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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 8 – Manga Review


Nodame decides to go mainstream in this cover and plays guitar. Man, Nodame is such a sellout!

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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 7 – Manga Review


Nodame Cantabile Volume 7 features Noda Megumi frolicking in a field with an oboe. At least, I think it’s an oboe. It might also be an english horn, or maybe Nodame got giant-sized and it’s a bassoon. I’m not too good at identifying weird woodwind instruments. But the important thing is that the cover’s got a frolicking Nodame! Am I right!?

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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 6 – Manga Review


Volume 6 of Nodame Cantabile has Nodame playing the French Horn, which is just called the Horn in places where people know what to call musical instruments (not here). I played the Horn in high school, and yep, Nodame’s playing it correctly. Though it looks somewhat small in scale…

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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 5 – Manga Review


Nodame’s featured instrument for Volume 5 is the cello. Or is it the string bass? Either way, she needs to make a weirder face while playing it.

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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 4 – Manga Review


I just noticed that each cover of Nodame Cantabile has Nodame playing a different instrument. Volume 4 has her playing a flute. I don’t think it suits her, though. She should stick to weird instruments like the vibraslap and the theremin. She’ll probably start pulling out the obscure instruments once the manga hits volume 40 or so…

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