Kamui Vol. 4 – Manga Review


My Kamui backlog is getting smaller and smaller. Currently, the manga is at volume 5, so I only have one more volume to go! Here’s my review of Kamui Vol. 4.

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Ninin Ga Shinobuden (2×2=Shinobuden) Vol. 1 – Manga Review


I really liked the Shinobuden anime (called Ninja Nonsense in the US), so I got totally stoked when I found out about a manga version being released! I ran out and bought the manga as soon as I could! Well, okay, I really bought it on Amazon since I couldn’t find it at a normal store. So how does the wacky ninja action work on print?

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Basilisk Vol. 3: The Parting Of Ways – Anime DVD Review


Now that all of the ninja know that the anti war pact is off, it’s time for everyone to flip out and start cutting off heads, right? Right!? Here’s my review of Basilisk Volume 3.

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Kashimashi Vol. 1 – Manga Review


Like any normal guy, I like my fair share of girl meets girl action. Kashimashi has “girl meets girl” in the freakin’ title! Before even opening the book, I knew I’d like this manga; the question was how much I would like it…

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Basilisk Vol. 2: The Spoils of War – Anime Review


Volume 2 of Basilisk contains more ninjas, more fighting, and more oppai! But does that make the anime better? (yes)

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