Anime First Impressions

Innocent Venus – Anime First Impressions

Innocent Venus 01Innocent Venus 02Innocent Venus 03Innocent Venus 04Innocent Venus 05Innocent Venus 06Innocent Venus 07Innocent Venus 08Innocent Venus 09

Innocent Venus is an anime that falls into an ill-fated genre: Mecha. I’m not too big of a fan of mecha anime and the crappy cg that usually follows it. So is Innocent Venus guilty of such crimes, or does it successfully defend itself in the court of anime law?


Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) – Anime Resurrection!

Keroro Gunso 01Keroro Gunso 02Keroro Gunso 03Keroro Gunso 04Keroro Gunso 05Keroro Gunso 06Keroro Gunso 07Keroro Gunso 08Keroro Gunso 09

So this anime first impressions post might be a little late for Keroro Gunso, which started airing in the Spring of 2004, but hey, this anime is really good! Plus there’s a reason I just recently started watching it again. It was reborn!


Afro Samurai is A-Fu-Ro

Afro Samurai.jpg

So I just read about this new anime called “Afro Samurai.” It stars Samuel L. Jackson as a Black Samurai who flips out and kills people for revenge. And he has an afro. Did I mention that I’m not making this up at all?

Manga Review

Yotsuba&! Volume 2 – Manga Review

Yotsubato Volume 2.jpg

Between translating School Rumble manga, watching a ton of anime and programming websites, I found some time to just chill out with Yotsuba&! the manga. Yotsuba&! Volume 2 continues the adventures of the super naive green haired kid, Yotsuba.

Anime Music

My Top 5 Favorite Anime Music Artists

Anime Music.jpg

As most of my readers know, I’m pretty big on anime music. To me, OPs and EDs are almost as important as animation and story. A good OP can really raise my opinion of a so-so anime. A well done ED will convince me to stick around for the next episode previews.

There are quite a few artists who have become familiar to me through anime music. Sure, it’s kind of a cheesy way of finding new music, but it works for me! These artists have proven their worth as anime OP/ED singers (and maybe even as actual musicians).

Chances are that if they’re in the soundtrack, I’ll be more likely to keep watching the anime, if only for the music. Here are my top 5 favorite anime music artists: