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Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 6!

Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~


I really liked the first season of Zero no Tsukaima. I hardly ever finish anime series. It’s like my weakness. But I finished Zero no Tsukaima, which shows you how much I liked it. Not much else to say here. I’m sure Louise will be just as tsundere, and the guy (I can’t remember his name, so I’ll just call him Yuji) will be just as… um, worthless?



According to Anidb, the title also means “Crazy For Death.” What!? It’s a period drama, which means I’ll end up saying I might watch it, then I won’t. I never like the art designs enough to chance these series.



I had enough patience to translate that Baccano! is about some kind of immortal life giving sake, and it takes place in New York. It’s based on a light novel series, and the illustrations look really sweet. Seems like the production values on this one are going to be high.

The New York of Red Garden was pretty funny, so I’m looking forward to how Baccano! does New York.

Anime Preview

Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 5!



Moetan is that series of Japanese books that teach otaku English. Or at least, crazy Engrish phrases. I’ve wanted the book for a really long time now, but I’m too lazy to get off my ass and order it. I think I could probably reverse engineer it to learn Japanese.

Anyway, now Moetan has an anime out this Summer. I believe it’ll be a laugh riot for all the wrong reasons. Subbed or unsubbed, I think this’ll be the anime to watch, at least for me, of the season.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


The English translation of the plot for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei makes about as much sense as the original Japanese! But I really like the art I’ve seen so far. This looks like it might resemble NHK, with a guy trying to commit suicide (well, Satou tried once) and a girl trying to save him. Seems cool; I wanna see it.



Ooh, I remember reading about “Mono no Ke” when I was reading The Tale of Genji last Summer. According to this livejournal, Mononoke is spinoff from Ayakashi about a medicine seller who kills monsters (the mononoke) with a sword. But he has to find out about the history of the monster before killing it.

Sounds really interesting. I hope it keeps my interest, unlike the original Ayakashi.

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Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 4!

Sky Girls


Why do loli girls always make the best mecha pilots? I never saw the original OVA. Some people might find the whole mecha musume thing to be cute, but I think it’s kinda creepy. I actually think I remember watching part of the OVA, actually. But it was creepy, as I recall.



At first glance, Potemayo looks like a kid’s show. But I checked the story section of the website, and there’s a ton of kanji! From what I could read, it seems to be about a middle schooler’s love triangle?

The main deal maker for me is that this anime is being done by J.C. Staff, which is my favorite studio. The designs look pretty neat and colorful. So I’ll watch this, probably even if it doesn’t get subbed.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai


This is a continuation of the original Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni anime, which is licensed now. I never actually finished watching the original series, though it had me interested for a while. The resets got old.

I do give Higurashi props for making a pun for it’s second series, though.

Anime Preview

Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 3!

Doujin Work


Doujin Work is based on a 4-koma about a girl who’s just discovered the wonderful world of doujin! So it’s like a cross between Comic Party and Lucky Star, I’m guessing. But Comic Party was lame, and Lucky Star is nothing without Hirano Aya and Kyoani.

I typically like anime based on 4-koma, but I don’t like doujin centered anything. Hmm…



Zombie-Loan is about Frank the zombie. He’s trying to get an auto loan, but all the banks keep rejecting him because he’s dead. He vows to be the strongest zombie in the world, and this anime chronicles his journey.

Okay, not really. Zombie-Loan has something about a guy who has died, and so he makes a deal (let’s call it a Zombie-Loan) to live again, and repays his Zombie-Debt by killing other bad zombies. Did I mention zombie? Zombie.



Mushi-Uta. I’m going to take a stab at translating the title at the risk of sounding dumb, and say it translates to “Bug Song.” My translations are always funny anyway.

This is an anime based on a light novel and (I think) a manga from Shounen Ace. I think the plot has something to do with killer bugs, but don’t quote me on that. Chances of me watching this: pretty slim.

Anime Preview

Summer 2007 Anime Preview! Part 2!



Code-E is about a transfer student that can control electromagnetic waves. The trailer contains bad CG meteors! But who cares? The main character is a cute meganekko, and that’s enough to make me watch just about anything. Bring on the meganekko!

Also, the theme song has a lot of high trumpet notes, which is a plus since I play lead trumpet.

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho


Umisho is apparently about a transfer student (wait, didn’t I just write that?) who joins a school’s strange swimming team. She has a tendency to go skinny dipping. Enough said. Actually, I’m really digging this art, and girls in school mizugi are starting to grow on me. I have a feeling this’ll get subbed. So I’ll watch it.

School Days


School Days is another anime based on a game. It’s the one that has a bunch of fun bad endings where the girl you jilted takes revenge on your current girlfriend, as documented by jpmeyer.

That video was AWESOME, so there’s no way I’ll miss this.