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Black Blood Brothers – Anime First Impressions

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The first anime of the Fall 2006 season is here! Black Blood Brothers is a vampire anime. Does that mean it sucks? Read on (and I guarantee no more puns) to find out!

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Black Blood Brothers is the story of Mochizuki Kojiro – a vampire, and his brother Kotaro – a lolishota vampire. Kojiro seems to have a really mysterious past. Of course, what super powerful vampire doesn’t? He’s on his way to the “Special Area” (which is some kind of vampire ghetto) when an anti-vampire militia group attacks the boat!

Before that happens, there’s some kind of flashback scene where Kojiro pwns a bunch of vampires and generally acts cool. There’s also a hint of a lost love between Kojiro and some blonde broad. I suppose his past will play an important role in the rest of the anime. From the previews it seems the story will revolve around Kojiro, Kotaro, and a human woman.

Right now I guess the main draw of the anime is that Kojiro is a super badass vampire. I think Hellsing did this better with Alucard. The anime seems like it’s trying to diffuse the seriousness with brother abuse humor, but I’m not too sure it works. Look for more thrilling vampire vs. anti-vampire group action in the next episode!

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The character designs for Black Blood Brothers aren’t the most original. Kojiro’s outfit makes him look like a red mage from Final Fantasy. If you like lolishota, you’re in luck; Kotaro is a prototypical one. Oh, and both of the K brothers wear goggles around their necks. I wonder if I could pull off that look in public…

Black Blood Brother’s animation is actually not bad. The action scenes are done well, and the wall craters are a cool effect. I noticed there was a lot of attention to detail. That or I was just watching more closely since I watched the raw…

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The OP sounds really cheesy. It also kind of reminds me of the boss fight music in Final Fantasy VI. I think the guy tries too hard. The ED is better. It has Korean and some not so bad english in it, which is always a plus after hearing songs like “Why, or why not.”

Download the OP: “Ashita no Kioku” by Naozumi Takahashi
Download the ED: “Shinkirou” by LOVEHOLIC

If you’re totally into vampires, I guess that Black Blood Brothers will fulfill your needs. I’m not too sure about this one. Maybe if they replaced all the instances of vampires with ninjas… I may give the second episode a chance, but with the number of new anime this fall, I might not have time…

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There is ALWAYS time for anime!

I dunno about this one either. If you ever watched FF7: Advent Child, it felt kind of like that. There’s a bunch of major players who showed face during the episode, and they all seemed to have the same powers. I almost got lost with the characters even though there were only like 4 of them. I’m not too jazzed about the few vampires that were introduced, and they didn’t really reveal the plot yet.

I’m also giving it a few episodes since nothing i’ve been looking forward to has started yet(like Bartender!!! lol..)

I thought it was pretty good, especially the 2nd half. While the concept of a future where vampires coexist with humans isn’t new, I don’t think anime has ever done one where the vampires are numerous enough to actually be an actual population.

The first half was actually pretty badass, seeing him slice up volleys of vampires with one slash. To me the second half was more along the lines of comical relief, but hey, everyone loves humour.

After seeing the ending (which in my view was extremely good) I saw the bit of potential leading to romance. In any case, I’ll keep up with this series since it looks slightly promising.

I think it’s really good. It has action, but also kinda…weird humor. Like me! :p I love vamp moves/animes, but many of ’em is really…cheesy. They kinda piss me off! The only other I can think of which is good is Hellsing, but he’s not any good looking, but this guy, on the other hand is hot! I think ths anime looks promising!

2 words….bad…ass! I’m really lovin this Anime. I liked the OP a lot, didn’t see nothin wrong with lyrics or video. The brother bashing humor takes it to another level in this anime, a good aspect.

Oh yea, well, I check your blog every now and then, to see you anime reviews and get some mp3’s(thanks for those :D). I’m not a registered user.

Laterz, then.

I think it’s kinda cool. I like Jirou very much ’cause on the one side his some cool ‘I can do everything’-dude and on the other side he is a complete baka (in a sweet way).
Seen the first three episodes and I think that it’s gonna be a relatively good anime.

the ending song is very nice.. and the anime also not that bad, quite good actually.
but i can’t seem to donwload the ending song from your site…

I’d like lyrics as well. It sounds korean to me tho. You can find the single at Nipponsei tracker page or in their channel

I find Black Blood Brothers to be a very cute serie. I love the opening and closing songs, they’re very beautiful. I’ve seen up to episode 9 and I want to see the rest of it!!!

I’ve checked this series out, it’s very good. Just like Kanon said, very cute! I’ve seen ’till ep 9 as well. (^_^) Check it out!

I’ve been watching it and I’m personally in love with the whole anime. I love the characters and the whole plo they have going on. It really makes you wonder. ^__^ Episodes 11 and 12 are my favorites.

THIS anime is the best ive seen since Full metal Alchemist, they actually have a pretty cool story line and plus the idea of silverblade etc old bloods, Uber power!!!!! XD man this owns. (as in the best serious anime) cos One Piece just owns.

I thought this to be a pretty good anime. I like story and how it shows alot of action along with some good humor. I have to say though that they need to some how make the other vampires standout better. But i do like the fact that each vampire has their own kind of style of fight/power. Can’t wait for the next season.

OMG!!!! i love this anime it has to be my favourite of all time after gravitation!!! i actually cried when the series ended, and thats because it was ended not because it was a sad ending!it is amazing, it has vampires, fighting, humour, love and some of the best characters eva! Kojiro is a god! and his bro kotaro is just too cute! i love it all!!! if they dont have a second season i will actually die. ^_^

I don’t think there’s a 2nd season… though I’d like to see one. I liked the anime although I have to admit it’s not exactly the BEST I’ve seen ever. I’d kinda like to see more of Zelman Clock though… ^__^ And I enjoy seeing Jirou steaming away under his umbrella in the sun. heh heh…

I think your missing the point, the reason for the suppression unit is because of a certian clan that started a war ten years before the anime takes, the first action scenes. They are not trying to be like hellsing. and I think thats why you dont like it. maybe you should look at it as a anime and not as a hellsing ripoff.

This anime here was pretty good actually, i loved the ed theme song cause’ it’s sung in Korean for a Japanese anime which i thought was pretty clever of the anime creator people…who created this here anime…i’ve watched the whole thing already and I was really lovin’ Zelman Clock, he was just so awsome and hot at the same time, i was happy when they showed the very beginning where it’s him watchin’ the news and stuff…

i’ve only got to see the first two episodes in japanese and i’m already addicted to the show. of course it would be nice to see the show in english, even if i do know some japanese. anyways i love the show and i really like watching vampire shows like the black blood brothers and hellsing.

I luv IT!!! It was awesome for 12ep. Though it probably would have been easier/better if it was longer so there could be more explanations. Has any found any scanlations/translations of the novel series?

Overall, after watching about seven episodes of the series, I felt that the main character, Jirou, was a weird amalgamation of Dante, D from Vampire Hunter D, and Vivi from final fantasy 9 (mainly because of his hat). The animation is pretty good, but the story line is pretty basic. The characters are Cliche, except, I was surprised that the main girl would be so plain looking, along with Katha (or Kassa). I like the humor and the battle scenes, but other than that, I would give this anime a 3/5 rating.

I love this anime!! I still watching this anime in the tv but i’m going to watch it again in the internet. I love the opening song!!! This anime rocks!!! This anime is the second one that make me wanted to watch it again and again. The first one is cardcaptor sakura.

,,el0w poh!!!! gud day sa iny0… may pics ba na magkasama sina jirou at ung love nya jejeje cutepoh kcing tingnan….jejeje tnx

hi!!! it seEms that the bbb(black blood brothers) is the hotTest anime here in phil. we all lyk it than the other anime that are being watch by the community..

dats all

hi….. hmmm… BBB(Black Blood Brothers)is a very cool anime. …. but im not satisfied… the story is incompelte… why the auhor did not continue his novel…??? i think of many of the people that like this anime will be happy if the author will continue his novel………………………!!!!!!!

thanks for a good review, but I guess I need to see it myself to prove it. But yeah, he really looks like Vivi, I like Vivi’s character, Vivi is kojiro’s chibi form… heheh.. i haven’t seen Vampire hunter D, but D most I guess more like Valentine in FF VII. I hope you also pays a visit on my site… hehehe…

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