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Toshokan Sensou == Library War == AWESOMEE!!


So I just found out (for whatever reason, I’m slow) that there’s going to be a Spring anime about all out library war! Apparently the military has gotten involved in the censorship of certain books. So going to library school means basic training and learning to use a rifle to protect books.

There’s a lot of awesome quotes in the PV, like “watashi mo hon wo mamoritain desu” (I want to protect books!) and “oretachi wa seigi no mikata jya nai!” (we’re not allies of justice (in that cheesy Sentai kind of way)). The protagonist is a frisky high school girl who apparently has a history of saving books from the government in her past.

Also, since I’ll have an ALA-accredited degree once I get out of grad school (the School of Information used to be the School of Library and Information Science)! Technically, I’ll be certified to protect books from evil myself!

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Hate to burst your bubble, but being a librarian myself, I should point out that they don’t actually give you weapons.

I dunno, at the library I work at we’ve had some pretty unruly patrons! The best thing we’ve got is a huge pair of rusty scissors, though.

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