決��� The Best Anime of Spring 2006!


That’s right, after a whopping 834 votes were tallied, the best anime of the Spring 2006 season has been decided! It was a close battle, but a true victor finally emerged!

Was it the preseason favorite, School Rumble? Or was it everyone’s favorite god show, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Would it have been possible for the Ouran High School Fight Club to win? Did the killer lolis murder the competition?

Anime First Impressions

Hime-sama Goyoujin – Anime First Impressions

Hime-sama Goyoujin 01Hime-sama Goyoujin 02Hime-sama Goyoujin 03Hime-sama Goyoujin 04Hime-sama Goyoujin 05Hime-sama Goyoujin 06Hime-sama Goyoujin 07Hime-sama Goyoujin 08Hime-sama Goyoujin 09

Suddenly, a new contender appears in the Spring 2006 anime lineup. Yes, Spring, not Summer. Hime-sama Gyoujin was a highly ignored anime from last season. I didn’t even know about this anime until I spotted it on the toshokan. I decided to check it out. Better late than never, right?

Anime Nano

Anime Nano Update: The State of The Nano


note: Danbooru is down, so I’m using this picture because it’s funny

Ah, two weeks have now passed since the release of my baby, Anime Nano, and I thought I’d give a quick update on its status and whatnot.

Lots more bugs have been squashed. The hardest one for me was the unicode disaster bug. Let’s just say that if you’re ever debugging something that’s being scheduled on cron, make sure the crontab has your environment paths set correctly. Whoops! That probably didn’t make sense to anyone…


Summer 2006 Anime Preview Part 14: Someday In The Rain

And now for the thrilling conclusion of my epic 14 part Summer 2006 Anime Preview Extravaganza!
Kyon: Wrong, it’s part 5!
Me: Oh yeah… On to the anime previews!

NHK ni Youkoso!

Welcome to the NHK.jpg
NHK ni Youkoso! is about some hikikomori guy who thinks the NHK is out to get him. Chill out, dude! It’s just a tv station! There also happens to be a super cute girl who is apparently sent to kill him. I’m guessing she doesn’t though, or this anime would be really short. I’ve read a few reviews on the manga, and they all seem to be positive. I’m somewhat skeptical about the so-called “hikikomori action” (isn’t that an oxymoron?), but hopefully that means this anime will somewhat resemble Genshiken.


Summer 2006 Anime Preview. Part 4/5

Since the Summer 2006 anime season is a lot smaller than the Spring counterpart, it looks like I’ll get a chance to preview all of the new anime! Here’s my next batch of highly conjectural previews:

Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita.jpg
Bokura ga Ita seems like just another shoujo anime. It’s a story about a high school freshman girl’s first love, blah blah blah. Character designs look pretty dull to me. Story seems kinda generic. Of course, I’ll still watch the first episode of this anime. I’m such a sucker…


Summer 2006 Anime Preview! The Third!

Do the Summer 2006 Anime Preview ever stop? I hope not. Here’s the third of the anime preview trilogy (which might have more than three parts!):

Kemono Zume

Kemono Zume.jpg
Kemono Zume is the tale of two star-crossed lovers; A monster, and a monster hunter. Such cruel fate! It’s like Romeo and Juliet, except with swords and claws! So far, all we have to look at is a picture that reminds me of a reverse Blood+. Still, this anime looks promising. The artwork looks sweet, so I’ll watch at least the first episode.


Summer 2006 Anime Preview! Part Dos!

Here’s my much anticipated sequel to the in depth (not really) look at the Summer 2006 anime season! I call it, Summer 2006 Anime Preview! Part Dos!

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z.jpg
Hey, it’s the Powerpuff Girls, and they’re all anime’d out! While it’s true that the original Powerpuff Girls were not much to look at (they didn’t even have fingers!), these ones look kinda wrong. It just feels like they’ve been mutated into generic mahou shoujo with weapons. As a (sorta) fan of the original Powerpuff Girls, I’ll be watching this anime, if only to point out everything that sucks about it. Then again, Buttercup is totally a natural tsundere…


Summer 2006 Anime Preview! Part One!

Since everyone else is doing it, here’s my quick look at the recently announced Summer 2006 Anime Season! As always, my opinions will be based purely on pictures from the anime’s official sites and often confusing translations from anidb:


Flag seems to be an anime about, well, a flag. Not any normal flag, though, this one has the ability to end a civil war! But the flag gets stolen by terrorists! Okay…

The characters seem kinda rugged, and the anime also sports mecha, which I’m not a big fan of. I’m not really anticipating this one, but as they say, new anime is good anime (I don’t know who really says this).


Kamisama Kazoku Episode 4 – You Mean There’s More!?

Kamisama Kazoku Ep 4 - 01.jpgKamisama Kazoku Ep 4 - 02.jpgKamisama Kazoku Ep 4 - 03.jpg

I just watched episode 4 of Kamisama Kazoku, and I have to say that I’m really happy with the ending that this anime got. Wait. We’re on episode 4!? I half expected Kyon to jump in and yell “No, this is episode 13!” They better not be pulling any of this Haruhi Suzumiya episode shuffling crap on us!


School Rumble – Domestic Vs. Import Manga Rumble!


Around March of this year, while on a trip, I happened upon the import manga section at a Borders book store. For some reason, I don’t think that the Borders near my house has any import manga… Anyway, I bought the first two volumes of School Rumble, and they sat on my bookshelf for about 3 months.

Actually, I got through the first three or so chapters using my three years of college level Japanese, and this handy online dictionary! Still a bit too slow for my tastes, though. It took like, 5 minutes per page!

About a week or so ago, I got my order full of manga goodness! This included the first volume of the English translated School Rumble manga. I thought I’d compare the two since they’ve got quite a few differences (besides the obvious language difference).