Blogging off-topic

Back. Sorta.

So I’ve been really busy moving for grad school and whatnot, so Basugasubakuhatsu’s been on something of a hiatus. Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming, but with work and school, I imagine they’ll be less frequent than daily. Just wanted to update this thing in case people think I’m dead or something.

Also, Ikea is awesome. Seriously.

And… a “butt-biting bug” video is apparently popular in Japan. Okay…

4 replies on “Back. Sorta.”

Whoa, you blogged!

Glad to know you’re not dead. We were starting to wonder. 😉

Time your time and blog when you can. I always appreciate one really well thought out and well written entry over 10 short crappy ones. It’s also handy for the other busy people in the world, who don’t necessarily have time to read a million posts every day.

In other words, keep doing what you do and have fun with it. 😀

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