An Anime You May Have Missed: Animal Yokocho

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One of my all time favorite stalled anime has got to be Animal Yokocho. The subs stopped around March of this year, but a.f.k. seems to have picked it back up again. It’s already seen three releases in September so far!!! I thought I’d try and bring some attention to the anime so a.f.k. will have a bigger reason to keep subbing it.

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Animal Yokocho is the tale of a 5 year old girl named Ami who finds a mysterious trap door in her new room. The door is a portal to “Animal Yokocho,” or Animal Alley. Three of the inhabitants of Animal Yokocho come to visit/torment her every day.

Kenta is a bear, and the straight man of the group. His job is to deliver the punchlines. Iyo is the rabbit who does crazy stuff and dies if she’s unneeded. Issa is the panda. He’s kind of emo. He generally gets caught between the fights of Kenta and Iyo.

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Although the anime seems to be for kids, the humor is fairly universal. It draws a lot on puns, which is why I’d probably have a hard time watching this raw. In the first episode, they do a parody of baseball sports anime, and there’s a time traveling cat called “Iriemon.” Any anime that does a parody of Doraemon gets my vote!

I just noticed this recently, but this anime really resembles the American cartoon Animaniacs. Like Iyo is Dot, and Kenta is Yakko/Wakko. Yamanami-san is just there for random craziness. Overall, I think Animal Yokocho is even funnier than Animaniacs (and not just because it’s Japanese!).

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The OP is ska, which means it rules! The lyrics don’t make any sense, but it’s really fun to listen to. The ED is by the Indigo, who did music for Ai Yori Aoshi and Somedays Dreamer’s. It seems like overkill to have such an awesome song for a kids’ show. No complaints though, the ED is really good.

Download the OP: “Tondemo Nothing” by Ami with Iyo, Kenta, Issa
Download the ED: “Fantasista Girl” by the Indigo

If you like random crazy humor or puns (shows like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo or Sexy Commando or Gag Manga Biyori), you should definitely check out Animal Yokocho. If you can get past the kiddie exterior of the anime, there’s really some good stuff going on.

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the kodocha vibe comes from that weird op heh(the ed? i like the indigo so most of their music is ok for me =p)

the show itself is funny, also interesting because you only see ami’s face. which reminds me of a certain cartoon quite old… (dont ask the name, i guess it was muppets or something like that… u could only see the freedy socks of that nany heh)

it’d be quite interesting to watch it at home, sitting idly in front of the tv. but since i’m using the pc in replacement for a tv… i cant help but i end up avoiding this kind of show. its nice… but its too wacky. when i visit my parents i oftenly try to watch some of those cartoons(which the show share some aspects of comic random stuff) but i cant get past the mark of 5minutes. kodocha at least had some weird plot going on, aniyo certainly has a plot… but i wont try to find it. but its nice
((its strange to say good things about some show that u find nice BUT its not on your league of ‘interesting enough’.. go figure ))

bad season? its been months since boku ga ita, innocent venus, bimbou shimai monogatari raws and older shows(there’s a lot belive me) that i dont find myself ‘into’ watching… its a shame heheh 3 years ago i would have cleared those episodes in a week o_0 so the only shows that i still wait for watching currently are h&c. ZnT and…. weirdly zegapain heh(higurashi repeating bothers me, also its the start of meakashi-hen.. so i know gore awaits me o_0) i guess i need some fumoffu dose for laughs. cos there’s too much emotive shows out there. dont get me wrong… i also like that genre. but i saw too much of it heh

I watched the first episode of this ages ago, but ended up feeling quite bored and disinterested by the end, and never continued with it. Crazy humour is always a bit hit and miss with me but I may give AniYoko another chance some time.

dude, this reminds of dragon tales, where these siblings find a dragon scale and go to another land with dragons. but this anime looks cute, maybe i’ll watch, and i like a.f.k fansubs

I just had the pleasure of watching six episodes straight of this. I love it, it’s hilarious. I was a little iffy on it since it was categorized as a kid’s show, but I haven’t laughed this consistently at each episode in a long time.

The best part was definitely when Iyo offered to deliver Ami’s letter, and ate it. Ami asks how it’ll get delivered, and Iyo walks out of the room. We hear a “kerFLUSH” and she walks back into the room, only to say, “Tehe~! I forgot to put a stamp on it!” xDDDD It had me rolling.

They picked it back up? WOOT! 😀 Hope they do it to the very end! I wanna see Love Chu You and Sweetie with subs…

please everyone, watch this anime!
its the best ever
you cannot judge it if you havent.
listen to my plea and give it a try!

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