Manga Review

Junk: Record of the Last Hero Vol. 1 – Manga Review


Junk: Record of the Last Hero, despite what you may think, is not a Rozen Maiden spinoff starring Suigintou. Though that’d totally be awesome now that I think about it…

Anime Manga Review

The World of Narue Vol. 3 – Manga Review


The fluffy adventures of Narue and Kazuto continue in The World of Narue Volume 3. Plus: three-somes!

Anime DVD Review

Le Chevalier d’Eon – Danse Macabre (Vol. 3): Anime DVD Review


For some reason, I always associate the Le Chevalier Robin with Robin from Batman. Sure, they’re both sidekicks, but while Batman Robin can actually fight, Le Chev Robin just kinda cowers in fear and waves his gun around…

Light Novel Manga

Celebrate! Seven Seas Announces More Yuri! (Manga and Light Novel)

So this headline from ANN caught my eye. Seven Seas has acquired licenses for two new yuri manga and two yuri novels:

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced that it has licensed two yuri school manga titles: Hayate Cross Blade by Shizuru Hayashiya (Onegai Teacher, Strawberry Shake Sweet) and Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo by Mera Hakamada (The Last Uniform). The company also announced two yuri novel titles: Girls Love and Girls Revolution.

I’m not too interested in the novels, but I really do want to read Hayate Cross Blade. I bought it a while back but I later found out that it doesn’t have furigana, which basically made it unreadable for me. So it’ll be cool for me to finally be able to read it.

Incidentally, right now I’m reading The Last Uniform (Saigo no Seifuku) and it’s pretty enjoyable. I mean, there hasn’t been any ***** or ****, but it’s cute.

Basically, Seven Seas is blazing a trail in releasing yuri stuff right now. I read a news article a while back about them licensing yaoi too, which I don’t approve of. But as long as they keep supplying the yuri, I’m in 100% support mode!

Manga Review

To Terra Vol. 2 – Manga Review


To Terra Volume 2. What do we get? More emo (much more emo), explosions, and effeminate Mu.

Anime DVD Review

Doki Doki School Hours (Sensei no Ojikan) Vol. 1 – Anime DVD Review


Doki Doki School Hours is that one anime based on a 4koma manga that people can’t help but compare to Azumanga Daioh. Not like that’s a bad thing to be associated with Azumanga…


Innocent Venus: Free Anime! (1st Episode)


So in typical ADV fashion, the first episode of Innocent Venus is available at IGN for streaming goodness. I previewed this almost a year ago (but I didn’t continue watching it due to the CG, and now I’m reminded again of how bad it is!) in case you want some screenshots.

Quick English VA Impressions:

  • Sana is okay, but she doesn’t sound young enough.
  • Annoying kid (Gora) is probably the best VA, which is weird considering that character is the most annoying.
  • Everyone else is pretty bad. Either sounding too emo (Jin) or cheesy (random terrorist dudes)
Anime DVD Review

Initial D: First Stage – The Complete First Season Anime DVD Review


Ah, Initial D. Subject of many parodies that I don’t understand. Until now, of course. Suddenly, that one episode of Lucky Star is a lot funnier…

Light Novel Review

Shakugan no Shana: The Girl With Fire In Her Eyes Vol. 1 – Light Novel Review


My Shakugan no Shanathon trilogy ends with my review of the Light Novel. Actually, I think it should’ve started with the novel, since it was the source material for the manga and the anime… Oh well.

Manga Review

Alive: The Final Evolution Vol. 1 – Manga Review


With a generic subtitle like “The Final Evolution” you’d expect Alive to be pretty substandard, right? Well, you shouldn’t always judge a book by its unoriginal subtitle. The cover is much better for superficial judging!