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Happy New Year! My New Year’s Anime Resolution + A Retrospective…


Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all have dreams of Mt. Fuji, eggplants, and hawks! Apparently, if your first dream of the new year contains those things, you’ll have good luck… Anyway, I figured I’d check out the anime resolution I made last year, and make up a new one for 2007.

My last year’s resolution was to finish the anime that I started watching. I guess that in this case, “anime I started watching” should mean past the second or third episode, since I watch almost every first episode of anime, and there’s no way I’m gonna watch every episode ever!

Looking at the list from last year, it’s kinda sad that I still haven’t finished Bakuretsu Tenshi, Full Metal Alchemist, Futakoi Alternative, Maburaho, Mezzo DSA, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo, ROD The TV, Tenjou Tenge, or Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. I only finished like, 4 shows on that list! I think I deleted most of them anyway… I just noticed that almost all of those shows have been licensed. Coincidence?

As for the list of this years shows that I haven’t finished, the list is long…

Ouch… I attribute much of the series dropping to this past semester, where I wanted to do well so I could graduate (which I did). I’m also not including anime that aren’t finished yet, though I’m seriously behind in a lot of the current ones. Also, School Rumble Second Semester doesn’t count because it got licensed.

I actually did manage to finish a lot of shows, like Fate/stay night, Hantsuki, Kage Kara Mamoru, Kashimashi, Kamisama Kazoku, Magikano, Muteki Kanban Musume, Shakugan no Shana, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and Zero no Tsukaima! I guess I still need to work harder when it comes to finishing series. So part of my new year’s anime resolution is to keep working at my backlog. I also have quite a few domestic releases to review, both purchased and received as review copies. Like the Sakura Wars, Akira, Haibane Renmei and NieA under Seven DVDs that I bought just hanging out on my computer… Couple that with some Negima, Moon Phase and Trinity Blood DVDs and we’re talkin’ about a serious backlog! I also have a lot of manga to review as well. I keep buying it, plus companies keep sending it to me for free to review! My life is hard, I know…

My real anime resolution, however, is to work on watching anime raw. I experimented with this during the Summer, but I got kind of lazy and gave up. Plus there weren’t any anime that weren’t being subbed that I really wanted to see. This year, I want to get better at Japanese (which might be hard since I’m not taking any classes) and start watching anime without subtitles. I have the Japanese grammar under my belt; it’s just the vocab that could use a huge boost. Maybe jpmeyer and hinano can help…

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I do not quite understand why it is so necessary to finish shows. I understand that blogging and/or reviewing is likely to be defective for an unfinished show. I still remember one pro guy who reviewed Azumanga for a Russian rag and only understood the show at ep.24, at which point he had a epiphany. So, it’s desirable to finish them. But not necessary. If you aren’t a pro, you don’t have to.

About watching raw, I say go for it. It’s great, especially if voicework is good. I approach it differently, because I rewatch shows raw, off R1 DVDs. I have a few R2 DVDs, but not many. So, for Azumanga I remember almost all of the dialogue, and this helps catching the Japanese track. Naturally, this calculation changes as language profeciency increases, but at least at my stage it is unfun to dive into raws straight.

Happy New Year! hmm I don’t have backlogs at all. I just wait for the subs or I just abruptly drop a series =D

hey last year i got really into anime and manga and i hope to get a bit more stuck in this year, id just like to sat thanks cos this site has been amaisin, its been so useful especially the 1st impressions bit and the music!

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