, Peter will show up and take the kids to Neverland. Hopefully it’s nothing like Neverland Ranch

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The character designs for this anime are fairly eighties-esque. The kids look pretty normal (and I think Wendy kinda looks like Sakura from Naruto), but Peter looks like he’s had a nose job (like Micheal Jackson!) and Captain Hook looks pretty goofy himself. The Mom is quite hot, and his necktie only makes the Dad’s **** stronger!

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For an 80’s anime, the animation is really good! In the first part, where Captain Hook smashes some barrels, you can even see wood particles fly. Before the age of computer assisted anime, this would’ve probably been really hard to do. The anime itself might be old, but the animation works even today.

Overall, Peter Pan no Bouken is a pretty sweet anime. I would’ve liked to see the plot move faster, but I guess they were trying to build up the suspense. The recent retro anime movement (this along with Queen Millennia) seems pretty interesting, and I hope C1 continues fansubbing this one. Definitely check this out if you’re a fan of old school anime, or if you’re interested in seeing what anime looked like before they had all the bells and whistles.

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I used to watch the (Saban, I think?) English dub of this show all the time, so I’m pleasantly surprised to be seeing fansubs of it now. If I recall, it gets kind of interesting and Laputa-esque in the last part of the series, but I guess that’s still a long way off.

But Peter’s nose and lips always weirded me out.

I saw this one in English, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino [blame it on cable] and I really loved this show. the 80’s animation scene had good stories and this series obviously was on the “good plot” bandwagon.

Daisuki Peter Pan No Boken! I really, really love this show. I watched it when I was, I think, aout 10 years old…and now, after more than a decade, I still love it. Thanks to C1 for fansubbing this series! Ah, this is a great anime, promise! ^_^ The only down side (well, perhaps only for me, that is), is that this story has a bittersweet ending. Aw, I always wished Peter Pan and Wendy will “live happily ever after”, but then…Oh well, you can’t always have what you want, ne?

yeah mee too, i was in 4th grade when i used to watch this and geez, i loved it! i’d go home right after school just to watch this series! does anyone know where to find a dvd copy of the entire Peter Pan No Bouken series?

this is the last anime that i would like to watch before i die. when i was on my third grade (BTW, i’m filipino guy, 25 years old turning 26 soon) i used to watch a few minutes of it because i have to go to shcool!! dam! i dun want to go to school! i want to watch Peter Pan No Bouken! so, i then grew up and was in highschool now.. then i saw it again! it was being aired again! but dam! have to go to school again!! dam! dam! i wish they could air it on a different time slot. but it’s a kid’s film so it still was aired in the morning. and then i got to college… but they never played Peter Pan in my whole college life.. i was sad. dreaming of someday, i could watch the entire series. and now im workin… they are airing it today!! yes! august 06 2008! i think it’s on their 10th episode! but i cant still watch it!! because i have to work!! i have to go to work!!! dam! dam! dam! I WANT THIS ANIME!! PETER PAN NO BOUKEN!!! this will complete me!! this anime is so good! really an adventure!!
good plots!! peter pan flies so good here! lol! damm school, dam work!! life is not good without Peter Pan No Bouken! grrr!!

last time i watched this, it was 1992 and i watched it from a hongkong tv channel. it was my favorite animation in my childhood but i don’t remember much the story, i can only recall few episodes.

Ik heb Peter Pan no bouken leren kennen op de Duitse zender maar wist niet dat de tekenfilmserie van 1989 was gemaakt in Japan, net als bijvoorbeeld Heidi en Alleen op de wereld. Het is bijna te vergelijken met Peter Pan and the Pirates dat in 1990 in Amerika werd gemaakt. Het kent dezelfde soort begin en einde als uit het oude verhaal van James Barrie. Peter Pan lijkt hierin ook echt verliefd te zijn op Wendy Darling die er met haar 19de eeuwse lange witte ondergoed piekfijn uitziet en keurig is opgevoed. Het enige verschil met het oude verhaal is dat bij de Last Boys de Tweeling en Nips ontbreken. Verder is iedereen erbij: Wendy en haar broers John en Michel, de ouders Darling, Nana, Tinkerbell, de overige Last Boys, de zeemeerminnen, kapitein Haak, de piraten en de krokodil plus nog een paar nieuwkomers. Er werd in dit verhaal dat enige verwantschap had met Peter Pan and the Pirates (waarin de ouders van de Darlings en Nana, de kindermeisjeshond, ontbreken) meer aandacht gegeven aan bovennatuurlijke krachten en veroudering ontbrak totaal bij de hoofdfiguren.

wish i could find dvd of this! i really miss this series. i had fun watched peter pan no bouken when i was in 5th grade. wish that ABS-CBN could aired it again dubbed in tagalog!
I miss my being child in my childhood. That’s why peter pan is my favorite icon character.

That is correct. eventhough this is in late 80’s or 90’s (i hope im right) but nowadays, this series is a masterpiece. the plot, the story, the everthing, i u compared to digital cartoon, this is a masterpiece.

Where can I find someone’s VHS home video recorded from TV collection (which has since been digitized and uploaded as a torrent or Megaupload etc) containing all of the ENGLISH DUB (NOT subs) episodes of Peter Pan no Bouken?

I too watched this delightful series on television, the German TV even. But it is quite dark, especially the later episodes with Princess Luna. I could not find anything on dvd in the West except for the very first episodes so I bought the Japanese 10 DVD set, second hand in the Japanese Yahoo auction. Luckily I have a near photographic memory so the lack of subtitles will not be that bad. And of course the are good descriptions in English available…

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