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Karin – Anime First Impressions

Karin is a normal high school student with a secret (who isn’t!?): her whole family consists of vampires. Unfortunately for her, she seems to be lacking in the vampire skills department. She goes outside during the day, and instead of sucking people’s blood, she just gets serious nosebleeds at a certain “time of the month.�? Okay…

When a new transfer student Kenta (who looks like a clone of Ichigo from Bleach) shows up, her nosebleeds become uncontrollable.

Besides the basic plot point of Karin seeing Kenta, and Karin running away from Kenta, there doesn’t seem to be too much going on so far in this anime. Okay, I admit, it’s funny. I just don’t want to see that for 24 episodes in a row. Her best friend Maki seems like she wants to start something with Karin and Kenta though, so we’ll have to see how that develops.

Character designs are hit or miss. Karin and Kenta both seem kind of generic anime characters to me. Karin does seem to have a giant chest, but what anime girl doesn’t? Her family seems more interesting. Her sister suffers from what I like to call “puppet character syndrome,�? and her mom is delightfully abusive. Maki also seems interesting, but as supporting cast I dunno if she’ll get much screen time. As far as cuteness goes, I can’t say that any character in this anime is really that cute. Of course, I may have been desensitized by my fair share of cute anime like Azumanga and Pani Poni Dash. I’d say Karin is at an average level of cuteness.

The OP didn’t show up on the first episode (boo), so I can’t say anything about it. The ED is good. It sounds like a familiar artist, but I’m not sure who it is exactly. Drop me a comment if you know.

As far as continuing with this anime, I’m not completely sold on it. I’ll watch a few more episodes and see if it develops some kind of plot.

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Karin was awesome! It had all genres in it: comedy, romace, sex and fighting.. Its the best anime ive seen! I was sad when it was only starting and it ended so fast… Hope they make season 2

Karin is a really good.
I have both season 1 & 2 =] Its really good with a mixture of horror/romance/comedy. The only “cute” character is that Vampire hunter [think his name is Weina…but his voice was quite annoying]
All up…i give it around 6.5/10

I’m watching now Karin and I think it’s a beautiful anime though it has only 24 episodes.I think Anju Maaka is the most intriguing character, she’s so calm,a sad lonely soul who loves her Big sister the most, I recommend it whole-heartedly;)

This.anime.rocked. the least I can say lol
It definately had a wide range of genres contained within it, but towards the end it kind of dropped the comedy… (Still had some though lol, gotta love how the “bad guy” was brought down)… but then again, watching the last ep to see berserker karin was worth it

It was really nice to see this anime. It was very funny. But the fact that the producers lowered themselves to fanservice in the opening and the obviously put in ‘so they could get more viewers’ Yaoi in the ‘Ren’s Past’ episode was kind of disappointing and shoved in my face. *tears*

Just watched all 24 episodes over the period of two days, and I loved it. Karin really did include most of the genres, and it was really worth watching. I just wish that it didn’t end so soon,But the ending did do justice to the entire rest of the series. It really could not have ended any other way, better way that is. I can definetely see spin-offs though. Plan on buying all of the episodes.

oh…i’ve seen it….its so funny actualy…..its so unnormal vampires…the story is quit ok…but the ending is a hung….
i like the love story of her bestfriend maki though but in the end they only flush that winner-kun and maki are going out together…….im so hung with it

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