Blogging off-topic

Back. Sorta.

So I’ve been really busy moving for grad school and whatnot, so Basugasubakuhatsu’s been on something of a hiatus. Hopefully new posts will be forthcoming, but with work and school, I imagine they’ll be less frequent than daily. Just wanted to update this thing in case people think I’m dead or something.

Also, Ikea is awesome. Seriously.

And… a “butt-biting bug” video is apparently popular in Japan. Okay…

Anime First Impressions

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan 2 – Anime First Impressions

Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 01Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 02Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 03Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 04Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 05Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 06Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 07Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 08Bokusatsu-tenshi Dokuro Chan 2 09

I think I covered Dokuro-chan in my Summer anime previews but the first episode wasn’t aired until recently. Ah, well, pi-piru-piru-piru pi-piru-pi, right?

Manga Review

Love Com Vol. 1 – Manga Review


I really think Love*Com should’ve been called “Napo*Com” instead. Because it’s about a tall girl who falls for a short dude. At least it wasn’t called “Shota*Com” or “Loli*Com.”

Anime DVD Review

Black Jack: Incubation – Anime DVD Review


The adventures of Black Jack continue as he solves new and exciting medical mysteries! Hint: It’s not lupus.

Manga Review

Stray Little Devil Vol. 4 – Manga Review


Stray Little Devil volume 4 is a masterpiece. Of fanservice. Need I say more!? Well… okay.