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Winter 2012 Anime Season: Back in the Saddle!?

I’ve taken some time out of my busy Skyrim playing schedule to watch a bunch of the 2012 Winter anime. So far I’ve seen High School DxD, Moretsu Pirates, Nisemonogatari, Papa no blah blah blah Ikinasai, Recorder and Little Kid, Kill Me Baby and Amagami SS+. Oh, and the one about the round cat.

The last anime I watched in its entirety was Madoka, which I thought was pretty good, despite the annoying finish. I’d like to watch more new anime, but I also don’t want to get suckered into watching bad shows. If anyone has suggestions on last season’s series that were good, lemme know.

Here’s some random thoughts on this season’s anime thus far:

High School DxD

Sorry girls, but you're all way too ugly.

Did the censorship practices for anime change severely since the last time I watched? Back in my day we’d see steam/lens flares and we’d like it! While there is something to be said for holding things back, I think probably the only reason anyone is watching this show past episode 1 is the fanservice. I thought the animation was pretty low quality, but you can always compensate with nips.

Moretsu Pirates

My Mother the Pirate

Of all the shows I’ve watched thus far, Moretsu Pirates has some potential. I haven’t watched the second episode yet, but I have a feeling this could be interesting enough to keep my attention. The animation is solid and there’s a “cool meganekko” which can’t hurt. Also, hot pirate mom.

I was really puzzled by this one. Then I realized it was a sequel to Bakemonogatari. I figured it started “in medias res” so it should be slightly confusing. I didn’t realize I was watching it “in medias in medias res.” INCEPTION.

Just Do What Papa Says!

Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?

At first I thought this was a heartwarming anime about a college student finding his true self, and a couple trying to find family with their mixed parent kids. Then the college student got babysitting duties for his unrelated nieces who want to bone him. Wah wah. While I like some characters (the big boobed senpai who seems to be some kind of performance artist), most of them are pretty messed up. This show could be interesting to watch for its awkwardness, but part of me really doesn’t want this thing on my hard drive at all.

Kill Me Baby

Aside from having the worst OP in the history of OPs, Kill Me Baby is actually pretty good. I lol’ed at the part where dumb girl eats the crepe instead of distracting the bear with it. Also, the Engrish “Kirru me, bebe” is pretty hilarious. I think this show could get old fast, given the low number of characters, but whatever. Maybe I’ll watch it until it bores me.

Amagami SS Plus

Cut and paste various scenes to get the hidden Miyu arc!

Amagami was a rare anime that I actually finished watching, so it totally makes sense for me to watch this followup. I was hoping they’d do something crazy like have Junichi (is that his name?) date ALL of the girls at once and come up with the compromise that they all need him, and he needs all of them. Instead they’re just starting where they left off in each girl’s arc. So far I watched the first two episodes. It’s nice to see the characters in a somewhat stable relationship instead of fumbling around and having misunderstandings all the time. There isn’t much tension to provide though, since we already know they live happily ever after. Hopefully this means they will just load up on Morishima fanservice.

Round Cat is Round

Girls love round cats

A drunken office lady finds a round cat. That’s about it. It’s only 3 minutes, so why not watch?

Recorder and Lando Calrissian

This show is only 3 minutes long as well. But it’s also stupid as hell and I’m not going to watch it.

So that’s it for my current season views. If you have any suggestions, please hit me up in the comments!

Anime Preview

Extremely Biased/Misinformed Preview of Winter 2009 Anime!

So I’m putting new anime series into Anime Nano. And while I do so, I’m just rapidly looking at their websites to make sure they’re not OVAs, second season, lame shows, etc. I thought I’d use this as a chance to up my post count, so here’s my extremely biased/misinformed preview of the Winter 2009 anime!


Is this some kind of crossover between Maria-sama ga Miteiru and xxxHolic!? It has a maid and a girl with an eye mole who may or may not be voiced by Hirano Aya. Is she even popular anymore? Looks like it’ll be a bore!

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

There must be a motif in Japanese about girls leaping through things. Time, the sky, etc. Also, I looked at the JDict entry for “kakeru” and there’s like a million uses for the verb! I’m familiar with the use of “kakeru” as casting some kind of spell (mahou wo kakete). Anyway, this anime involves space, which usually means I probably won’t watch it. Not that I’ve had time to watch anything while in grad school…


This looks like the badass series of the season. What with the all-caps treatment of the title and tough dude and CG Mech things.

Asu no Yoichi

If this series has any level of fanservice, I expect jpmeyer to make the following comment:

Asu no Yoichi? More like Assu no Yoichi!


This one already got licensed. What the hey!?

Kemono no Souja Erin

This one has some characters in tunics. Boring!

Chrome Shelled Regios

Sounds like some kind of breakfast cereal.


Hot girl on a bike/robot. Seems like a winner to me!

SakuranBOY DT

This looks like a gag show. I’d totally watch the first episode since I like dumb/weird comedy.

Hetalia Axis Powers

Is this like Mao-chan except with boys? Or maybe they’re big and just super deformed on the website. Oh well. Whatever.

Anime Preview

Akiba-chan: Figumation Anime?

While adding some Summer series to Anime Nano from Moetron’s seasonal list of awesomeness, I noticed this new “anime” called Akiba-chan. It’s slated for release in late July.

It’s basically a CG series using figures as the characters. Either that or it’s actually using stop-motion animation. I can’t really tell from the description. The process is called “Figumation” but I’m assuming it’d all be CG, kinda like that Hatsune Miku Nendoroid video.

Akiba-chan also looks like it’ll be a kid’s show. As I’ve learned from shows like Animal Yokocho, kid’s shows can be pretty entertaining (and easier to understand raw). Plus the figures just look really cute. It probably won’t get picked up, but if I can find some raws for Akiba-chan I might check out a few episodes to see what it’s all about.

Anime Preview

Toshokan Sensou == Library War == AWESOMEE!!


So I just found out (for whatever reason, I’m slow) that there’s going to be a Spring anime about all out library war! Apparently the military has gotten involved in the censorship of certain books. So going to library school means basic training and learning to use a rifle to protect books.

There’s a lot of awesome quotes in the PV, like “watashi mo hon wo mamoritain desu” (I want to protect books!) and “oretachi wa seigi no mikata jya nai!” (we’re not allies of justice (in that cheesy Sentai kind of way)). The protagonist is a frisky high school girl who apparently has a history of saving books from the government in her past.

Also, since I’ll have an ALA-accredited degree once I get out of grad school (the School of Information used to be the School of Library and Information Science)! Technically, I’ll be certified to protect books from evil myself!

Anime Preview

Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 7!

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho 2: Electric Boogaloo


This is the second season of that one anime I only bothered watching one episode of it. Reader response seemed to indicate that it got better. But I’m so backlogged as it is that I doubt I’ll be able to catch up, let alone watch a second season.

Soukou Kihei Votoms Pailsen Files


Soukou Kihei Votoms Pailsen Files features mecha and a ton of manly men. Just check out the promotional PVs.

A little too much testosterone for my tastes. Then again, why did I complain about Sky Girls anyway?

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2


A lot of people didn’t like Dokuro-chan, but I loved it. It was from the same director of Jungle wa Itsumo Hare… and it featured tons of over the top violence! And fanservice! I think people just didn’t “get” it.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this one. Pi-piru-piru-piru, Pi-piru-pi!