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Anime Nano Popularity Index – Code Geass?


So I was checking out the nifty footer popularity cloud thing that I wrote for Anime Nano, and noticed that lately, Code Geass is totally kicking butt! It even has more entries (in the past two weeks) than Kanon (36 (make that 37 once Anime Nano picks up this post) to 32)!

To be honest, I haven’t even watched the first episode of this anime yet. Should I? I’ve noticed a lot of buzz about Code Geass, but I never felt the need to watch it. Apparently there’s mecha and Pizza Hut in this show?

Can anyone recommend or unrecommend this anime? Is it any good? Geass knows I need another anime in my backlog…

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Anime Nano Podcast # 14!


So this Anime Nano Podcast, jpmeyer and Hinano were eloping or something. So I got Os and Problematic to co-host instead. People were asking for different guests, so there ya go. I think they did a good job of bringing a different perspective to the ‘cast.

We talked about general anime stuff, like some new licenses. The mail bag was answered with probably the highest amount of sidetracking ever. That’s cool though, it’s just how we roll in the Anime Nano Podcast.

Also, I kept on violating Problematic’s privacy so I had to go in later and bleep out her name and place of residency.

Check out Anime Nano Podcast #14: Asian All-Stars!

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Speaking of the Kanon Remake…

Kanon Popularity.jpg

It’s totally beating every other Fall 2006 anime into the ground! The anime series popularity tag cloud thing that I implemented on Anime Nano shows how many times a series has been written about in the past 2 weeks. Kanon has already been mentioned 66 (make that 67) times! That’s almost 5 posts a day!

I’m guessing this anime is gonna be waaaay popular. Maybe even more popular than The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi… I for one welcome our uber-moe overlords. Uguu~

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Anime Nano Podcast – 4 Down, X To Go!


The Anime Nano gang and I just finished our 4th podcast! This one went pretty smoothly, I thought, and it lasted really long. Like twice as long as our previous record! Hinano was absent, but Problematic reluctantly took her place. She did a good job, even if she says she didn’t.

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Happy Monthiversary, Anime Nano!


Hey! It’s been a month since Anime Nano was launched, so I thought I’d commemorate the occasion by uh, writing about it. I’ve added a few things to Anime Nano since I last wrote about it, so here we go: