Introducing Anime Nano: The Podcast!


So I’ve kind of had the Anime Nano Podcast in the works for a few weeks now, and I finally just decided to call up jpmeyer and Hinano and do it!

For this one, we used Skype and I recorded the audio with Audacity. The sound quality ended up being pretty decent. I think jpmeyer’s mic was waaay close to his mouth (or maybe down his throat).

Being the first Podcast I’d ever done (and hosted), I got kinda nervous. This seriously affected my Japanese pronunciation. You can hear it when I say “Ex-Fansubber Hitorigoto.” I can usually say stuff more smoothly (and correctly) than that. I’ll probably get better about it as we do more podcasts.

For this podcast, we discussed the recent Anime Expo 2006 Anime and Manga licenses. We also went through a bunch of the Summer 2006 anime and argued about the good and bad. Finally, we took a look at the genre labels of Shojo and Shonen, arguing why they’re kinda pointless now.

Many thanks to jpmeyer and Hinano for appearing and contributing to the podcast! Awesome job, guys! Let’s do it again next week!

Thanks for listening! If you have any comments or suggestions (constructive critisism is really requested), please lemme know in the comments section of the Anime Nano Podcast Blog!

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Hey great podcast Hung. Don’t worry it was fine. I’m working on a piece about Anime Nano for the 9rules featured page. If you need anyone to talk about the 9rule anime on the podcast, let me know.

Michael: Neat! I was trying to think of stuff to put on the featured blog, but I thought pimping my own wares would be kinda thoughtless. I’ll keep an eye out for something cool to write about.

Thanks for the comment. Hopefully the podcast’ll be a recurring thing (people seem to like it!).

I never could figure out how to stop Skype’s auto gain control.

Good first podcast~ Would listen again, A , etc.

>>Good first podcast~ Would listen again, A , etc.

Wow, that comment reminds me of an Ebay transaction feedback. A SUPER FAST!

>>Wow, that comment reminds me of an Ebay transaction feedback. A SUPER FAST!

It took out my pluses, otherwise, you be a SUPER SELLER with like…97% positive feedback.

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