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Magical Pokan (Magipoka) – Anime First Impressions

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I hadn’t really heard of Magical Pokan as a new Spring anime, but once I saw some screenshots posted on Matthew’s blog, I wanted to see this anime for myself! Froth-Bite did a sub of it, so here’s my review!

Magical Pokan 01.jpgMagical Pokan 02.jpgMagical Pokan 03.jpgMagical Pokan 04.jpgMagical Pokan 05.jpgMagical Pokan 06.jpgMagical Pokan 07.jpgMagical Pokan 08.jpgMagical Pokan 09.jpg

I hadn’t really heard of Magical Pokan as a new Spring anime, but once I saw some screenshots posted on Matthew’s blog, I wanted to see this anime for myself! Froth-Bite did a sub of it, so here’s my review!

Magical Pokan 10.jpgMagical Pokan 11.jpgMagical Pokan 12.jpgMagical Pokan 13.jpgMagical Pokan 14.jpgMagical Pokan 15.jpgMagical Pokan 16.jpgMagical Pokan 17.jpgMagical Pokan 18.jpg

Magical Pokan tells the story of four princesses living together in a tree. There’s no real explanation; they’re just kinda there. We have a vampire, Pa(n?)chira, a werewolf, Liru (hopefully her name isn’t up for debate), an android, Aiko (there’s android princesses?), and the magical witch, Yuma. The anime is all about these four getting into trouble due to their naivety.

The first half has three of them being captured by a busty scientist and her little henchman. Yuma comes to the rescue by not wearing panties, and the henchman guy rockets into the evil scientist by the thrust of his nosebleed. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen an anime actually use the nosebleed as a plot device! The second half shows Yuma and Aiko building mailboxes so they can get mail. They have a bit of trouble convincing the mailman to deliver, though.

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So really, what’s the plot? I have no idea if this anime has one, and I’m not too sure it needs one. This is just a vehicle to show cute girls doing cute stuff (and occasionally, panties). I like to think of it as a supernatural, slightly ecchier Ichigo Mashimaro. Note: I haven’t watched all of Ichigo Mashimaro, so if it get’s way ecchi at the end, don’t hold me to that last statement.

If this anime took itself seriously, I might have a problem with it. This anime seems like a harmless (ecchi) slice-of-life (of vampires, etc.) show; I like it!

Magical Pokan 28.jpgMagical Pokan 29.jpgMagical Pokan 30.jpgMagical Pokan 31.jpgMagical Pokan 32.jpgMagical Pokan 33.jpgMagical Pokan 34.jpgMagical Pokan 35.jpgMagical Pokan 36.jpg

The character designs are really good for working from generic archetypes. Liru is super-cute with the wolf ears, and Yuma and Pachira are way cute, too! Liru kind of reminds me of Aeris from VGCats. Aiko needs work. They should’ve just ripped off the design for 2000-tan (and if they did, they should’ve done a better job). That said, I do like her + and – symbols. Nice touch.

Magical Pokan 37.jpgMagical Pokan 38.jpgMagical Pokan 39.jpgMagical Pokan 40.jpgMagical Pokan 41.jpgMagical Pokan 42.jpgMagical Pokan 43.jpgMagical Pokan 44.jpgMagical Pokan 45.jpg

I dunno if it was the quality of the raw that was used, but the animation just looked really top notch. Hopefully the production values will stay just as high as the first episode. Not only are the designs good, but the characters are just drawn freakin’ cute! There were times during this anime where I just wanted to shout “KAWAII!” and I never do that!

Magical Pokan 46.jpgMagical Pokan 47.jpgMagical Pokan 48.jpgMagical Pokan 49.jpgMagical Pokan 50.jpgMagical Pokan 51.jpgMagical Pokan 52.jpgMagical Pokan 53.jpgMagical Pokan 54.jpg

The OP is really serious sounding. I like the whisper singing (it kinda sounds like the Tsukuyomi ED at first). It builds up pretty nicely too. It doesn’t fit the mood of the anime, but whatever, it’s still good. The ED is a cute, but badly sung tune. I think the voice actress for Yuma sings it. Like I said, it’s cute, but not that good.

Download the OP: “Senketsu no chikai” by Yousei Teikoku
Download the ED: “Shichaimashou sensuous” by Saito Momoko

Overall, Magical Pokan is looking really good. I’m not looking for a thoughtful plot here; as long as they keep the cuteness levels high, and the fanservice at a moderate level, I’ll be watching anime regularly.

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So… I finally watched this… and I’m not sure what this show is about. Not exactly slice of life stuff… and its kinda lacking the sense of direction apartment… yet, it has more direction that Girls High. Go Pokan, I guess.

I still stand by my ecchi Ichigo Mashimaro with werewolves, etc. feeling on this one. Just sit back and enjoy; no need for plot or anything…

Well how was I supposed to know that? Everyone knows I’m terrible at languages, even english… and i’m just too friggin lazy to bother with a dictionary…

I have been into anime for over 20 years and have seen several ‘magical girl’ series. Magical Pokan is a refreshing change from the standard fare of that genre in that they just waive the need for a plot and just have fun. The lack of said plot is not meant to infer that the series is difficult to follow, quite the opposite. The series finds much stability through it’s character’s personnas and the general theme of their individual naivete. It’s a definate must have for your anime collection.

[…] So I guess the story revolves around the mystery of why Ayako likes Mamoru plus the adventures that the student council will have saving the Earth with their magic. Or something. It’s actually not quite clear to me yet. The anime does succeed in getting laughs, which is always a good thing. The last time I saw a nosebleed actually have an effect on the plot was Magical Pokan, which was a pretty sweet anime. […]

Actually, all the ED’s are different, in some way.
The first 4 ED’s are sung by their respective characters (Eps 1 to 4, Uma Liru Pachira Aiko), the next 4 by Nomiko (who sang the ‘song’ originally), and then the character VA’s again.

The lyrics are mostly different each time – From what I can tell, the only 2 ED’s that feature exact same lyrics would be those by Liru’s VA. (don’t quote me on this, though).

As for MagiPoka itself, yes it is awesomely cute, funny and just plain outrageous. From 2-1’s Chomp to 7-2’s randomness, 11-1’s english-poking to 6-1’s heaven-hell experience…

MagiPoka just keeps on delivering that kooky feel! XD

Only thing I really feel is out of place, is Episode 2-1. They should’ve switched it’s place in the series with 7-1 or 9-1, imho.. But then again, I am a sucker for Liru! 8)

How about…

Anime is Anime
and Magical Pokan(yes I felt like saying tyhe US name verison) is XD

It’s just good, nuff said..


Liru is my fave outta all of them. shes hot, funny and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. however pachira is cute too. would be her slave any day

i have recently finished watching this series and i would have to say it is wickedly cute too …though one thing in the whole series gets me ..there is a character that is invisible, i would say shes a ghost, and shes only mentioned in some eps “Keimi” o.o ..but all in all this is an anime for the ages in my book 5 outta 5 stars says me ..all the characters are great, i love the animation style too. the op rockz… humm “harmless ecchi” is there such thing as “harmful ecchi”? ^_^ (though i think at that point it would just be hentai then)

hey is there any more than the 12 and the 3 specials cuz if there is i cant find them and i LUV this anime its so funny and prolly the best ive watched in a long time but if there is could u post the link or if theres a website that lets you buy the entire series if you could post that 2 since i cant find any of the websites that let u do that 🙁

i am a professional liru artist. i can draw liru doing anything, not perverted. i am a huge fan of the show, i wish they made more:( the characters are adorable, mainly liru, and the lack of a plot line is great. if i miss an episode it doesnt matter, the next one will make just as little sense. but thats not a problem i have seen all episodes 4 times over. in my opinion, BEST ANIME EVER!!!

4 times? you’ve seen the series 4 times? only? I watch the whole series about 2 times a day for 1 and a half month….

I have seen it about 6 times, I ♥ Liru and the series sooo much! Help keep the spirit of Magipoka ALIVE! =3

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