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Blood+ Anime First Impressions

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Blood+ begins with our main heroine, Saya, flipping out and killing people in Vietnam. She kills some sort of bat monster, and then she goes after the inhabitants. Later on, we see Saya doing her best Suzuka impression by performing a high jump. Apparently she can’t remember anything that happened more than a year ago. Due to a series of unfortunate events, she is forced to fight with another one of those bat monster at the end of this episode.

For the most part, the story here is pretty average. Here we have some super-powered character with amnesia who is about to remember who they are. It seems kind of cliche, but I like vampires, so I’ll roll with it. We also meet the supporting characters: Saya’s (step) brothers and father, cello-playing ugly-hand guy, secret agent David, and candy guy. The plot seems a little too mysterious right now with nothing being revealed, so I guess I’ll have to keep watching.

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The character designs for this anime are good, but with some caveats. The characters themselves look great, but I can’t stand Saya’s big lips. They just look kind of weird to me. She can be pretty cute though, especially when she’s not slicing women and children up. I also want to mention that the ending sequence has some really cool looking character art.

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The music in Blood+ is really outstanding. The OP is above-average, and the ED is awesome. There’s some really crazy vocal stuff in it, and the melody just sticks in my head. I think I saw Hans Zimmer’s name in the credits too. If that’s the case, it would explain the Hollywood movie-sounding music during the next episode preview.

Overall, I’ll stick with this anime for a while. The story, albeit somewhat cliche, seems interesting enough. If anything, I’ll watch the next episode of Blood+ just because the first episode was a cliffhanger. Damn those marketing geniuses! Now if they would only tone down Saya’s lips a notch…

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well first i saw it.. its was so boring. coz theres no fighting in the fisrt to third.. then suddenly i was addicted to watch BLOOD..

Blood + was awesome in the beginning and great in the end. I was literally addicted to watching it. I’d buy the box set in a heartbeat.

Blood is a really good anime. Right now is one of my all time favorites. I love Haji or ‘cello playing ugly hand guy’ too funny. The end was really good for anime standards, although a happy ending between Saya and Haji could have been much better. I will definitely buy the box set.

I enjoyed this anime alot. But I think that in the end Haji and Saya could have been happier if they’d started a bigger romance between them. I’d cry bloody tears of joy if you’d make a box set…lol.รขโ„ขยฅ

Yeah, the music is by Hans Zimmer AND Mark Mancina. Kinda a co-soundtrack. If nothing else, the soundtrack is absolutely epic in the best of ways – the first CD moreso than the second. Anyway, I’d stick with Blood+ for at least 15 episodes. I loved it from the start; however, many people didn’t like it so much at first because of the slow pacing, but usually after episode 12-13ish is picks up and becomes a lot better paced. Most people lost their complaints then. And if you don’t like it by then, perhaps Blood+ just isn’t your kind of anime.

Have fun watching it ’till then, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have watched this show from the begining. Only ten episodes and i already love it. Saya is very much like me though i use a different sword. Thats the main reason i like it so much. She is my double. ::lucky her to have a great guy like Haji by her side ๐Ÿ™ ::

Great show. Has a good story that’s easy to follow and some kick ass animation. Hope a DVD set of the series comes out.

One more thing: what was Min’s obsession with Saya?

Although not a blues theme, the music of the first half of BLOOD+ rates up there with the composition standards of Cowboy Bebop in terms of quality. (I haven’t seen and heard the whole series yet, hence my “first half” comment.)

I like it when Anime starts with a conundrum or starts past the beginning, so it is at a point that clearly requires further explanation for the audience to fully grasp the meaning and understanding of why the characters are in this situation and acting the way they are. I hate it when things are just TOO simple and obvious. Here, in BLOOD+, the story slowly unravels via while building depth into the main characters before the story really goes wild. And every time an episode has appeared chaotic, it made good sense in the story line after once the subsequent episode put the pieces together. Great show. I can’t wait to watch the remainder!

And a quick shout out to RAPTOR….if you are the RAPTOR from CA that does the cool art work, “LITTLE” from NJ says hi! If not, oh well, have a good one anyway.

And NIKITA, if you don’t mind my asking, what are your chosen sword(s) and style(s)?

Finally to everyone, have a SNEBBLELOOTCH day today and every one of your tomorrows!

it’s great!!! I’ve seen all 50 episodes in less than 48 hours and now the last 10 episodes again. it’s soooo great!!!! and haji is so cute… Just love it!!!!

at the beginning it was preety ok…but after Saya met Haji..and after the fight in the school ..oh man i started 2 be addicted
2day i finided watching it:)
great anime:}
too bad that it has only 50 eps:(

well, i have to say – Blood+ was a very good anime. i havent watched something like that in such a long time. bewteen waiting for the next Bleach eps to come out in subs and just mindlessly thinking about how the ending will play out (Ichigo dieing…Renji dieing…Ichigo becoming captin…how ichigo will find out his father is a shinigami – or soul reaper)it gave me something to enjoy while the subs came out. though, it didnt keep me preoccupied for long. i was soon addicted and watched it almost ever moment of my free time – on the laptop or on my iPhone, it didnt really matter. in just 2 days, i had finished the entire season in 2 days. i wish something like that wouldnt have happened to Haji. Haji was my most favorite character of them all. i like him better than Saya, Diva, Kie(or, however u spell it), David or Julia. i wish he hadnt died(or, at least i think he did) and had gone and taken care of Saya. what will happen when she wakes up? Haji wont be there to “be by her side”, Sullavon wont be there either, he died because he got accidently slashed by Saya’s blade when fighting James.

it is sad really. the series was great over all, but the ending nearly broke my heart, and leaves me with so many questions…where is Haji? Did Saya even go back to the reckage to check for him? what will happen to Saya now? what will happen to Diva’s children? so many questions…no more episodes…it is really depressing. though i loved the series, i believe it did more harm than good to me. all i can think about are alternate endings to Blood+, over and over, replaying in my mind again. i would literally give 3 years of my life for the anime creators to make at LEAST 5 more episodes explaning what happened to Haji, to Saya, and everyone else. that is all i wish, and all i really want.

~dont think im crazy! i know ur thinking the same thing as you read this! x3

Linko, the rose at Saya’s tomb was left there by Haji. ๐Ÿ™‚
Don’t worry, he is waiting for her to wake up!

Anything for Blood obssesion..The story is of a cliche for me at first..but then it became clear and I enjoyed watching it..with a mix of SayaxHagi tandem ..OMG. the best!

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