J-Pop Review – ROUND TABLE featuring Nino: April


What better time would there be to review an album called “April” than March 31? Perhaps two years ago…

I’ve wanted April probably since the moment it came out: April 2003! There’s a good reason for me holding out! The CD still costs about 3000 yen. This means that after shipping it would probably amount to more than $30 US. For a CD! Anyway, I found the Korean “Special Edition” at yesasia for $10.99. I think the only difference is the price and some added liner notes in Korean.

Here’s my review:

Anime Poll

New Anime Poll: What Are You Calling The Ergo Proxy Heroine By?

school rumble.jpg

As I expected, School Rumble Ni Gakki kicks all other anime in the butt winning 30% of the vote and taking 1st place! In second place was XXXHOLiC TV with 14%, and third was Strawberry Panic! taking 9% of the vote. The competition was pretty fierce; there’s a lotta anime coming out this Spring.

That brings us to the new anime poll: What are you calling the Ergo Proxy heroine by? Her name is written in katakana as “リル・メイヤ” so this leaves her romanized name up to interpretation.

Ril, or Lil, or Lill, Or Rill, or Real, or...

A quick survey of the anime blogosphere shows that:

So what’s your say in her name? Sure, a cyberpunk chick by any other name would be as sweet, but maybe we can get around to choosing a standard name for her.

And for simplicity, can we all agree that her last name is “Meyer?” That would be great.

Expenses Gaming

Random Kaimono from

So yesterday I got a bunch of random otaku stuff from that I ordered a while back. The shipment included some Final Fantasy XII Potion drinks and this cool Super Mario SFX Keychain:

There’s also some other cool random junk. I wrote about it on my other page because it’s not really about anime or manga, but I figured it might be interesting to the general otaku nerd community. If you want the whole scoop, click here!


Spring 2006 Anime Preview Part IV

What follows is part IV of the Basugasubakuhatsu Spring 2006 Anime Preview. I think this is the last part, unless someone lets me know any anime they want me to preview. Then a part V could possibly be made.

Strawberry Panic!
Strawberry Panic!.jpg

Strawberry Panic! is about three all girl’s schools where men are totally not allowed. It’s been described sort of as a cross between Sister Princess (sister harem) and Maria-Sama ga Miteru (school yuri). Will I be watching this show? Heck yes!


Spring 2006 Anime Preview Part III

Logically, part III of the Spring 2006 Anime Preview should come after part II. And that’s just what it does:

Air Gear
Air Gear.jpg

Air Gear is a sports shounen anime based off of a manga done by the same mangaka who wrote Tenjou Tenge. It’s about a guy who enters the world of Air Trek; an inline skate with engines! My guess is that this show will just end up being boring shounen fluff. How interesting can flying rollerskates be?