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Yuuna’s Banana Song!


I just watched Kage Kara Mamoru 4 last night, and I must say, it was probably one of the best episodes of anime I have ever seen! That may seem like a grossly exaggerated superlative, but I’m serious! The one thing that propelled this episode to the top of the charts was Yuuna’s Banana Song. It was completely awesome and weird!

In honor of this insane insert song, I ripped it from the anime so you can use it as a ringtone, or anything else, really. Doorbell ring, alarm clock music, instant messenger sound, the possibilities are endless!

Download: Yuuna – Banana.mp3
(Feel free to link to this, but please link to this entry rather than directly to the mp3, thanks!)

Here are the lyrics (thanks to Matthew!):

「バナナ・バナナ」 作詞:ゆうな 作曲:ゆうな
“Banana Banana”
Lyrics: Yuuna, Music: Yuuna

バナナ バナナ バナナ バナナ
Banana banana banana banana

バナナ バナナで バ・ナ・ナ!
banana banana de ba-na-na!

Banana wa doushite kiiroi no? (Why are bananas yellow?)

Sore wa shingouki to onaji riyuu (For the same reason traffic lights are yellow)

Isoganai to chairo ni nacchau kara (If you don’t hurry I’ll turn brown)

Dakara isode tabete ne (So hurry up and eat me)

Banana wa sou itteru no (That’s what the banana’s saying)

Dakara banana wa kiiroi no (That’s why bananas are yellow)

バナナ バナナ バナナ バナナ
Banana banana banana banana

バナナ バナナで バ・ナ・ナ!
Banana banana de ba-na-na!

I can’t wait to hear the other 15 parts of this song! Go Yuuna!


Makai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- Promotional Video

Makai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 01.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 02.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 03.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 04.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 05.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 06.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 07.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 08.jpgMakai Senki Disgaea -Makai e no Shotaijo- 09.jpg

I already wrote previously about some Disgaea anime promos that I had seen, but I finally got to take a look at the latest DVD promo in all its hi-res glory! There’s almost 5 minutes worth of animated Disgaea goodness! Screencaps and whatnot after the jump!

Anime Review

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (Hantsuki) 06 [END]

Hantsuki Final Episode 01.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 02.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 03.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 04.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 05.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 06.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 07.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 08.jpgHantsuki Final Episode 09.jpg

I usually don’t write per episode posts, but I figured I’d chime in on this episode since it’s the last one, and the series was kind of short to write a whole review for it. And in case you were wondering, yes, spoilers await you ahead! Turn back, ye who haven’t seen Hantsuki 06 yet!

First Impressions Manga

Ouran High School Host Club – Manga Preview!

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 1

Today I take a look at another manga from my Shoujo Beat sampler: Ouran High School Host Club.


Anime Bloggin’ Tool: Spoiler Hider!

If there’s one thing I fear most while reading anime blogs, it’s spoilers! Whenever I see a potential spoiler, I scroll down as fast as I can and try to forget what I saw. Sometimes it’s too late, and the damage is done.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! I found this wordpress plugin that can hide spoilers until the reader gives consent to view said spoiler. It’s really simple; you just use spoiler tags <spoiler> and </spoiler> with the spoiler inbetween.

Check out the plugin in action:

Rika's a man, baby, yeah!

In Hantsuki, Rika-chan is really a guy, and her heart’s not really messed up; she’s actually getting a sex change operation! When Yuuichi finds out about this, he turns to Akiko and her friend for some yakuza three-way lovin’!

Shocking, isn’t it!?

You can get the plugin here, or get the zip directly here (because the .phps file is less simple to install).

Note: I tried this plugin previously on WordPress 2.0, and for some reason it didn’t work. When I upgraded to 2.01, it worked fine. The plugin itself was designed to work for 1.5, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t. If you’re still running 2.0, maybe it’s time to upgrade?

PS: This plugin also supposedly works in the comment forms too, so spoil accordingly.


Rigging the Vote: Ayuki Alliance style!

Whilst out in the Internet looking for Ayuki fanservice to rig the current poll (a technique pioneered by Jason), I came across a Japanese site called the "Ayuki Doumei," or Ayuki Alliance! They’re a group of like-minded (and right-minded) individuals that understand who the real heroine of Kashimashi is! Merely seeing the existence of this organization nearly brought me to tears!

I knew I had to join this group (not simply to rig the vote; I’m not that diabolical)! I promptly installed some Japanese text input functionality into my computer and wrote a message in extremely broken Japanese. You can go to the Ayuki Doumei and search for messages by "hengu," they’re good for a laugh. Marvel as I spell "konnichiha" wrong two different ways! (It was rikai-chan that finally taught me how to spell it without a "wa" at the end)

Anyway, they actually accepted my application and now I’m the #10 member of the Ayuki Alliance! Check out my button! 

The alliance wrote up a post about getting to the double-digits in membership thanks to an American. They also wrote that either my Japanese was good, or really bad. I’m not quite sure which.

There are also a bunch of "alliances" for other Kashimashi characters, including Hazumu, Tomari, Yasuna, Jan Puu, and even Asuta and Space Man! I’m surprised there’s no alliance for Namiko-sensei…


Anyway, ever since I joined the alliance, Ayuki has seen quite a jump in the poll… I’ll call it a coincidence.

P.S. I still haven’t found that Ayuki fanservice yet. Anyone know where I can get some?

Anime Poll

Somewhat Regular Poll: Winter 2006 Anime Supporting Cast!

Spurred by some comments I left on Samazama about supporting cast in anime, here’s another poll! 

For some reason or other, I always end up liking the characters in anime that have no chance with the main character. They’re still there, and still smokin’ hot, but there’s no chance they’ll "win" in the end. In some cases they might not even be interested in the main character; I just think they’re more interesting than whoever’s flaunting it in the foreground.

Here are my picks for best minor (not as in age, although I guess some of them could be minors. uh oh…) character in the current Winter 2006 anime batch:


Email Notifications Update! + Fanservice!

Hey all! There’s just a few administrative things I’d like to tell my readers about. Ok, actually, there’s just one.

I had set up this thing on the sidebar that lets you sign up for email updates. It was powered using feedblitz or some other cool buzzword web 2.0 company. It wasn’t really to my liking, but since pretty much no one signed up for updates anyway, I was like, "meh." The problem with it was that it only sent emails once a day, and pretty much a day after the post was made.

Lo and behold, some people have recently signed up for email notifications! I’ve decided to change the system that I use. I’m now using the wordpress wp-email-notification plugin. This one is instantaneous and quite awesome. So if you’ve signed up for email updates previously, please sign up again (I promise you won’t get duplicate emails). And if you haven’t signed up, well, this is the perfect time*!

Oh, and don’t be worried that I’ll spam you or sell your email to anyone. You’ll only get emailed if I update my blog (and I’ll try to keep the updates to 1 a day at most!). Thanks for reading my rant, and have a nice day! And, uh, here’s some Binchou-tan fanservice for reading through it. (Did I just say Binchou-tan fanservice!?!?!)

Binchou tan fanservice.jpg

*may not actually be the perfect time

First Impressions Manga

Tokyo Boys & Girls (Tokyo Shounen Shoujo) – Manga Preview

Tokyo Boys & Girls

Moving right along with my Shojo Beat sampler, today I take a look at "Tokyo Boys & Girls."

Anime Manga

Animal Yokocho Interactive Manga Online

Animal Yokocho Interactive Manga Online

While browsing around looking for Animal Yokocho stuff (I need to get my fix!), I came across the site for the manga. It has little animated flash versions of the manga! I haven’t gone through the whole site yet, but it seems to have 18 chapters of flash manga goodness! Plus furigana! There’s also a flash game where you double click on the characters heads to make them disappear (not as violent as might think, though). 

There’s also a bunch of other animated manga on the "Manga Online" website, including Gokusen and a bunch of other ones I haven’t heard of.

If, like me, you’re going through Animal Yokocho anime withdrawal, this might be your best hope. Otherwise, it’s still a pretty cool diversion.