Anime News Network Opens New Section! Gasp!


The latest news from Anime News Network is that they’re opening up a new section. I guess they’re trying to break into the anime blog business now.

From the looks of it, mainly anime industry news and insider opinion will be the main subjects. So don’t expect any “OMG HARUHI 4 EVER!!!” posts.

Reading a few of the entries, they feel kinda dry and impersonal. I mean, c’mon, their avatars are from Saikano! Totally kawaikunai! I demand cute chibi anime avatars! I have a feeling that they’re still in “news writing mode,” which means no emo(tion).

Their biggest weakness? No stupid pictures from danbooru (see above picture)!

Anywho, I guess I shouldn’t be looking for an entertaining reading experience from Anime News Network. Hopefully they’ll give us an unbiased look into the anime industry.

4 replies on “Anime News Network Opens New Section! Gasp!”

Eh, I’m not flustered. It’s not like there is an audience to steal from me lol.

Uh… by that of course I mean my content is clearly superior to theirs and I fear not their encroachment.

It seems uninteresting. The reason I like anime blogging and the community around it is because it is so… alive? People communicate with eachother through their posts and comments, ideas flow back and forth. Like you said, Hung, this seems rather dry, and I’m not quite sure I see a need to pay attention to it.

I don’t think the English-speaking blogging community has anything to worry about. It looks like the primary writers of their blog are going to be ANN staff writers — the same ones who keep spouting out those uninteresting articles and columns. BORING.

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