Manga Review

Love Com Vol. 3 – Manga Review

My local library has a ton of manga, so I decided to go on a bit of a Love*Com marathon of sorts. Here’s volume 3!

Manga Review

My Dearest Devil Princess Vol. 2 – Manga Review

Note to self: holy water makes devils’ clothes disintegrate. Another note to self: get some holy water.

Manga Review

Me and the Devil Blues Vol. 1: Manga Review

If there’s one plot device that I’m always a sucker for, it would be the Faustian deal. Who doesn’t love watching people sell their souls to the devil?


Lone Wolf and Cub Will Change Your Life!

Will Change Your Life

At least, that’s according to a local comic book (and other stuff) store. Found in the manga section. One good thing about these stores is that there aren’t random teenagers who sit in the aisle and read. At least, there weren’t any when I was there. Otherwise I would’ve had to step on some heads.

In other news, I acquired a Yotsuba&! volume 5 at that store. Since ADV is going under and all, I figured I should grab it before they become extinct/rare.

Manga Review

Love Com Vol. 2 – Manga Review

The adventures of short-lad and jumbo-gal continue in Love*Com Volume 2!

Anime Anime Nano

Meta-Blogging The Summer 2008 Anime Season

Since I have no time to watch the new season of anime, and since Anime Nano has a kick-ass charts feature that no one writes about, I figured I’d gauge the success of the new shows by their chart status. Or something.

Actually, for the latest week, it looks like only a few of the new Summer shows are even represented. If you don’t count sequels. Strike Witches is apparently worthy because the girls don’t wear pants. That’s probably a cheap way of getting viewers, but whatever. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is probably up there because it follows the same title template as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Besides that, it looks like second (and third) seasons and continuations of past seasons’ shows are much more popular. This confirms the beliefs of many that the Summer season just isn’t that worthy.

Also, I saw a few episodes of that Akiba-chan on NicoNico. It sure is good for watching raw (I understood like, 80% of what was said) but it’s also really predictable and stupid. In one episode, Akiba-chan steals one of the other girl’s homework to copy it. In another, she tries to lose weight. I’d still watch it though, just to practice my raw watching skills, which are probably waning from non-use.

Just in case, I loaded that Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret and the Mahou Tsukai Important Stuff anime onto my iPhone. Also, from last season, Library War! I probably won’t be inclined to watch them any time soon, though. Sigh.

Light Novel Poll Review

Maid Machinegun: Light Novel Review

I’m kind of disappointed that this novel didn’t make some a pun with the word “maid.” How about something like “Maid in Akihabara?” Oh, wait, that’s an actual TV show…

Anime DVD Review

Batman: Gotham Knight – Anime DVD Review

If you’re like me, you’re totally psyched about The Dark Knight. One way to relieve that Batman pressure building up in your body (besides watching Batman Begins over and over again) is to check out Batman: Gotham Knight. You know, that Batman anime? (Batmanime?)


Dragonball Z Burst Limit – PS3 Game Review

Game Blurb:
The next generation of Dragon Ball Z fighting. Heroic battles of good versus evil, powered by explosive energy and raw emotion lie ahead. Enter the ring and challenge yourself against the legendary fighters from the Dragon Ball Z universe.

So since my blog is anime-related in nature, someone from Atari asked me to do a review on this new DBZ game. I figure I should probably give my DBZ history as a preface to this review.


Summer Anime 2008

Looks like a bunch of Summer anime are being released and subbed. Hey, is it time to consider which ones I’d watch? That is, if I actually watched anime anymore.

From Moetron’s seasonal list, what pops out at me is the sequel to Mahou Tsukai Taisetsu na Koto. I watched the original series way back when, and all I really remember was that I liked the ED theme by The Indigo. Oh, and CG dolphins or something.

I might watch Hidamari Sketch, but that would require me to watch past the third or so episode of the first series. Yes, Yoshinoya is hot, but hot enough?

There’s Chocolate Underground, which is basically like Library Wars but for chocolate instead of books. Why not make the prohibited object something that anime watchers can relate to? Like eroge or gunpla?

And there’s another season of Zero no Tsukaima. I never got past the second season. But I heard it’s raunchy… Something tells me I should abandon hope of finishing stalled series and just accumulate some new ones.

That’s basically all I’d care to see, if I were actually planning on watching anything. I still really want to check out that Akiba-chan thing, but it’s not even really anime. It’s figumation!