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Hey there,
Here’s some friendly feed info for you in case you’d like to know what’s happening on my blog without actually visiting it (although you should, and often!). If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you can know right away if I’ve posted a new blog (or if anyone else you’ve subscribed to has, for that matter). You can subscribe to my RSS feed in a variety of ways. If you’ve got gmail or google as your homepage, you can use this button:
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(if you don’t have gmail, let me know, and I can send you an invite)

If you use my Yahoo!, you can use this one:

Here are a few other popular RSS aggregators:

Subscribe in Rojo

Add BasuGasuBakuhatsu to Newsburst from CNET

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If you have no idea what I’m talking about, but you have an email address, you can also sign up to get email everyday with the newest posts to my blog (I promise I won’t send you spam!):

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Regardless of whether you subscribe or not, I really appreciate the fact that people are actually reading my blog. It encourages me to keep going and want to create new stuff for you to read. Anyway, thanks, and goodnight!

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