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Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 3!

In which Hung previews Doujin Work, Zombie-Loan, and Mushi-Uta.

Doujin Work


Doujin Work is based on a 4-koma about a girl who’s just discovered the wonderful world of doujin! So it’s like a cross between Comic Party and Lucky Star, I’m guessing. But Comic Party was lame, and Lucky Star is nothing without Hirano Aya and Kyoani.

I typically like anime based on 4-koma, but I don’t like doujin centered anything. Hmm…



Zombie-Loan is about Frank the zombie. He’s trying to get an auto loan, but all the banks keep rejecting him because he’s dead. He vows to be the strongest zombie in the world, and this anime chronicles his journey.

Okay, not really. Zombie-Loan has something about a guy who has died, and so he makes a deal (let’s call it a Zombie-Loan) to live again, and repays his Zombie-Debt by killing other bad zombies. Did I mention zombie? Zombie.



Mushi-Uta. I’m going to take a stab at translating the title at the risk of sounding dumb, and say it translates to “Bug Song.” My translations are always funny anyway.

This is an anime based on a light novel and (I think) a manga from Shounen Ace. I think the plot has something to do with killer bugs, but don’t quote me on that. Chances of me watching this: pretty slim.

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Thanks for the previews. So far it looks like a very dull season. But maybe you’re keeping the best ones for later?

“I liked Zombie Loan when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho.”

If you’ve actually read the manga in question, you would have discovered that Zombie Loan is more shoujo than shounen.That’s the difference.

If you have time you should read the couple of chapters of Doujin Work that have been translated. Its definitely very different to Comic Party and Lucky Star.

If Zombie Loan was really about a zombie wanting an auto loan, I would watch it in a heartbeat. Haha.

Doujin Work should be pretty good, since the manga is very amusing.

I didn’t think Comic Party was lame (the TV series, not Revolution). Even if the characters were not realistic, I did like how Kazuki is drawn into the doujin world and struggles to find his own style. But certainly Genshiken is far superior in presenting doujinshi creators. I would hope Doujin Work might take after Genshiken more than Comic Party, but being a 4-koma I doubt it will.

It also has characters named Justice and Miss Bloomers. One thing to note about Doujin Work is that it’s written by Gogi Power Hiroyuki, who is responsible for such memes as JAM IT IN, A cat is fine too, and legendary facial expressions.

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