Email Notifications Update! + Fanservice!

Hey all! There’s just a few administrative things I’d like to tell my readers about. Ok, actually, there’s just one.

I had set up this thing on the sidebar that lets you sign up for email updates. It was powered using feedblitz or some other cool buzzword web 2.0 company. It wasn’t really to my liking, but since pretty much no one signed up for updates anyway, I was like, "meh." The problem with it was that it only sent emails once a day, and pretty much a day after the post was made.

Lo and behold, some people have recently signed up for email notifications! I’ve decided to change the system that I use. I’m now using the wordpress wp-email-notification plugin. This one is instantaneous and quite awesome. So if you’ve signed up for email updates previously, please sign up again (I promise you won’t get duplicate emails). And if you haven’t signed up, well, this is the perfect time*!

Oh, and don’t be worried that I’ll spam you or sell your email to anyone. You’ll only get emailed if I update my blog (and I’ll try to keep the updates to 1 a day at most!). Thanks for reading my rant, and have a nice day! And, uh, here’s some Binchou-tan fanservice for reading through it. (Did I just say Binchou-tan fanservice!?!?!)

Binchou tan fanservice.jpg

*may not actually be the perfect time

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