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Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 2!

In which Hung previews Code-E, Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho, and School Days.



Code-E is about a transfer student that can control electromagnetic waves. The trailer contains bad CG meteors! But who cares? The main character is a cute meganekko, and that’s enough to make me watch just about anything. Bring on the meganekko!

Also, the theme song has a lot of high trumpet notes, which is a plus since I play lead trumpet.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho


Umisho is apparently about a transfer student (wait, didn’t I just write that?) who joins a school’s strange swimming team. She has a tendency to go skinny dipping. Enough said. Actually, I’m really digging this art, and girls in school mizugi are starting to grow on me. I have a feeling this’ll get subbed. So I’ll watch it.

School Days


School Days is another anime based on a game. It’s the one that has a bunch of fun bad endings where the girl you jilted takes revenge on your current girlfriend, as documented by jpmeyer.

That video was AWESOME, so there’s no way I’ll miss this.

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“Code-E is about a transfer student… Umisho is apparently about a transfer student…”
Apparently, Japan’s real big on transfer students. I bet they work on some sort of rotation.

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