Blogging off-topic

Back. Sorta.

So I’ve been really busy moving for grad school and whatnot, so Basugasubakuhatsu’s been on something of a hiatus. Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming, but with work and school, I imagine they’ll be less frequent than daily. Just wanted to update this thing in case people think I’m dead or something.

Also, Ikea is awesome. Seriously.

And… a “butt-biting bug” video is apparently popular in Japan. Okay…

off-topic Software

Notecentric Launch!


Okay, so this is totally off-topic, but I want as many people as possible to read this. I just finished launching my new web app called Notecentric. It’s a note-taking application that’s online. So you can take class notes and access them wherever there’s internet access.

There’s more info at the official development blog, or you can skip that and just try out Notecentric.

Also, if you like Notecentric, please digg it.


Megane… Megane… Megane…

Hey all!
Sorry for the somewhat off topic post, but I need your help! I need to pick some glasses frames, and I can never decide which ones look good.

So if you want, hop on over to my personal blog, where I’ve got computer renderings of what my head would look like with a bunch of different glasses. You can vote for the style you think looks least worst! I have to decide tomorrow, so head on over, if you desire!

For everyone else, it’s Meganekko Osaka!

Osaka Meganekko.jpg
My attempt to make this post somehow related to anime…