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New Anime Poll: What Are You Calling The Ergo Proxy Heroine By?

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As I expected, School Rumble Ni Gakki kicks all other anime in the butt winning 30% of the vote and taking 1st place! In second place was XXXHOLiC TV with 14%, and third was Strawberry Panic! taking 9% of the vote. The competition was pretty fierce; there’s a lotta anime coming out this Spring.

That brings us to the new anime poll: What are you calling the Ergo Proxy heroine by? Her name is written in katakana as “リル・メイヤ” so this leaves her romanized name up to interpretation.

Ril, or Lil, or Lill, Or Rill, or Real, or...

A quick survey of the anime blogosphere shows that:

So what’s your say in her name? Sure, a cyberpunk chick by any other name would be as sweet, but maybe we can get around to choosing a standard name for her.

And for simplicity, can we all agree that her last name is “Meyer?” That would be great.

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Well, come episode 4 (I believe), we found out that “Autorave” is officially romanized as “Autoreiv”. I can only hope that we get something like that for Lir.

Why Lir? Well, because it looks the best on paper. Otherwise, Riru.

Well, I think I solved the mystery, and the answer to the poll is…none of the above, but close.

Yeah, I’m kinda bummed, too. But why take my word for it when you can see for yourself…sorta.

Above link: WOWOW’s official Ergo Proxy website – Character section

Look up the image properties for her profile picture. The filename is “rill.gif”. Coincidence: Doubtful.

Well, there you have it. According to the filename of her picture on the official site, logic says that “リル” (Riru, of course) is intended to be romanized as “Rill”.

If you say it with english pronunciation, it kinda sounds cool…

When I followed the above advice i got…blank? lol Actually, according to the Yoroshiku shownotes, its technically “Real” (apparently, you can find out from an i.d. card in ep. 3 but I have yet to confirm this). People seem to be speculating that it has some sort of deeper meaning. But…it sounds stupid to me lol I’m still using Lil.

Sorry for the double post but for those of you who want to confirm, its episode 3 at 16:34. Kinda hard to see unless you have the 1280×720, but w/o a doubt, its Real Mayar.

Well, Lil just sounds cooler to me. Real is the name on her ID card in ep.3. Just doesn’t do it for me though. Probably, a case of engrish. Lil makes her sound more feminine.

Lil sounds kind of too girly for me. Reminds me of the baby from Rugrats. Lilith is kind of cool.

I don’t like it as “Real” but the card seems to be pretty definitive proof. The other english that is spouted in this series is pretty good (i.e. not engrishy), and so I have no reason to disregard the ID card.

Her real name is Real… I don’t remember in what episode it appears(I think it’s in the 9th one)when Daedelus fills in her death certificate. But when it appears onle the letters “Re-l” are shown but after a closer look you can see the “a”. So in summary her real name is… “Real”
I bet it has a meaning after it. My theory is she must be someone special or ” the real _____” something related to the proxies.
But “la malhumorada” would fit her good.

Her name is pronounced “Real” when it’s actually the code “re-l124c41+” which is based off of a book by Hugo Gernsback called “Ralph 124C 41+” which is a play on words meaning “one to foresee for one.”

The significance of her name is based on the protagonist of the book, who saves the heroine by directing energy at an avalanche. He then continues to talk about modern technology and the wonders of the modern world which actually proved as successful predictions in regards of the technology we have today, such as: solar power, transcontinental air services, synthetic foods, tape recorders, and more.

Like most of the characters in the show (if not all) they are named after historical figures, philosophers, and fairytale characters.

Hope that clears a few things up. ^^ So all in all, I5.00IB was right when they said it had a meaning behind it.

“Re-elle” thats how i pronounce her name and thats how i hear it pronounced its spelled Real ‘Re-l’ so ‘re-al’ it makes sense to me, i dont call her “real” as in “in real life”..there are many names in English and other languages that aren’t pronounced how they look own name follows that so ..the best way to know some ones name is to know how its said 🙂

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