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Negima Live Action Drama in the Works!?

This is just some random cosplay image I found on sagbooru, or danbooru 2, or whatever the new danbooru is.

So according to ComiPress, there’s going to be a Negima live action drama! And that’s about all the news there is.

Personally, I dunno if a live action Negima can work. I don’t know if there’s any real life kids who could fit the Negima role well. Plus with all the girls, I’d have a feeling it’d be hard to tell them all apart (unless they actually had pink hair, etc).

Also, would you really want to watch a 7 year old boy get into ecchi situations with 13 year old girls in real life? The anime version works because the girls at least look like they’re older than that. You can sorta suspend your disbelief when it’s anime and manga, but with real life? I think it’d just be creepy.

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Since when was Negima 7 in the manga? Try 9 — he turned 10 a bit later after that. And AFAIK the average age of his class was like what, 15?

I have NO idea how it could possibly work…the premise is outlandish enough for anime, it will just look ridiculous in live action. Unless they are going to raise all the ages of the characters–something that’s been done in other stories where the characters are very young. (The screenplay versions of “Ender’s Game,” for instance.)

My guess is that they are trying to cash in on the whole Harry Potter-alikeness of the story. Personally I think if that’s the angle they want to take they should do “Zero no Tsukaima” first. 🙂

Oh, he’s 9? And the girls are 15? I just sorta threw my numbers out from memory. Still, I got the age difference correct!

Even at those ages, I think it’s a bit too young for live action.

They can change the age for the live action. Make Negi 12 and the girls 16, then it will be slightly more believable and they can get better actors for the job.

They can hire a 13 year-old to play as Negi and high school girls to play as the students. Maybe an 18-year old can play as one of the students too. So, yes, this can work out if you think about it.

If the characters were individual enough (Which I think they aren’t) they could be easily recognisable… Like in ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ or ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ or other school dramas where I can recognise who most of the characters are meant to be.

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