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Happy White Day!

Technically this should be a White Day picture, since Jun is a trap.

Today is White Day! So if Valentine’s Day in Japan is the bizarro version, then White Day is like the one that we Americans celebrate. That is, in Japan, on 2/14 girls will give chocolates to guys they like (or feel socially obligated to, which is pretty much all guys they know). On 3/14, the guys who received chocolate must repay that kindness with gifts of their own. But it doesn’t have to be chocolate.

Of course, since there’s the SAD (Singles Awareness Day) that’s held on 2/14, there should be a March counterpart as well, right? Today is also Black Day for those guys who got nothing a month before. I guess I should be celebrating that…

Then again, I’d rather just skip all this crap and celebrate like a true nerd. Yes, today is Pi Day as well. I should probably be spending some time memorizing digits in pi.

And what does this have to do with anime or manga? I totally an episode of D.N.Angel where White Day is the main focus. And I think anime uses both holidays pretty well for plot development. I can’t remember any other White Days in anime, but I’m sure they’re out there.

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My Funny Valentine

Has someone already used this image today? Undoubtedly!

So today is Valentine’s day. In Japan, this means that girls must give guys chocolate. For guys, it’s like a huge disgrace not to get chocolates. I actually read in my Japanese culture class that office ladies will give chocolates to guys they don’t like. But they smash the chocolates into like a billion pieces before handing it to the guy!

A month later is White day, on March 14th. This is when guys must give gifts back to the girls who gave them stuff a month ago. Or it’s the time for them to forget and face divine punishment.

Disclaimer: all of this was taken from memory, plus I don’t live in Japan or anything, so don’t necessarily take my word for it!

Oh, and if you wanna see me act like a doofus in front of the internet, click here!

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Your Face On A Maid Figure In 3 Minutes!


This falls in the somewhat bizarre and cool category that Japan usually has a monopoly on. Apparently there’s a store in Akihabara called “Don Quixote” that will put your face on a little maid figurine. You just need to bring a photo of yourself.

The process takes 3 minutes, and the total cost is 880 yen (like, $7.20). It’s called “Pri-Q” though I’m not quite sure what that stands for…

The end result is both cute and scary looking. I think they enlarge the eyes to make you look more like an anime character:


It looks like they have other “bodies” as well if being a maid isn’t your thing. I wonder if they take mail orders. I wouldn’t mind having my face printed on, I dunno, a ninja figure!? Now that’s what I call real ultimate power.

Via Anime News Service and MaidBlog


Happy White Day!


Whoa, I nearly forgot today was White Day! How could I forget a holiday so important, you ask? Probably because I didn’t get any chocolates on Valentines Day :(.

If you’re not familiar with White Day, it’s a fairly new holiday that originated in Japan. It takes place one month after Valentines Day, and works as a sort of role reversal type holiday. Although you could say that Valentine’s Day in Japan reverses things already…

Anyway, on Valentine’s Day, women give chocolates to men in their lives that they wish to thank, or men that they find to be hawt. This’ll include lots of people from co-workers to bosses to husbands. They’re pretty much expected to give chocolates to all men, even if they don’t like the guy. Women can, however, rebel in their own way (smashing the chocolate into a million pieces before giving it to the guy, or waiting until the last minute in the day).

On White Day, it’s time for the men to reciprocate. They’re supposed to give presents to all the women who gave them Valentine’s Day chocolates. Of course, how can a guy be expected to remember something like that? To be honest, I think White Day is pretty much another scam made up by the organized chocolateer mafia to increase chocolate sales and tooth decay.

Also worth noting is that today is Pi Day. In honor of both holidays, I’m going to be eating white chocolate pie…

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New Nihongo de Kurasou – Getting Angry

Nihongo de Kurasou 01.jpgNihongo de Kurasou 02.jpgNihongo de Kurasou 03.jpgNihongo de Kurasou 04.jpgNihongo de Kurasou 05.jpgNihongo de Kurasou 06.jpg

While browsing around the Tokyo Toshokan, I came across a torrent called “Nihongo de Kurasou – Getting Angry.” I figured it would be an instructional video on how go berserk in Japanese when peeved. I’ve always been afraid that if I were ever to get mad and I had to speak in Japanese, I’d just add English expletives and sound dumb. Plus, I could totally imagine the entertainment value of seeing Japanese people go postal in an instructional video!