Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) – Anime Resurrection!

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So this anime first impressions post might be a little late for Keroro Gunso, which started airing in the Spring of 2004, but hey, this anime is really good! Plus there’s a reason I just recently started watching it again. It was reborn!

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Back in the day, I used to use Anime Tempy (great site, by the way, I wish it was still active…) to figure out which anime to watch. One of the spotlighted anime was Keroro Gunso. In fact, it’s STILL the highlighted anime after all these years!

I actually watched the first two episodes before I noticed that the subbing was stalled. There were two months between episodes 3 and 4, and a month between 4 and 5. I really liked Keroro Gunso, but I hate watching anime that I know won’t be continued or completed, so I gave up on it.

Fast forward to 2006, when uber-fansubbing group Doremi took over. They started in April of 2006 and have been churning out episodes of Keroro Gunso like madmen! I decided it was safe to again resume watching Keroro Gunso. At this pace, they’ll catch up to Japan Anime Time in a matter of months!

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I guess I should actually give my first impressions of the anime, huh? Basically, Keroro Gunso is the leader of an advance troop of alien invaders. They come from planet Keron and resemble giant frogs. They’re also pretty cute for being alien invaders. By chance, Keroro is discovered by members of the Hinata household and taken prisoner. They take his kero ball! Leave the frog some dignity! He escapes to continue the invasion of Earth (Pokopen), but he’s soon abandoned by his fleet. Basically, he and his troop become common household maids.

The episodes I’ve been watching are basically introductions. So far, Tamama and Giroro have been introduced. The plot is interesting in that Keroro is supposed to be invading Earth, but most of the time he’s reading manga or building Gundam models. Sometimes, though, he’ll totally backstab the family. He seems to switch between being a cute frog and being a total ass at will. Yet he’s still somewhat likeable.

I’ve also been translating the Keroro manga, and I noticed there were quite a few differences between the anime and the manga. Stuff happens faster in the anime. Also, there seems to be more fanservice (which means I’ll be happily awaiting the next volume of Keroro Gunso once I finish translating this one). Check out the great injustice done to this manga scene by the anime… Unforgivable! I think Keroro’s personality has been softened up more in the anime as well. He seems more brutal in the manga.

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I’d say that finally, it’s safe to start watching Keroro Gunso again. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should try giving it a chance. I’m really surprised that the Keroro Gunso anime hasn’t been licensed by anyone yet. Major props go to Doremi Fansubs for their uber quick releases. Also be sure to check out the manga for uncensored pantsu action.

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I have the english tokyopop manga up to 9.

Keroro wins. Though I really think the manga is more “mature”. Because if I recall, the Keroro anime is crafted to be aimed at the kids. I know the show is a huge hit in Hong Kong.

Well, personally in my opinion the manga has weaker art than the anime (then again, the anime is directed by the legendary Junichi Sato and airs on primetime on fridays).

Thanks for watching our subs… our goal is to reach episode 51 (the end of the first season) before I go off to UC Berkeley on August 20th.

I like all the characters in this awesome frog anime. (well, other than that queer 556, but that’s another story).

The manga version TokyoPop Germany publishes has less fan service than Shounen Ace (ie censoring). Dunno about the japanese or US tankoubon, though.

volume 11 of the german version should be out next month … i don’t think they’re publishing a censored version though or at least it wasn’t them who did the censoring o.o

Sargent のカエルは冒険談日本の私の町で非常に普及している。それのある非常によい映像を… 有する

ide crita’y lucu campuran antara gundam sama kodok bagus juga..

very cool anime..
de arimasu…


I came From indonesia
so i’m sorry if my pronounciation wrong

Oh Yes! i Almost Forgot
are Natsumi Fall In love With Saburo???



Hey do u know where i could get saburo x natsumi stuffs?? It’s so RARE!!

I like both anime n manga. But it’s so hard to find the manga /mangascan. Do u know where could i get it?

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