Strange Anime Meme – High Jumping

Next in my series of posts on weird anime memes, I discuss high jumping. I’ve noticed this sport way too many times in anime to just write it off as a fluke. Sure, we all know Japanese love their baseball, and tennis is pretty cool too, but high jumping? Since when? Here’s a list of the recent anime that have featured high jumpers:

SuzukaI’ll start off with everyone’s favorite, Suzuka. Pressured into "raising the bar" (literally!), Suzuka is a workaholic when it comes to high jumping. She stays after practice and even passes out in saunas so she can perfect her slow-motion high jump. She also enjoys being indecisive and bipolar.

Anime First Impressions

Blood+ Anime First Impressions

blood 01.jpgblood 02.jpgblood 03.jpgblood 04.jpgblood 05.jpgblood 06.jpg

Blood+ begins with our main heroine, Saya, flipping out and killing people in Vietnam. She kills some sort of bat monster, and then she goes after the inhabitants.

Anime First Impressions

Lamune – Anime First Impressions

lamune 01lamune 02lamune 03lamune 04lamune 05lamune 06

Anime First Impressions

Kamichu – Anime First Impressions

kamichu 01kamichu 02kamichu 03kamichu 04kamichu 05kamichu 06

Kamichu! is an anime about a middle school girl, Hitotsubashi Yurie, who has just become a god. I guess in the world of Kamichu, that’s not so uncommon. At first, she’s not exactly sure what kind of god she is. She decides on using "kamichu!" as her cool magic word, because she’s a god (kami) and a middle school student (chuugakusei). With the help of her friends, she discovers that she can control wind. Unfortunately, she only finds out after she summons a typhoon to wreck her city…


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Junichiro Koizumi rides a Segway

Here’s a picture of Junichiro Koizumi (I like to call him Jun’ichi) riding a segway! You’d think he’d be piloting something cooler, like a gundam, being the prime minister of Japan and all. Maybe it’s a transformer that turns into a firetruck. Or is that the other way around? Anyway, hopefully he can keep his balance, unlike some other world leaders.



Gmail for Mobile Phones!

Gmail just launched Gmail Mobile, which is a way to connect to Gmail using the browser built-in to your mobile phone (you have one, right?)! I just tried it and it’s pretty awesome compared to some other mobile email sites. Now I’ll never be without spam to read! Thanks Google!

Gmail Mobile

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It also has these cool features:

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Cute Overload! (not really about anime)

Ok, so this admittedly doesn’t have anything to do with Anime, but this website is too cute! It’s called Cute Overload (I think Cute Overlord would be cool too), and it has nothing but pictures of cute animals. Kawaii!!!!!! Maybe a cute anime overload should be in the works next?


Anime First Impressions

Mushishi – Anime First Impressions

mushishi 0mushishi 1mushishi 2mushishi 3mushishi 4mushishi 5

Mushishi begins with an explanation of what a “mushi” is. Apparently they’re not animal, vegetable or mineral, and we humans have reason to fear them.

Gaming Japan T-Shirts

Katamari Damacy Official T-Shirts!

I found this post on BoingBoing about some official Katamari Damacy t-shirts designed by the game’s creator himself! They’re kinda steep for just t-shirts ($25!), but the best part is that when you check out the detailed images, you get actual commentary on the shirt’s design from the game’s creator, Keita Takahashi. Check out gems such as this:

katamari shirts.jpg

Check out the official site for more!