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Anime Nano iPhone App For Sale (Free)!

Hey all,

My first iPhone app is now available. Get Anime Nano for free on the iTunes App Store!

Oh, and go here for more details on the app itself.

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Getting into Code Geass

After almost two years after the actual series premiered, I finally checked out the first episode of Code Geass. Yes, it took me that long. Tired of not getting all the jokes about Pizza Hut and wondering who CC is, who the hell the late Shirly is, etc, I finally just decided to watch the damn thing. Though I still haven’t gotten to the second episode…

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Meta-Blogging The Summer 2008 Anime Season

Since I have no time to watch the new season of anime, and since Anime Nano has a kick-ass charts feature that no one writes about, I figured I’d gauge the success of the new shows by their chart status. Or something.

Actually, for the latest week, it looks like only a few of the new Summer shows are even represented. If you don’t count sequels. Strike Witches is apparently worthy because the girls don’t wear pants. That’s probably a cheap way of getting viewers, but whatever. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is probably up there because it follows the same title template as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Besides that, it looks like second (and third) seasons and continuations of past seasons’ shows are much more popular. This confirms the beliefs of many that the Summer season just isn’t that worthy.

Also, I saw a few episodes of that Akiba-chan on NicoNico. It sure is good for watching raw (I understood like, 80% of what was said) but it’s also really predictable and stupid. In one episode, Akiba-chan steals one of the other girl’s homework to copy it. In another, she tries to lose weight. I’d still watch it though, just to practice my raw watching skills, which are probably waning from non-use.

Just in case, I loaded that Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret and the Mahou Tsukai Important Stuff anime onto my iPhone. Also, from last season, Library War! I probably won’t be inclined to watch them any time soon, though. Sigh.

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9rules’ New Rules

So I got this email from 9rules about some new member requirements. Since a few of the anime blogs on Animenano are also on 9rules, I thought I'd start a discussion about it. (And why not post it on my blog, too?)

Basically, the new requirements are: "If you feel you are contributing by your entries being shown only, 9rules is no longer a good fit for you, decline the agreement (or do not respond), please remove the leaf from your site and we will remove your site from displaying on 9rules."

I have no time to spend posting on Anime Nano, let alone 9rules! So this is most likely it for me and the leafy thing. 

I can certainly understand their reasons for wanting members to participate in the forums, etc. But having a "community" means different things to different people. In my opinion, it's naive to require people to participate and expect anything good from it. Conversation should be organic. Nevermind that the forums at Anime Nano are not particularly exciting…

To me, members in a "blog network" can communicate through their blogs. At least, those who have blogs. And the forums are great for a centralized conversation. But look at some of the back and forth that goes on in the AnimeNano blog-o-sphere and you'll see what I'm getting at:

And that's just a small sample from that particular conversation.

So here's my question: What do you think is the best way to encourage "participation" without forcing it? What's the best way to help the anime blogging community grow? I know I haven't been the most visible webmaster lately, but this move by 9rules has made me think. I could probably help the community by clearing out that queue of pending blogs from Anime Nano.

Just for the record: I'll never require anything other than a good blog, a clean feed, and maybe some payola for inclusion into Anime Nano. Oh, and all the other requirements in the FAQ.

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Introducing Anime Nano Popularity Charts!


Anime Nano, my anime blog aggregator community thing, turned 1 year old this month! I was going to write a post about it, but I wanted to wait until I got a new feature finished. It’s been a while since I added anything to Anime Nano.

There’s already a popularity cloud thing in the footer of Anime Nano, but I wanted to make something that had more potential for discussion. Since people like charts, I figured I’d introduce some kind of weekly top ten chart that ranks the popularity of anime based on how many blog posts are written during the past week. Hence the name, Anime Nano Popularity Charts!

The charts auto-update every Sunday and make a top ten list showing the most popular anime. Only the blog posts that are “tagged” with a series count. Though it’s only polling a subset of the anime blogging community (the blogs that are in Anime Nano) I still think it’s a pretty fair representation of which anime are popular.

In one week, the charts will update, though you’ll still be able to go back and see the previous charts, too. Let me know what you think!