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Your Face On A Maid Figure In 3 Minutes!


This falls in the somewhat bizarre and cool category that Japan usually has a monopoly on. Apparently there’s a store in Akihabara called “Don Quixote” that will put your face on a little maid figurine. You just need to bring a photo of yourself.

The process takes 3 minutes, and the total cost is 880 yen (like, $7.20). It’s called “Pri-Q” though I’m not quite sure what that stands for…

The end result is both cute and scary looking. I think they enlarge the eyes to make you look more like an anime character:


It looks like they have other “bodies” as well if being a maid isn’t your thing. I wonder if they take mail orders. I wouldn’t mind having my face printed on, I dunno, a ninja figure!? Now that’s what I call real ultimate power.

Via Anime News Service and MaidBlog

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I think Don Quixote is actually a chain – there’s one in the PS2 game Yakuza, which is set in some other suberb of Tokyo. In the game it has its own theme music and everything, not to mention that fact that (presumably as part of some advertising deal) it has the best stock of any store in the game! Awesometacular!

Anyway, thats pretty neat. I’d so want a Ninja one if they existed, though if I ever walked past one I’d probably end up with a maid figure simply because I’d get an amusing blog entry out of it…

Yeah, I didn’t see any ninja, but I think they had a tuxedo one or something, like for a wedding cake. Not that otaku would ever marry or anything…

That looks pretty awesome but I don’t think it would be very cool to have MY face on a maid’s body. Actually, that would be uber-creepy.

Oh and Hung: I have two words for you: “Densha Otoko”

I love Don Quixote!

It is simply the best store in Japan, with foreign foods and costume-play outfits for freaky girls 😉

Bummer is though, I’ve moved to Kyoto, which has only ONE store in the whole place. Akihabara’s “DONKEY”/ドン/キホーテ store is said to have Japan’s largest amount of cos-play costumes for sale. The stores in the night club districts of Roppongi and Shinsaibashi are open very late and are so much fun.

To see Don Quixote’s English page:

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