Summer Anime 2008

Looks like a bunch of Summer anime are being released and subbed. Hey, is it time to consider which ones I’d watch? That is, if I actually watched anime anymore.

From Moetron’s seasonal list, what pops out at me is the sequel to Mahou Tsukai Taisetsu na Koto. I watched the original series way back when, and all I really remember was that I liked the ED theme by The Indigo. Oh, and CG dolphins or something.

I might watch Hidamari Sketch, but that would require me to watch past the third or so episode of the first series. Yes, Yoshinoya is hot, but hot enough?

There’s Chocolate Underground, which is basically like Library Wars but for chocolate instead of books. Why not make the prohibited object something that anime watchers can relate to? Like eroge or gunpla?

And there’s another season of Zero no Tsukaima. I never got past the second season. But I heard it’s raunchy… Something tells me I should abandon hope of finishing stalled series and just accumulate some new ones.

That’s basically all I’d care to see, if I were actually planning on watching anything. I still really want to check out that Akiba-chan thing, but it’s not even really anime. It’s figumation!

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