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My Dearest Devil Princess Vol. 2 – Manga Review

Note to self: holy water makes devils’ clothes disintegrate. Another note to self: get some holy water.

Note to self: holy water makes devils’ clothes disintegrate. Another note to self: get some holy water.

Book Blurb:
Maki has yet to reap a soul, and her mother is growing impatient. But Maki has rivals in the demon world, and one of them is coming to Earth to stir up trouble! Considering there are demons who want his soul, angels who want to “save” him, and meddling classmates who won’t leave him alone, it’s pretty hard to imagine that things could possibly get any worse for Keita.

But when the demon Miki teams up with the angel Sheeta to stop Maki, he is about to realize that his problems have just begun!

The devil hijinks continue in volume 2 of My Dearest Devil Princess, now with another contender for Keita’s soul. Miki comes in from the demon world to ****block Maki and Keita. She’s also in the running to become the new demon queen. Whoever gets the most souls gains the throne. But instead of diversifying, Miki just interferes with Maki.

I’m no professional devil strategist, but it seems like Miki should just go around finding some easier souls and win on volume. Instead she makes a pact with Keita and is stuck with him for a while. At the same time, Miki tries using the other students and Sheeta (the angel from the last volume) to kill Keita and foil Maki’s soul reaping.

The issue I have with the plot is that it makes no sense. Somewhere in this volume it’s said that destroying the demon’s box will force them out of the human world. So Keita would have a pretty easy out by destroying Maki’s box. If Maki was so troublesome, he would’ve done it already. But instead he’s letting her hang around and so he must be fine with her eventually taking his soul. I wonder what that really entails, anyway… Keita actually seems to like having Maki around. But isn’t it a bad idea to protect a girl whose mission is to steal your soul?

Regardless of the actual plot, the manga is still pretty entertaining to read, mostly because of the huge amounts of fanservice. Let’s just say Miki goes through quite a few wardrobes due to the acidic qualities of holy water. And there’s also the fairy protector whose hissatsu removes the opponent’s clothing. Let’s not kid ourselves; this is a fanservice manga.

So overall, the plot really makes no sense and the characterizations aren’t realistic, but besides that there’s lots of pretty pictures of demons and angels with their clothes in varying levels of distress! At least it cuts to the chase!

Thanks to Broccoli Books for sending me a review copy of My Dearest Devil Princess Volume 2!

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