Happy 3rd Birthday, Basugasubakuhatsu!

It’s the third birthday of the beginning of my anime blog(, and the month and a halfiversary of its death?)! Seriously, I have been kept pretty busy by school, work and trying to find a job (which I did, with Microsoft!).

Hopefully the next year will bring more free time, and more time to actually write about anime and manga and other stuff!

Tanoshimi ni!

Also, I think that the above picture resembles the kind that lonely otaku sit in front of while having birthdays by themselves. How appropriate for a deserted blog!

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Anime Blog Awards Nominations: The Post

It’s true that I had some initial misgivings about the Anime Blog Awards. But I think they’re probably on the right track to doing something good for the community. So here’s my me-too post about why I nominated the blogs that I nominated. Also, Impz, I think this is my official sponsorship announcement for BGB and Anime Nano for the ABA. I’m Hung Truong and I approve this message.


Some Kind of Anime Blog Awards Going On…

I guess I’m a little late to post this, but there’s some kind of anime blog awards going on. This is sort of neat, and props to whoever set this up.

Wait… who did set this up? The email I got form my form was just signed by “The Anime Blog Awards Committee.” At first I thought it was “The Anime Blog” who was setting it up, but I’m not so sure now. It all seems a bit shady.

Also, the tagline is “by bloggers for bloggers.” This is manifested in the rules that state you must be a blogger to nominate blogs. As if readers can’t have a good enough opinion of the quality of the blogs they read? I think if anything the anime “blogosphere” should be trying to encourage participation from readers, not excluding them from nominations.

It seems that that the voting will be done by only anime bloggers. Way to empower your readers… There’s something very exclusionary about this that I don’t like. Perhaps if nominations were from bloggers and popular voting could be done by everyone. I guess they might be concerned about gaming the system, but including only bloggers makes it seem like the cool kid’s club where you’re not welcome if you’re not as cool as them (assuming that anime bloggers are considered cool).

Anywho, I’d rather focus on the positive and decided to participate anyway. I put up some nominations on blogs I like (some probably don’t fit the requirements). Hopefully things will go smoothly.

Edit: Ani-Nouto pointed out that at least one person linked with the awards commitee is traceable. I guess my general point is that transparency would be appreciated since there’s really no mention at all of who is officially behind the awards. For all I know, Basugasubakuhatsu could have created them and put in some shill nominations to regain my past blogging glory. What past blogging glory? Oh, I guess you have a point.

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9rules’ New Rules

So I got this email from 9rules about some new member requirements. Since a few of the anime blogs on Animenano are also on 9rules, I thought I'd start a discussion about it. (And why not post it on my blog, too?)

Basically, the new requirements are: "If you feel you are contributing by your entries being shown only, 9rules is no longer a good fit for you, decline the agreement (or do not respond), please remove the leaf from your site and we will remove your site from displaying on 9rules."

I have no time to spend posting on Anime Nano, let alone 9rules! So this is most likely it for me and the leafy thing. 

I can certainly understand their reasons for wanting members to participate in the forums, etc. But having a "community" means different things to different people. In my opinion, it's naive to require people to participate and expect anything good from it. Conversation should be organic. Nevermind that the forums at Anime Nano are not particularly exciting…

To me, members in a "blog network" can communicate through their blogs. At least, those who have blogs. And the forums are great for a centralized conversation. But look at some of the back and forth that goes on in the AnimeNano blog-o-sphere and you'll see what I'm getting at:

And that's just a small sample from that particular conversation.

So here's my question: What do you think is the best way to encourage "participation" without forcing it? What's the best way to help the anime blogging community grow? I know I haven't been the most visible webmaster lately, but this move by 9rules has made me think. I could probably help the community by clearing out that queue of pending blogs from Anime Nano.

Just for the record: I'll never require anything other than a good blog, a clean feed, and maybe some payola for inclusion into Anime Nano. Oh, and all the other requirements in the FAQ.

Blogging off-topic

Back. Sorta.

So I’ve been really busy moving for grad school and whatnot, so Basugasubakuhatsu’s been on something of a hiatus. Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming, but with work and school, I imagine they’ll be less frequent than daily. Just wanted to update this thing in case people think I’m dead or something.

Also, Ikea is awesome. Seriously.

And… a “butt-biting bug” video is apparently popular in Japan. Okay…

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(Manga) Industry Bloggin’: An In-Depth (Shallow) Look!


I’ve noticed that there’s not really very many industry blogs in the anime/manga industry. I knew of a few select blogs, mostly from small publishers, but virtually none from anime companies…

Today I’ll be checking out a few industry blogs and seeing how they can create a relationship between the customer and the publisher.

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On Anime Review, Payola, and Blogging


I wrote a positive review of 009-1. Honestly, I liked it. I guess the popular vote is that the anime sucks. But while watching it, I actually did enjoy the anime.

Why am I mentioning this? The post about 009-1 was referenced in the context of blog payola, people getting paid to blog about stuff. My review was apparently so positive that people thought I must be getting paid to write it!

The truth is that I don’t ever get paid directly to blog about anime. No companies have given me a cent. They do give me review copies, and I fully disclose that every time at the end of every review I do. There was that one time that a direct download site paid me to write a bad review for them. That was kind of fun.

I felt like I should set the record straight, so I wrote this reply to the post: (I spent a lot of time on it so I’m just going to quote it)

Hmmm, I think the reason it seems like I only ever give good reviews is that I don’t grade on a grade system. I just sorta say what I think about the titles. When it comes to writing the conclusion, I include the pros and cons. But I don’t say “78/100” or B+/2.

I was looking back and I guess I do tend to be forgiving. I did give “negative” reviews to the Tsubasa Chronicles DVD, and the Bobobo ones, too. And Peach Girl, too. I totally railed on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I honestly did enjoy 009-1. Maybe it’s because I had such low expectations? Looking at the post, it is pretty positive, but really, that’s how I feel about the series. If I like bad series, I like bad series.

Companies send me free stuff, and that’s cool. I guess you’re right that I might have some kind of subconscious thing telling me to give good reviews because of that. But they don’t pay me. And sometimes they’re really difficult to talk to as well. Believe me, if they have a choice of sending to ANN or me, they’ll choose ANN.

I did take money to do a review on an anime download service, but I fully disclosed it and I gave them about a negative review as I could.

In the end, I’m just trying to do a lot of reviews, and I really don’t make a lot of money from my site (with the ads). Companies give me free stuff and I review it. Call that a conflict of interest if you want, but there’s no way I could review this much stuff if I had to pay for it out of pocket.

I really do hope you continue to read Basugasubakuhatsu. I hope I haven’t alienated anyone by doing domestic reviews…

I got back a pretty harsh reply, and it really made me think. I wrote my reviews honestly, but I guess subconsciously I was holding back since I was receiving these things for free. I know that sounds pretty bad, but it felt to me like biting the hand that feeds you anime.

But Steven was totally right. A good reviewer doesn’t hold punches. I guess with all the free merch I was getting, I let it go to my head. This isn’t to say that I would never say anything bad about an anime I reviewed. I tried presenting the pros and cons, but in doing so, I always sounded more positive than I should have. And that’s bad if you’re a reviewer.

I never meant to do this consciously, but I needed something like that criticism to really pound it into my head.

So I’m putting this on my blog, and I’m hoping that anyone else that feels the same way as Steven is reading this. I’ve always tried to be honest with my readers, and I’m putting all of this out here in the open so we can discuss it.

I’ll try to be more honest with my reviews. If a title really sucks, I’ll say it. If that means that Funimation stops sending me DVDs, well so be it. I don’t think they would either, since that’d be pretty lame.

Do keep in mind though, that I have a taste that’s different from your average anime watcher. I enjoy bad anime. Sometimes more than good anime. I can find an anime bad, but I can also enjoy anime for its badness.

This doesn’t mean I won’t say if an anime is bad, but if I say something that’s otherwise panned is good (like 009-1), it’ll be my honest opinion. I’m still not taking back my positive opinion of that one, regardless of what other reviewers think.

PS I’m out of town for a week starting tomorrow, so if I don’t reply, and my upcoming posts totally ignore this, that’s the reason.

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Submit Your Anime Blog to 9rules Today!


9rules is a blogging community that I was fortunate enough to have been accepted into this past Summer. Today is the latest 9rules submission date. That’s right, 9rules only takes submissions every now and then for 24 hour windows at a time.

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Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog +


So WordPress has this funny dashboard feature that shows blog-related news and tools when you sign in. Sometimes these are really cool (templates!) and sometimes they’re kinda spammy. I saw one a while back that sparked my interest: Submit your blog to 9rules.

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Say Hello To!


So I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy this Summer. ‘Doing what?,’ you ask? Rolling my own blog feed aggregator and forums, that’s what! Yep, Anime Nano is yet another blog feed aggregator for, you guessed it, anime.

Now, I have nothing against either antenna or Blogsuki. To me, they’re on two weird polar extremes. Antenna has a lot of blogs. Like, 100! There’s a lot of good blogs on there, but not all of them interest me. On the other hand, Blogsuki has less blogs, and a lot of good ones were kicked off. I really like Blogsuki, but I think I should be able to choose which blogs I want to read. That’s where Anime Nano comes in.