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Anime Nano Popularity Index – Code Geass?


So I was checking out the nifty footer popularity cloud thing that I wrote for Anime Nano, and noticed that lately, Code Geass is totally kicking butt! It even has more entries (in the past two weeks) than Kanon (36 (make that 37 once Anime Nano picks up this post) to 32)!

To be honest, I haven’t even watched the first episode of this anime yet. Should I? I’ve noticed a lot of buzz about Code Geass, but I never felt the need to watch it. Apparently there’s mecha and Pizza Hut in this show?

Can anyone recommend or unrecommend this anime? Is it any good? Geass knows I need another anime in my backlog…

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Ah Code Geass (also known to stand for Gay-ass or Great Ass). It’s a great series for those who want to escape the typical mecha niche, although too many comparisons have been made to Gundam Seed Destiny in my opinion. To be honest, I downloaded this one on a whim, but was absolutely hooked by the fourth episode. Lately its been having its share of good and bad moments, all of which fuel great debates concerning the characters and situations of the story (which are highly entertaining in themselves to read XD). If somehow you need to fill the gap in anime (which might be hard with the upcoming spring season), Code Geass should definitely have this honor.

If you can stand the character design, I suppose you can give it a try, considering all the good things that are being said about it. Personally I couldn’t get past the first episode.

I tried several times to to get into. I think I watched up to episode 8 or 9 and didn’t like it. Even watching it as comedy, still nothing. It has elements that I normally like, but this time around, it didn’t do anything for me.

@ its me:The second picturebook? Is the fanservice in that all that draws someone to the series?

Other than the blatant fanservice in that special, there’s nothing particularly moe~ moe~ or too fanservicey about the series when taken seriously (except maybe some of the tendencies of female characters that people have taken a liking to).

@elvyse and badger11:

The main draw of this show is probably its overall plot and the depth of its characters. Stick that with mecha and pizza hut, and Sunrise shouldn’t lose right?

There were some issues to some people by how people are portrayed as racist throughout the series. The whole supremacy thing certainly got some people offended, and that won’t change.

But the real point of the plot is what generates the discussion of what’s necessary to achieve peace, and what sacrifices must be made to do so.

One more thing badger11:

This show is hardly to be looked at as a comedy series. Sure it doesn’t take itself seriously sometimes, but the goal is definitely not to be funny all the time. XD

In my opinion, Code Geass is a decent series, but it’s definitely not among the best. I find myself enjoying series like Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto and Red Garden a lot more.

So I guess it’s popular, but not necessarily good? I might be convinced enough to at least watch the first episode though. I dunno how I missed it when it came out.

I think it’s overrated, decent enough but not great. It offered nothing new to me so I dropped it. There are better ones out there that are more worth the time.

I think I recall reading on Utawarerumono you enjoyed how Hakuro was all in the military commander type aspect Code Geass has quite a bit of that especially in the begining, it kind of loses its edge as the series goes on since he gets more people and the fights seem to be a little more fair but overall I would say its a great series, and have to love the pizza hut reference!

Hung, watch up through about episode 5 then drop it if it’s not your thing.

It’s popular because it’s using Sunrise’s nowadays-standard formula of creating a massive story that they totally can’t handle and will eventually train-wreck, and filling in the blanks with fan-service. So far it’s been entertaining, in a ridiculous sort of way.

Actually, the best description I ever heard…well I’ll paraphrase here: “If Mai Otome was Sunrise’s Nanoha x Gundam Seed fanfic, Code Geass is their Death Note x Gundam Seed fanfic.”

I thought it was shoujo crap. It turned out to be quite good, with extremely strong characters, good voice acting and plot twists. The comedy part isn’t that great. The history development is good, no bad points about this.

But, I don’t know why I feel like the series is too much for it’s own. I think that it tries to stand out too much, and fails, but not miserably. It’s a GOOD series, that I’d recommend watching to everyone who like action and a serious (military) background.

At least you should watch it for CC’s ass 😛

I think it’s a really good series, but that’s just me.
At least watch up to episode 6, as the first episodes are just introducing all the characters and the overall plot.

The thing about Code Geass is that it has something for everyone…At first it appears to take the form of an intelligent psychological kind of series (think: Death Note, and all the well-planned logic and plot twists) but with some gunning and action mixed in.
Of course, there’s the mecha, but it appears to take a back seat to the characters and what they do. The drama and character relationships move the plot around and it covers some really dynamic aspects of the fighting-for-peace ideal.
As the series moves on, the mecha are featured more as new technology no more significant than the iPhone’s recent announcement, and are used as a method for getting the characters together in a certain frame of mind. You can have your cute, funny, relationship-building scenes in the teenage characters’ school or around town, but you can have all these tense, intellectual situations on the battlefield.
Discussion of Geass is always a mixed bag, just because of the silly coverage or features that mean nothing. For instance, Pizza Hut product placement or the extreme fanservice of the second DVD’s bonus.

Really, I can best summarize it as an intellectual mystery or drama set with a sci-fi atmosphere in mind, but at the core is a series made adaptable for anyone to enjoy.

I struggled up to episode 11 before dropping it- when you’re falling asleep during an episode, it’s probably not a good sign. The only thing I really liked was the cat (a bit like Mai-Otome in that regard).

Code Geass is one of my favorite shows airing this season. People like to throw Gundam Seed comparisons in, but it’s really not even close to that. The strong story has been holding up very well a lot longer than I expected…much better than either Seed series. Lots of politics, strategy, some backstabbing, unexpected plot twists… The animation quality has been top notch every episode as well. Highly recommend you give it a try.

It’s somewhere between crap and a masterpiece. Your mileage may vary.

The first arc was great, the second one started out good but ended up so-so, and it’s currently “in between things”, with some great moments but also some cheesy ones. There’s good stuff in there, but also some dragging.

Without spoiling much, it looks like things will probably pick up again for the finale, after another episode or two.

In my personal opinion i would recommend it since it has an interesting plot and the characters are from CLAMP, but sometimes sunrise make a crap episode and other they make a masterpiece.

I wasn’t enjoying it that much when I first started watching it, but I usually watch things through to the end if they’re remotely interesting.

But then all of a sudden episode 12 caught my interest and by episode 14 I was hooked.

it seems a lot of ppl have been put off by the politics in this anime, personally, thats what I loved about this Anime. This Anime is totally unique, I’ve watched up to episode 23, and waiting for the 24-25 to aired in the summer. The story is sueprb, I like the war against the occupation thing. If you are too narrow-minded to accept ppl defending japan n all, it sucks to be you. Because it seems no one has complained by the dozens of animations and movies that were made specifically to be an American propaganda.

I personally enjoyed the series at the first it was the mechs that caught my eye but then I started getting into the plot and characters.
Lelouch is very different from most male protagonist in other anime.

Okay, I really liked code geass. It is akin to gundam seed with the sci-fi mecha aspects and with the war for peace and morals. However, they are totally diferrent in almost evreything else. Oh and publ that @#$%^& bull @#$%.

you have to be truly naive not to enjoy this is almost a the shit out of all other animes based purely on entertainment value.

omg yes ts awsome ;)its about this guy thats royalty but gets banished when hes a child and in the present (in high school i think)he gets accidentaly inolved in a terrorist act (fell into the getaway truck when it crashed while trying to help)and meets a girl with green hair that gives him a power called geass and now hes tryying to demolish pertania (like a country thing….country were he got banished from) with the power that lets him control someone but he can only do it once per person

wow now that i read my previous post it sounds like im obsessesd…heres a better review lol…rly good show its like deathnote in a way major phycologicle affect and alot of cliffhangers that i myself enjoy very much hope this helps i highly recomend it to you and everyone else

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