Rigging the Vote: Ayuki Alliance style!

Whilst out in the Internet looking for Ayuki fanservice to rig the current poll (a technique pioneered by Jason), I came across a Japanese site called the "Ayuki Doumei," or Ayuki Alliance! They’re a group of like-minded (and right-minded) individuals that understand who the real heroine of Kashimashi is! Merely seeing the existence of this organization nearly brought me to tears!

I knew I had to join this group (not simply to rig the vote; I’m not that diabolical)! I promptly installed some Japanese text input functionality into my computer and wrote a message in extremely broken Japanese. You can go to the Ayuki Doumei and search for messages by "hengu," they’re good for a laugh. Marvel as I spell "konnichiha" wrong two different ways! (It was rikai-chan that finally taught me how to spell it without a "wa" at the end)

Anyway, they actually accepted my application and now I’m the #10 member of the Ayuki Alliance! Check out my button! 

The alliance wrote up a post about getting to the double-digits in membership thanks to an American. They also wrote that either my Japanese was good, or really bad. I’m not quite sure which.

There are also a bunch of "alliances" for other Kashimashi characters, including Hazumu, Tomari, Yasuna, Jan Puu, and even Asuta and Space Man! I’m surprised there’s no alliance for Namiko-sensei…


Anyway, ever since I joined the alliance, Ayuki has seen quite a jump in the poll… I’ll call it a coincidence.

P.S. I still haven’t found that Ayuki fanservice yet. Anyone know where I can get some?

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I assure you, jason, once I find some fanservice of that fine meganekko, and I’m finished… inspecting it for quality, I’ll put it up here!

Speaking of which, do you know of a good place to find the stuff? I’ve tried looking on 4chan, and it’s kind of tedious to wallow through all of the pages and pages with no Ayuki in sight.

There surely must be an easier way. How do you find your fanservice, anyway?

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